This Dad’s Revenge Birthday Card After 28 Years Goes Viral

Dads are great. Oh, what, you wanted me to explain how great they are? Just think of all the times you went on a family vacation, or to any amusement park, or just the sheer fact that your dad was working his butt off for years to bring food to the family table. Yeah, dads are great and everyone has their own unique experience of this greatness.

Rob Witts, a university admin, has his very own unique, and quite hilarious, dad experience as well that he has recently shared on Twitter for his 42nd birthday. And you could say it’s one of the most dedicated dad pranks ever pulled on sons.

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Ever wondered if something that you did 28 years ago would come back and bite you on the rump?

Image credits: Rob Witts

So, let’s rewind to 28 years ago when Witts was a wee lad, just 14 years of age. His dad’s birthday was fast approaching and he came up with the best birthday gift for him.

He took out some paper, writing implements, and crafted a super sarcastic birthday card. At first you’d probably ask yourself whether the sarcasm was intentional—he was 14, after all—but once you read it, you see just how deliberate it was.

Rob Witts shared a birthday card he gifted to his dad on his 42nd birthday… that he got back on his own 42nd birthday 28 years later

Image credits: Rob Witts

The card featured a modest illustration of a guy and some sarky text:

“Hey, Everybody! He’s 42! Of course… I guess, if you wait long enough, what goes round comes round! … We won’t draw attention to it, will we? Happy 42nd birthday, Dad. From Robbie.”

Now, the dad did what any good (and evil genius) dad does and he stashed the card for safekeeping. Fast forward 28 years later to the day when Rob himself turned 42.

Rob gets a greeting card. Looks familiar, doesn’t it, Rob? Well, it’s the very same birthday card that he got for his dad, except with slight modifications: instead of Happy 42nd Birthday Dad, the dad part is struck out and instead it says Rob. The same applies for the signature: From Robbie is now From Dad.

Rob’s dad apparently kept it stashed away all these years and decided to use it on Rob’s 42nd birthday

Image credits: Rob Witts

Rob’s mom claims he wasn’t planning this, but nobody’s buying it as it’s just too genius not to plan

Image credits: Rob Witts

So, as it turns out, Rob’s dad saved the card all these years and recently found it stashed away in their loft. In a tweet that has now gone viral, Rob explained that he gave his mom a call and she claimed that he “wasn’t” planning this. Sure, dad, we all fell for this.

In reality, the dad just found it hidden away after all these years and decided to pull a prank on Rob, though Rob has explained that he loved the following version of the story as told by Daragh O Brien:

“I have a mental image of a dad going into a bank: <scene.. a bank branch> [Dad]: I’d like to open my safe deposit box please. [Manager]: Is it time, sir? [Dad]: Yes. It is time <bank staff put on party hats. Champagne glasses appear> [Manager]: Well played sir. Well played…

It wasn’t long until the tweet went viral with over 100k likes and nearly 10k retweets

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Image credits: Rob Witts

Regardless of the version, Rob’s dad was praised for his dad-like patience and ingenuity. The tweet soon went viral, garnering over 107,900 likes and almost 10,000 retweets and further making headlines online.

Props to you, Rob’s dad—kudos for waiting out 28 years to return the favor and to exact sweet, sweet revenge upon your son. Now, let’s hope this same birthday greeting card will be passed on to further Witts family generations…

What are your thoughts on this? What is the greatest dad prank that your dad pulled on you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Many responded with praise for the dad’s legendary plan and patience

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