This Facebook Group Celebrates Poor Attempts At Wildlife Photography And Here Are The Best Of The Worst Photos Posted Here (104 New Pics)

Today, we’re going to open a blank page in whatever it is that we knew about photography. Focus? Throw it out. Composition? Never heard of it. Light? Out the window. Timing? Into the bin.

Now, let’s adapt these principles to wildlife photography and here we have it– the internet’s beloved corner on Facebook where people share their failed attempts at shooting animals in nature. “Crap Wildlife Photography” is a community where every failed photograph is celebrated, rather than criticized, so the result is super friendly members (451.3K of them and still growing!) and hilariously entertaining content.

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Below we wrapped up a new batch of the crappiest wildlife images for you to enjoy, and after you’re done, be sure to check out our previous features with more spectacular disasters caught on camera here, here and here.

#1 My Photo Skills May Be Crap, But His Posing Skills Are Divine

Image credits: Sophie Newcomb

#2 I Tell My Dad About All The Funny Things I See On Here. He Wanted To Get In On The Action. This Baby Squirrel Climbed Up His Leg When He Was Mowing The Lawn. So He Took A Pic With His Phone, Went To CVS And Printed It Out, Mailed It To Me And Told Me To Share

Image credits: Jamie Murphy Flynn

#3 2 A.m.—“Someone Is At Your Door” Notification

Image credits: Shannon Epperson

#4 I Did Not Take This Picture However I **am** The Woman On The Shore Appearing To Be Handing Off Something To A Prehistoric Era Seagull

Image credits: Paula Northway Poland

#5 This Is A Pic Of A Vine Snake, Taken By A Friend Of Mine

Image credits: Sherrie Moss

#6 This Dragonfly Found A Comfy Spot To Rest

Image credits: Joanna Rhodes

#7 Black Buzzards On Tombstones On A Foggy Morning

Image credits: Gary D. Ward

#8 Clearly, “Front Facing” Is Not The Best Way To Capture A Great Egret!

Image credits: Erica Shows

#9 Yes! Yes! Pollinate Me, Baby!

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Image credits: Josephine K. Parrilli

#10 We Had A Quick Trip To Scotland And We Saw Some Red Deer. There Was A Magnificent Stag. Behold

Image credits: Amber Lynn Daniels

#11 Well Hi!

Image credits: Dani Goodlett

#12 Just A Bear Waiting For A Tasty Dumpster Deposit

Image credits: Valerie Crow

#13 I’ve Never Felt So Judged In My Life

Image credits: Danielle Blavat

#14 Snapped The Shot Just In Time

Image credits: Teresa Brummer

#15 Got This Gorgeous Shot Of A Snowy Egret… Aren’t You All Jealous?

Image credits: Ruthie Quilts

#16 Do You Think I Should Warn My Neighbours?

Image credits: Jo Stanser-Collins

#17 I Call It “Raccoons At Dawn”

Image credits: Nancy Utz

#18 The Alaska Hummingbirds Are Huge This Year

Image credits: Zane Jones

#19 This Idiot Was On The Side View Mirror Goin 60 Mph, And Obviously I Let Him In. He Sat Like This, By Himself, For 20 Mins Till We Got Home And Were Able To Get Him Back Outside

Image credits: Karrah Crain

#20 Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Pee When I Heard Someone Singing The Song Of Their People

Image credits: Hayley Culverwell

#21 Other Countries: Majestic Native Wildlife New Zealand Wildlife:

Image credits: Briar Kennedy

#22 On My Driveway. Literal Wildlife [Pooping]

Image credits: Chris Nickerson

#23 An Elk Said Hi To Me Today

Image credits: ScottandKelly Dean

#24 You’ve Heard Of The Blue Bird Of Happiness? This Ain’t Him

Image credits: Clarette Ziesman

#25 Whaaaaaaaat? Helmuth Is Screaming But I Don’t Understand Seagull, Can Any Off You Guys Help?

Image credits: Gunver Ulrike Lønfeldt

#26 Whaddup? My Hubby Took This Photo Of A Lightning Bug And I Thought It Was So Cute!

Image credits: Kristin 'Kriss' Leftwich

#27 Abrakadabra!!!

Image credits: Pat Allegro-Smith

#28 Not Something You See Every Day Driving Down The Road

Image credits: Sheila Attia

#29 If You’re Going For It, Go All In!

Image credits: Leah Scheidt

#30 I Was Supposed To Submit This Photo To The Beautiful Architecture Photography Group, But It Was Rejected. So Here I Am

Image credits: Tan Yong Lin

#31 Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, Watching The Manatees Roll Around

Image credits: Niki Marineau

#32 Shadow Goose

Image credits: Amy Owens

#33 I’ve Always Wanted To Take A Photo Of A Majestic Bull Moose. Maybe This One Isn’t It

Image credits: Chris Polozola Roth

#34 He Croaked, By That I Mean He Was Croaking While He Was Doing This. Then He Just Flipped Over And Swam Away

Image credits: Jonathan C Cook

#35 This Melancholy Great Blue Heron Was In No Mood For Small Talk, Or Photography

Image credits: Gary Holmes

#36 If You’re Wondering What A Bumble Bee Trail Looks Like On The Hood Of A Car That Has Dew On It… Here Ya Go

Image credits: Alice Penix

#37 Years Of Experience Has Helped Me Develop My Own Photographic Style

Image credits: Eric Zeiburlins

#38 I Was Minding My Own Business Eating My Own Chips

Image credits: George Williams

#39 Me: Look At That Pretty Sunrise… Squirrel: Hold My Beer!

Image credits: Barbi Caruso

#40 Peeked Under A Rock And This Fish Startled Me

Image credits: Riki Lee Christmas

#41 This Is Fred. When You Order Food From The Wendy’s, Fred Sits On Your Car And Stares At You, Hoping You’ll Toss Him A Fry (We Didn’t, So He Pooped On My Hood)

Image credits: Amanda Stanford

#42 I Have To Put Up With This Every Day

Update: that’s not my car, he’s peeping over from the neighbours garden. Just felt the need to add that.

Image credits: Al Coe

#43 And We’re Outta Here

Image credits: Jennifer St Pierre

#44 Bison. Frog For Scale

Image credits: Denise Morita

#45 There Are Three Things You Need To Know

I like to read on my porch at night. I take off my glasses in order to read. There are a lot of stray cats in my (urban) neighborhood. It was thusly I found myself pspspspspsping at this small grey kitty for a full 15 seconds before deciding to put my glasses on. Also adorable, but thankfully did not accept my blurry-eyed invitation to scritchies.

Image credits: Claudia Hankin

#46 So, I Bought A Bird Feeder

Image credits: Courtney Gerbracht

#47 My Artistic Snail Is Back! And He Brought A Friend To Help Out!

Image credits: Jamie Sims

#48 I Think They Nailed The Family Photo

Image credits: Heather Lynn Gotti

#49 Saw The Cutest Critter On My Window. Tried To Get A Good Shot, But They All Just Made Me Giggle

Image credits: Dixie Poe Brooks

#50 Baby Ducks Combining To Form A Full Size Duck

Image credits: Chris Watson

#51 Solicitous Squirrel

We have a squirrel around our condo that we catch acting human. He stands on his back legs, almost tips his head like he’s saying sup? At times. One day my man saw him eating a nut standing in his back legs with an arm over his belly. We’ve laughed and talked for a year about this squirrel. Then this week I’m walking my 17yo rescue without phone and see this squirrel propping one leg on metal pole and other leg spread wide staring me down. I start laughing and was like the one time i don’t have camera. Dog finishes, clean up and head in for phone as he was still on fence like this. That being said… As I approach and zoom in to take pics, he totally starts hamming it up. He seriously stares me down and as i get close he throws an arm over the fence like he’s saying “how you doin?” “Like what you see!?” I have been laughing all week so without further ado here is my solicitous squirrel ? after tbone and a pic before he went full on model lol

Image credits: Lindsey Bates

#52 Another Of The Magical Wild Puppies… I Mean Ponies… At Assateague Island

Image credits: Missy Corley

#53 When You’re Trying To Get A Nice Photo And The Subject Won’t Take It Seriously

Image credits: Ciji Birch

#54 Me, Minding My Own Business. Stuck In Road Construction Traffic. Um, Hello!

Image credits: Christina Croisant

#55 I Was Banging On My Window Trying To Get This Bear To Leave My Bird Feeder Alone, Whe He Turned To Look Right At Me As If To Say

“Jeeze lady what the hell do you want?? I’m eaten here”

Image credits: Lisa Kaplan

#56 No This Eel Did Not Fit, He Tried Several Times Before Walking Away Swearing In Heron

Image credits: Heidi Murphy

#57 My First Shot Of A Bald Eagle

Image credits: Bryan Skiffington

#58 Uninvited Lunch Guest

Image credits: Sara Jacobson

#59 Waiting For The Waitress To Bring Him A Drink?

Image credits: Michelle Graff

#60 I Finally Got One Good Picture Of A Stink Kitten Before She/He Threatened To Spray Me And Ran Away. I’m In Love!!!

Image credits: Joy Doe

#61 This Goldilocks Broke In To My House. She Found The Guest Bed Too Soft, My Bed Too Hard, But The Pile Of Clothes In My Closet Just Right. This Picture Was Taken Just After She Was Shooed Out Of Another Window.


Image credits: Aaron Solochek

#62 Anyone Else Have A Wild Animal Who Made You Their Pet? This Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Lounges In The Yard All The Time

Image credits: Diana Pinaud

#63 Photographing Puffins From A Moving Boat

Image credits: Andy Mason

#64 If I Hold Real Still, She Won’t See Me

Image credits: Angie DiIenno Kennedy

#65 What?!

Image credits: Donna Hopson

#66 How To Wreck A Great Wildlife Action Shot

I knew this American Mink was going to emerge onshore with its meal…and I still wasn’t ready.

Image credits: Nancy Barrett

#67 Birbs

Image credits: Jason Yeaman

#68 “Have You Seen A Squirrel Around Here?” Bullwinkle J Elk

Image credits: Andrea Starks-Corbin

#69 Ride ‘Em, Cowboy!

Image credits: Cynthia Lanoue

#70 I Do Say, Good Sir, Have You Seen My Monocle And Pocket Watch? And….my Mustache Wax?

Image credits: Samantha Angel

#71 This Might Be The First Photo Of An Alaska Dwarf Elephant In The Wild

Image credits: Emily Janae Wood

#72 Big Boi Trevor Stalking Me In My Backyard As Usual. 14ft Trampoline For Scale

Image credits: Liss Sorbello

#73 On My Wildlife Camera

Image credits: Joanie Salvador Ross

#74 Super Awesome Picture Of The Owls In My Backyard

Image credits: Heidi Creighton

#75 Little Known Fact, Raccoons Walk On Two Legs When They Think No One Is Looking

Image credits: Ruth Seaberg

#76 Quokkas Seem To Have No Concept Of Privacy ???

Image credits: Sally Smets

#77 How Do You Like My Impressive Focus? Glad I Didn’t Miss That!

Image credits: Emily Luechtefeld

#78 After Months Of Practicing, Mathilda Finally Mastered The Tricky Art Of “Posing Perfectly In Lush Garden With Artsy Fish”

Image credits: Marie Louise Kold

#79 Why Swim When You Can Walk On Water?

Image credits: Peta Hempsall

#80 A Beautiful Picture Of Starfish Embodying That Age Phrase ‘Never Give Up’ Photo By My Good Friend Steve Orchard

Image credits: Mick Howson

#81 They’re Moving In Herds, They Do Move In Herds!

Image credits: Elizabeth Manson

#82 I’m Definitely Sensing Some Attitude Here!

Image credits: Lynnda Upton

#83 “Let Me Just Get A Closer Look At How You Drink Out Of The Water Bow” Nothing Weird Here, These Are Siblings. See? They Figured Out How To Share The Water

One sibling was truly trying to climb over the other to get to the water. I just had the absolute best or worst timing ever.

Image credits: Stephanie Williams

#84 The Seldom Seen Twofer Elk. Friend’s Photo. I’m An Amateur Compared To Her!

Image credits: Lynda McBride

#85 Okay. So This Heron Was Sunning With His Wings Spread And His Back To Me, Just A Rocks Throw Away. I Was So Excited And In Awe

Image credits: Marisa Jo Garrett

#86 Having No Mouth, The Cyclops Bird Feeds Psychically On Living Souls. Many Who See It Never Live To Tell The Tale

Image credits: Jeremy Alcorn

#87 That Is Exactly What They Look Like!

Image credits: Glenna Ross

#88 Nope, No Squirrels Here, Only People, See, I Sits Like People

Image credits: Sara Thompson

#89 A Moose And Her Twins Transcending Space And Time

Image credits: Melissa Roberts

#90 This Is Not My Cat (He’s Fine And Back Outside)

Image credits: Hayley Culverwell

#91 Oh My God Helmuth Is It My Fault It’s Raining Cats And Dogs? What Am I, The Freaking Weatherlady? God? Helmuth Is Not Pleased Today. Soaked Boidi For Sale!

Image credits: Gunver Ulrike Lønfeldt

#92 Intruder Alert At The Evans Army Hospital On Fort Carson. He Is A Possible Enemy Spy.the Authorities Have Been Alerted. See Something, Say Something

Image credits: Irma Irene Lund

#93 I Have No Words…

Image credits: Alexandra Halász

#94 The Stink Kittens Returned Again! Aside From Mom There Were Seven Babies In Total!!

Image credits: Joy Doe

#95 Just Getting Started In Life

Image credits: Dan Williams

#96 Why Is Your Store Closed?.. Sorry Mam, We Have A Raccoon In Candles (He Was Safely Removed And Released Outside)

Image credits: Debra Evans

#97 Waited Ages For A Photo Of A Red Fox Then Got A Pigeon

Image credits: Richard Bray

#98 This Is A Friend’s Of Mines Picture A Of A Neighborhood Black Fox

Image credits: Tina Doucette Cserkuti

#99 I Cannot Believe The Blue Angels Ruined The Perfect Pic Of A Seagull

Image credits: Michelle Stanhope

#100 I Was Incredibly Excited To See Some Steller Sea Lions. My Girlfriend Instantly Told Me It Belonged Here

Image credits: Malachi Aaron

#101 Photoshoppers, Do Your Worst

Image credits: Leslie Stewart

#102 Are They Trying To Reach Us About Our Cars’ Extended Warranty? Why Else Would The Come Over Uninvited And Unannounced?!?!

Image credits: Mindi Emmons

#103 The Pic Isn’t Really [Bad], But The Weasel Is In A Pile Of [Things] Bound For The Scrap Yard

Image credits: Michele Kosty

#104 This Beautiful, If Somewhat Unfortunate Photo, Taken When We Were On Holiday In Goderich, Ontario , Is Of A Weird Canadian Caterpillar. My Husband Owns The Legs Behind It, In Case You Were Wondering

Image credits: Patsy Coen Brady

#105 Dave’s Not Here!


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