This Facebook Group ‘Inkshames’ Bad Tattoos, And Here Are 119 Of The Worst

Not all tattoos are inked equal. While some are stunning and wow people with their artistic merit, some others can force a double-take, making folks wonder what exactly happened there. Welcome to the ‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’ Facebook group, a community of nearly 243k members who poke fun at ‘Actually Bad Tattoos.’

The group is meant for posting “truly awful,” low-quality ink, all in the hope of making people laugh. It’s not meant to be mean and there’s no place for general jerkiness. We’ve collected some of the group’s most interesting features photos, the crème de la crème of bad tattoos, to share with you today, dear Pandas. Scroll down and enjoy.

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Meanwhile, be sure to read on for Bored Panda’s in-depth interview with the owner of Glasgow-based Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio, talented tattoo artist David McKinlay.

#1 Jesus Tapdancing Christ

Image credits: Stewart Anderson

#2 Sooooo Much To Unpack Here

Image credits: Jessica Snow

#3 Found This On A Page For A Local Artist… Really Hope The Person Who Got This Atleast Wanted The 6 Fingers

Image credits: Jesse Blankenship

Tattoo artist David, who runs the Archangel 1608 Tatoo Studio in Scotland, was kind enough to answer Bored Panda’s questions about tattoos.

We spoke about how tattoo artists hone their skills, whether or not customers are always right, and what happens if an artist makes a mistake while tattooing someone.

“Tattooists can practice on any number of things initially, to help them get the mechanics and techniques to tattoo properly,” David explained to Bored Panda.

#4 Looks Like Katherine Ryan

Image credits: Reyna Givhan

#5 What.. What Is Happening Here

Image credits: Shannon Ouray Robles

#6 Local Shop, Poor Gal Only Wanted Linework Silhouette Of Dog Ears

Image credits: Sarah Thompson

“You can buy synthetic skin, pig skin from a butcher’s, or even use fruit, such as oranges or lemons, bananas,” he told us.

However, the tattoo artist pointed out to Bored Panda that there is “no substitute for moving, breathing, sweating, bleeding human skin.” In short, nothing beats the real thing. And sooner or later you’ll have to switch to inking real live human beings. Though, later is best. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down and feel confident.

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#7 No. No You Did Not Have To

Image credits: Jessica Marie

#8 What Can I Say Except I’m Sorry

Image credits: Reyna Givhan

#9 They Look Like Industrial Era Coal Factory Workers

Image credits: Patrick Harrington

“The first 4 or 5 tattoos I ever did were on myself. It was a pretty severe learning curve, but I had to prove that I wanted the apprenticeship, and it let me see how the tattoos would heal up, and what I could do better,” David revealed to Bored Panda the dedication that he personally had for his craft when he was just starting out.

“You shouldn’t really be tattooing actual clients for a long time, but if you can persuade friends to let you once you’re ready, that’s great,” he said.

#10 Found On A Sketchy Sales Page Get Booked In Quick!

Image credits: Stacey Webb

#11 Found This In An Article I Came Across On Here, Can’t Remember What It Was About, But How Tf Do You Manage To F*ck This Up That Bad?

Image credits: Heather Achterberg

#12 Ok, I’m Gonna Say This, Only A Real Man Would Rock This With Pride!

Image credits: Reyna Givhan

David takes a lot of pride in what he does for a living. “Tattooing is a craft, a skill, and should be taught directly from one person to another,” he said that it is not something that should be learned “by a YouTube video or a bs tattoo ‘school’ that only care about your money.”

#13 Sorry But.. The Hair!

Image credits: Ashleigh Bill

#14 You Guys Like Playing Hidden Picture Games? The First Hidden Item You See Is Your Next Bad Tattoo

Image credits: Eve Gray

#15 Ink Shaming Myself And My Best Bud While He Was Apprenticing. Ps If You Have An Issue With Body Hair On Women You Can Go Fys

Image credits: Ashley Murphy

Bored Panda was very interested to learn about the dynamic between artists and their customers. David explained that they have a rule that if they’re not 100 percent confident about the tattoo, they don’t do it.

“We’ll try to offer a compromise, but if the client is too rigid, we’ll point them in the direction of another artist. The client is only right in terms of what they like, not how the tattoo can actually be done or will end up looking,” he said.

#16 I Don’t Have Words

Image credits: Jenna Arr

#17 Why Would You Put The Nose Over The Belly Button

Image credits: Katie Nash

#18 I Thought It Was Supposed To Be A Pile Of Wood Lmao

Image credits: Angel Burgemeir

What’s more, the tattoo artist and his staff also draw the line when it comes to certain tattoos. “We won’t do any hateful tattoos—racist, homophonic, sectarian, etc. Those tattoos are bad news, but unfortunately, there are those that will still do them,” he explained.

#19 Found Here On Facebook

Image credits: Carro Hagen

#20 It’s… Lips?

Image credits: Mecca Oliver

#21 From Tik Tok, They’re Supposed To Be Ballet Shoes

Image credits: Savannah Knowles

Like any other artists and craftsmen out in the wide world, tattooists can make mistakes, too. There’s no such thing as perfection in any craft. It’s best to learn from any mistakes and, most importantly, to learn to control your fear.

“Sometimes, a client will sneeze, or move to answer their phone, meaning the tattoo has an extra line or detail,” David said.

#22 Can’t Hate On This One, It’s Such A Sweet Concept. But I’m Angry For This Person Who Didn’t Get Nicer Results

Image credits: Basil McCabe

#23 There Are No Words

Image credits: Erika Payne

#24 Is It A Gummy Bear Or A Ninja Turtle

Image credits: Davis Jason

“The important thing is not to panic (and not to panic the client). Take a few minutes and work out how to deal with the mistake—maybe add an extra detail, darken up some shading. Nine times out of ten, you can correct an issue. Stay cool and work it out!”

#25 Seen On Ig

Image credits: Therese Enberg Thomes

#26 Found In Another Group I’m In. Sorry If This Is Yours. I Can Never Get My Head Around How An Artist Can Make A Spelling Error In The Stencil And Not Catch It

Image credits: Caitlyn Reneé

#27 I Finally Found One. Sorry If This Is Yours, But, Poor Michael Deserves Better

Image credits: Amy Elizabeth

#28 Found This In A Scorpio Astrology Group. All I Gotta Say Is The Lips Are One Of The Worst Parts

Image credits: Lexi Rolle

#29 It’s A Twilight Tattoo

Image credits: Ashley Huff

#30 Why?

Image credits: Sunshine Tibbs

#31 She Overpaid

Image credits: Dustin Roberts

#32 Found In The Wild. Kitchen Tattoos Are A Nope

Image credits: Debra Duncan

#33 And They Say Australia Has No Culture

Image credits: Kailee Orr

#34 I Feel Awful Because I Think It’s Supposed To Be A Memorial? But I Really Had To Triple Check To See If One Of My Facebook Friends Really Posted This Or If It Was This Group

Image credits: Amiah Michele Weitzel

#35 What Cover Up???

Image credits: Ashleigh Webb

#36 Somebody On My Page Just Posted This, Yikes

Image credits: Ralphy Vega

#37 Saw The Guy In The Bottom Pic The Other Day At Mcdonalds. I Thought It Was Vin Diesel

Image credits: Kimberly Fowler Vanderlick

#38 I Really Can’t… Saw On My Timeline

Image credits: Hannah Marie

#39 Saw This On A Cop Show Last Night And It Looks Like It Belongs Here

Image credits: Kassilia Elaine

#40 I Don’t Know What That Purple Blob Is, But An Iris It Is Not.

Image credits: Kaley Montgomery

#41 Found In Another Group

Image credits: Ximena AD

#42 It’s Supposed To Be A Tornado. It Looks Like A Colon

Image credits: Garrette Reece

#43 Nailed It?

Image credits: Darren Yates

#44 How Do We Feel? My Sister Did This One. Its Not Her Best. She Does Have Some Pretty Nice Ones Shes Done But This One, Well. This One

Image credits: Allison Williams

#45 It Was 40 Dolla

Image credits: Erica Redmond

#46 Rembeber Me …..

Image credits: Heidi Anne

#47 I Was Told By The Artist He Could Do Watercolors Effect. This Is How That Turned Out

Image credits: Tiffany Hill

#48 Jesus Would’ve Wept

Image credits: Toby Poyser

#49 And This Was The Day I Had To Disown My Mother. It’s Suppose To Be A “Gear” For Our Last Name

Image credits: Kerry Gears

#50 Absolutely Horrid

Image credits: Jas Stobbs

#51 Lisa Has Lost It!!

Image credits: Brian J. Snoderly

#52 I Found One. Posted By A Local Tattoo Artist. Original Ink Done By Someone Else, Final Product Was Their Cover Up Job

Image credits: Group member

#53 Saw This On A Fan Page

Image credits: Julie Barron

#54 It’s A Red Hot Mess..found On Tik Tok

Image credits: Laila Sell

#55 The Lil Girl Looks Like A Tube Of Toothpaste

Image credits: Naomi Searson

#56 It’s A Light Bulb. Grateful LED

Image credits: Nicole Reis

#57 Oof

Image credits: William Henry York III

#58 Found This Beauty On My Timeline

Image credits: Harley Blackburn

#59 Found In The Wild. Thought It Was This Group At First. Very Unfortunate

Image credits: Bryenna Kump

#60 Found This Beauty On Instagram

Image credits: Angelica Madison Miller

#61 Apparently Its Taken 2 Sessions And She Has One More Scheduled

Image credits: Ashlea Cavalcante

#62 Posted In A Horror Collectibles Group I’m In

Image credits: Angela Mollé

#63 What In Heck Happened?

Image credits: Anirt Yarit Moquete

#64 I Suggest A Cover Up

Image credits: Leah Noelle

#65 He Killed It Alright

Image credits: Walter Hood

#66 Tattooing In Saudi Arabia Is Illegal And This Person Isn’t Doing Anyone Any Favors. I Have Lost My Mind To “Positive Vips”

Image credits: Hannah Madi

#67 That Poor Snoot

Image credits: Cassie Ahmann

#68 The Hands “That’s On Purpose, I Don’t Like My Tattoos To Look Clean And Proper, So I Always Ask For Them To Be A Bit Ratty And Worn. Getting A Perfect Replica Or Symmetry Just Bugs Me”

Image credits: Evan Davis

#69 Imagine Ruining Your Whole Body Like This The More You Look The Worse It Gets

Image credits: Izzy Colarossi

#70 Found This While Scrolling Through A Dating Site!!!

Image credits: Kurtis Gray

#71 A Tattoo Of A Guy From My City, He Has Other Bad Tattoos But Unfortunately There Are No Pics Of Them On Fb

Image credits: Mary Jade

#72 Why…

Image credits: Meghann Daas

#73 Some Rando On Tinder

Image credits: Kasandra Velazquez

#74 Not My Tattoo: Saw This On A Group I’m In. Oh Hell No

Image credits: Shana Callaghan

#75 I Don’t Even Know Where To Start With This One..

Image credits: Logan Gross

#76 This Guy’s Page Is Loaded With Great Gems. Put Years Into His Craft And Does It Ever Show

Image credits: Ryan Harnish

#77 I’m Not Showing Their Face But This Was In A Nightmare Before Christmas Group I’m In And I Just Can’t….

Image credits: Stephanie Booker

#78 I Don’t Know Where To Begin

Image credits: Ruth Howard

#79 Oh No

Image credits: Rosalie Fry

#80 Moon

Image credits: Jesse Carta

#81 My Friend Saw This On Tinder And Sent This To Me Thought I’d Share It Here And Hear Y’all’s Thoughts … Colors Look Beautiful But Oof. Hope He Loves It

Image credits: Payton Jacobs

#82 A Girl I Know Personally Got This Yesterday And Bragged. I’m Sorry But The Sign Alone Makes This A Bad Tat Imo

Image credits: Audrey Perdue

#83 He Looks More Like “Holy Foomanchu The Cloud God” Rather Than Jesus

Image credits: Marley Wasyluk

#84 The Eyelashes Hurt Me To Look At

Image credits: Flynn D'Arezzo

#85 Cover Up From A Local Spot. Jesus

Image credits: Luke Oldacre

#86 Tsle As Old Os Tine A Sponsored Instagram Post

Image credits: Rose Schlappi

#87 My Boyfriend’s Foot Tattoo Of A Pokè Ball – Gotta Catch Em All!! It’s Awful

Image credits: Jasmine Kiely Lloyd

#88 Pain

Image credits: Cecelia Rivera

#89 Found In The Wild On Instagram. The Caption Said “I Love My New Tattoo”. I Cant Tell If Theyre Being Real Or Not

Image credits: Dave McWhorter

#90 I’m Crying

Image credits: Dani Muchow

#91 Ool Idea, Bad Execution. I Figured By The Shape It Was A Snake, But I Had To Zoom In To The Head To Figure Out What It Was. Wth Is Up With Those Fangs And Tongue??

#92 Found This One From A Horror Movie Group. I’m Speechless. “Here’s Johnynynyny!”

Image credits: Vilma Kortteisto

#93 I Normally Love This Artist…but What The Hell?

Image credits: Macey Shayn

#94 This Was A Pic On One Of My Wife’s Friend Page. She Was Happy As Hell With This

Image credits: Michael Bender

#95 At Least It Detracts From The Fact She Has No Eyebrows

Image credits: Teresa Roberson

#96 I Guess That’s The Cheaper Option To Gynecomastia Surgery. Definitely Takes The Eyes Away From Those Moobs

Image credits: Teresa Roberson

#97 The Hands Will Haunt Me Forever

Image credits: Beth Moles

#98 My Uncle’s Jailhouse Tats…..smh

Image credits: Lexi Downing

#99 From A Shop Near Me. It Went Eeeeeeee

Image credits: Jane Lucero

#100 That Looks Embroidered

Image credits: Philip Tarn

#101 Saw This One In My Feed. Someone’s Grandma’s First Tattoo

Image credits: Mirade McGloin

#102 Found In A Bloody Mary Group

Image credits: Tori Anne

#103 Local “Artist” That Everyone Praises For Their Amazing Work Yet All Their Work Is Like This Or Worse. Got Wonder Woman Out Here Like “Take My Strong Hand”

Image credits: Stephanie Savage

#104 This One Made Me Cackle

Image credits: Silvia Mattei

#105 Stoppp Lol

Image credits: Stacy Tiffany

#106 Isn’t This The Most Realistic Bird You Ever Did See

Image credits: Bex Johnstone-Spayne

#107 Yikes

Image credits: Kyleigh Tompkins

#108 Team Target At Riot Fest Chicago!

Image credits: Michelle Meyers

#109 A Moth Wing Found In Another Group

Image credits: Wolfram Rochner

#110 Love Naruto But Wtfff

Image credits: Danielle Link

#111 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Yet But

Image credits: Casey Smith

#112 Just Gunna Leave This Here Eta: Not My Tattoo

Image credits: Ashley Scott

#113 Ion Kno Man…just Not A Fan…

Image credits: Doee Merino

#114 Found On Twitter

Image credits: Steph Carilo

#115 Local Artist

Image credits: Briahna Hope Rohrbough

#116 I Saw This In A Tattoo Sharing Group And I Just Can’t Get Over How Inaccurate The Bones Are!

Image credits: Melissa Lee

#117 Dobbies Seen Some Things He Didn’t Need To See

Image credits: Mark Morley

#118 No Words. Seen On Snapchat

Image credits: Natalie Teel

#119 Um. Idk What It Even Is

Image credits: Delaney Bateman


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