This Facebook Group Is All About Poor Wildlife Photos And They Are So Bad They’re Good (169 New Pics)

Crap Wildlife Photography needs no introduction. The internet’s powerhouse founded five years ago as a Facebook group has gone from a couple of thousand members to boasting a solid 411.3K fanbase. It all started when the group went totally viral in January 2020 after being featured on Bored Panda.

Today, it’s one of the most exciting communities on social media which has people sharing weirdly wonderful and impossibly crappy photographs of wildlife. No perfect shots, no well-thought compositions, no good timing: crap photography celebrates the exact opposite.

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So get your popcorn ready to scroll through the freshest batch of wildlife photos with deliberately zero quality standards. And after you’re done, make sure to check out our previous posts with the same excellence in crappiness here, here, and here.

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#1 This Great Horned Owl Was Chilling On The Roof Behind Our House. I Raced Around The Block Where The Light Was Better And Got This!

Image credits: Kevin Frey

#2 Okay… So Maybe I Need More Practice Photographing Birds

Image credits: Jeff Dunn

#3 Sigh. This Is My Bathroom Ceiling, That Is A Brush Tailed Possum Foot

Image credits: Sabrina Raven

#4 Is He.. Giving Me The.. Bird?!

Image credits: Josh Beckner

#5 Took A Photo Of This Lazy Fella A Few Years Ago

Image credits: Cindy Von Liebig Uemura

#6 So I Helped A Raccoon That Was Unable To Get Up The Slippery River Bank And Was Stuck In The Water. I Was Repaid With Him Shaking The Water Off Of Himself All Over Me

Image credits: Paige Rancier

#7 It Was Fast Not My Fault

Image credits: Muneer Al Shanti

#8 Someone Had A Big Night! This Is A Wild Komodo Dragon. Safe To Say We Used A Different Bathroom

Image credits: Jasmine Vink

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#9 Caught This Guy Raiding The Bird Feeder At Night. Not Sure Why He Felt The Need To Cover His Private Parts

Image credits: Curt Finke

#10 Behold. The Best Fish Picture I’ve Ever Taken

Image credits: Paul M. T. Savoy

#11 Not [Bad] Photo… But I [Pooped] My Pants… Back Away Slowly

Image credits: Emily DeWolfe

#12 I Was Trying To Take A Sweet Photo Of A Sparrow Having A Bath. I Appear To Have Taken A Photo Of Two Sparrows Committing A Murder

Image credits: Trish Sutherland

#13 Landed On The Sun Roof… Not The Most Flattering Angle

Image credits: Becky Wynn

#14 Check Out The Excellent Welds On This Steel Fencing

Image credits: Greg Lems

#15 Mr. Grumpy Stepped Into The Frame Uninvited When I Was Just Trying To Get A Nice Photo Of The River In Porto, Portu-Gull

Image credits: Cynthia Michelle Smith

#16 Took This After Getting Out Of My Car To Go In A Store

Image credits: Beth Croft Jones

#17 When You Try To Feed Bambies Some Cabbage, But You Have Poor Aim

Image credits: Natasha Acephalous Pochtar

#18 Frog

Image credits: Christie Sanam

#19 Part Of The Magic Of New Zealand’s Caves Is Due To The Spectacular Display Of Glow-Worms, As Illustrated In My Award Winning Photo

Image credits: Paul Heaton

#20 Seagulls Keep Resting On The Skylight, Which Drives My Cat Insane

Image credits: Mathilde Harvey Delenclos

#21 Here Is The Pic I Happened To Snap Once Of A Capybara Getting Snipped By A Goose. I Couldn’t Believe It When I Saw What I Captured

Image credits: Danielle Merlino

#22 I Was Trying To Take A Picture Of This Juvenile Seagull And This Sleepy Pigeon Waddled In And Stole The Show

Image credits: Jamie Andrews

#23 Behold – A Green Tree Frog In All Its Glory Exiting Our Spa

Image credits: Beck Jelic

#24 I Was Doing Some Yard Work When I Saw A Roadrunner Running Around On My Roof. I Grabbed My Phone To Take A Shot, But It Jumped Off Just As I Snapped

Image credits: Aaron Hamilton

#25 I Saw A Snowy Owl Today… I’d Say He Was Camouflaged Very Well

Image credits: Amy Baxter

#26 Next Time Starring On Squirrel Porn Is Ballsy The Squirrel

Image credits: Rachel Beth

#27 Tried To Take A Panoramic Photo While Doing A Safari Ride

Image credits: Brett Butler

#28 My Husband Has Wings

Image credits: Lucy Nielson-Jones

#29 What Do You Think This Guy Wants To Tell Me? Guess I’ll Never Know. Since He Wasn’t Paying Rent I Evicted Him!

Image credits: Joanne Sheridan

#30 Derek Put The Seagull Down

Image credits: Emma George

#31 Any Ornithologists Out There To Identify This Bird?

Image credits: Francesco DiCenso

#32 This Little Guys Bum Is Literally Calling His Food To Him

Image credits: Leanne Rae-Cannon

#33 Hi How Are Ya, Hi How Are Ya, Hi How Are Ya?

Image credits: Paul J Snow

#34 Oh Look, Honey.. There’s A Sweet Little Chipmunk In The Bird House… *quickly Grabs Camera*

Image credits: Ally Trombley

#35 Excuse Me, But Could I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar?

Image credits: Tracy Ricker Rose

#36 Got Yelled At Today

Image credits: Siân Addison

#37 I Was Trying To Get A Picture Of The Chicago Skyline, But Got Photobombed By This Majestic Avian Instead

Image credits: Cathy Coughlin Glover

#38 I Said I Don’t Want My Picture Taken

Image credits: Lyn MacDonald

#39 Might Need To Work On My Backgrounds But He Was Relieved To See Me After A Long Night In Plastic Prison

Image credits: Chris Hopkins

#40 Its Worse Its So Much Worse

Image credits: Heather Turner

#41 Am Relaxing On The Back Verandah, Minding My Own Business, And This Happens

Image credits: Carolyn Louise

#42 We Have An Albino Squirrel In Our Backyard. I’ve Been Stalking Him For His Photo. Finally Got One. Isn’t He Beautiful!

Image credits: Sue Achterberg Auradon

#43 Indignant Bluebird Staring In From The Window Feeder

Image credits: Abbey Scott

#44 I Thought You Might Like To Look At My Beaver

Image credits: Tammy Pollard

#45 This Great Horned Owl Doesn’t Believe A Word You Say

Image credits: Jody Cummings

#46 Soon As I Zoomed In It Screamed, Took A S*** And Flew Off

Image credits: Riki Lee Christmas

#47 This Is The Pacifist Toad That Lives In Our Back Yard. Nearly Every Morning Last Summer He Greeted Me When I Opened Up The Skimmer To See If There Was Anything To Remove. It Was Him. He Was Always There To Remove

Image credits: Andrea Winn

#48 This Is My Friend’s Ring Camera

Image credits: Leslie Carlson

#49 Not Dead, Just Sunning

Image credits: Ellie Ruth

#50 It Was A Few Years Back In Brisbane, Australia. He/She Got So Excited By The Selfie That Jumped Onto The Phone And I Dropped It. For A Second I Thought I’d Never Get It Back

Image credits: Jacek Jeziorski

#51 On The Way To Work Today I Looked At My Dashboard With My Toy Dinosaurs On It, And I Thought, I Don’t Remember Buying A Lizard

I HAVE A LIZARD IN MY CAR! When I got to work it was over by the passenger side door. I thought great, I’ll just catch it and let it go. So I did catch it, but as I was walking to put the little guy in a bush it wiggled free and ran up the inside of my long sleeve shirt! Great, I have a lizard on me. I took off my shirt, it wasn’t in the shirt and I tried to find it on my tee shirt. I couldn’t find it so I put my shirt back on. Then I felt it on my shoulder, I took the shirt back off and it ran to the front of my tee shirt. I caught it and let it go….

Image credits: Tracy L. Ford

#52 My Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking So I Flipped On The Porch Light

Image credits: Jennifer Starr

#53 Some Stray Cat Snuck In Through My Cat Door. No Collar. No Chip

Image credits: Ryan Edward Kelly

#54 I Feed The Critters. The Yard Is Overrun. It Makes My Boyfriend Crazy. Today, While At Work, I Receive This Photo. Apparently They’re Checking To See What Time I’ll Be Home

Image credits: Amy DuBois

#55 Boing

Image credits: Beck Jelic

#56 Toad In My Yard, Bananarama For Scale

Image credits: Jo Tauber

#57 I’m Using A $200 Camera, I’m Shooting From More Than 100 Feet Away, I Spent 20 Minutes In Photoshop Getting It To Look This Good, And You Still Have To Look Twice To Even See The Damned Barred Owl That 30 Seconds With Google Will Provide You With Photos That Are 1000x Better

Image credits: Bill Brickley

#58 I Just Wanted A Nice Snow Goose Picture

Image credits: Amanda Geahry

#59 Lighting? Check. Background? Check. Wildlife? Check. Pose? Oh

Image credits: Ira Struebel

#60 The Ermine In The Lovely Minnesota Snow. Nailed The Exposure On This One

Image credits: Wayne Perala

#61 You Are Considered Lucky To See One Cape Clawlless Otter. Two Together At The Same Time Is Even More Unusual. Not Sure What It Means When Eight Demonic Ones Come And Visit You Out Of The Darkness

Image credits: Chris Leggatt

#62 I’ve Transcended From Normal Into Paranormal Photography. Ghost Hummers!

Image credits: Keith Condon

#63 Duck Duck – Goose!

Image credits: Lyn MacDonald

#64 I See Your Woodpile Snake Orgy, And Raise You One On A Fence

Image credits: Kim Quandt

#65 It Was Amazing Experience, Less Than 3 Hours Ago In Jackson Hole, Wy. Pretty Sure This Is Brought To You By The Christmas Star

Image credits: Kimberly Kimrey

#66 “Every Move You Make Every Step You Take Owl Be Watching You”

Image credits: Jack Brown

#67 I Was So Excited To Find This Very Unusual Armidillo Looking Bug With Its Very Odd “Butt Accessory ” So I Immediately Posted Pictures So I Could Identify My Rare Find Only To Be Told. It Was A Roach Which Was Giving “Birth” To An Egg Casing. I Am Still Mortified!

Image credits: Leigh Jenny Norton

#68 You Can See Its Peen With Balls!

Image credits: Tim Downey

#69 Oops. He Was A Little Too Fast For Me! This Great Egret Was Running, So I Tried To Guess Where He/She Would Land Next, But I Was Off By Just A Wee Bit!

Image credits: Janeen Hermon

#70 Possum Broke Into My Friend’s Roof A While Back. This Happens Often But You Don’t Usually Get A Cross-Section View With Added Eye Contact

To the Americans in this, this is an Australian brushtail possum. Also, while I have your attention, could I ask you (for the sake of my dinner) to please specify if you’re using Fahrenheit and not Celsius in online recipes? Thank you for your consideration.

Image credits: Sophie Taylor

#71 A Blue Tit

Image credits: Roel Thewessen

#72 That Moment When You Realize You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Bird Feeder

Image credits: Juli Alsadi

#73 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: Laura Williamson

#74 Managed To Catch An Aerial Battle Between A Buzzard And Two Crows On Our Walk Today! Had To Zoom Right In To Capture The Intensity Of It All

Image credits: Inga Willett

#75 Let’s Play Find The Robin

Image credits: Peter Marland

#76 It’s Over. Even The Weather Is Swan. They Have Won

Image credits: Heather Turner

#77 I Was Looking For Packages…. But He Showed Me His Instead

Image credits: Lynsey Ann

#78 A Bird In The Bra Is Worth Two In The Bush. (Originally “In The Hand” And Original Quote Attributed To King Solomon)

I’ve never yet gotten a bird to eat out of my hand, but out of my bra, yes. i’ve even had squirrels in my bra. how many ladies can say that? File under: ways to amuse yourself in the winter during a pandemic.

Image credits: Valerie Crow

#79 My Super Nosey Neighbour

Image credits: Taylor Frost

#80 Deer?! These Lovely Ladies Were Strolling Down The Street In The Middle Of Chicago, Illinois! Gotta Love Urban Wildlife. So Here’s My 1am Glamor Shot

Image credits: Claira Mittman

#81 Big Ass Moth. Pizza For Scale

Image credits: Buckaroo Banzai

#82 Late Night Visitor. Stayed 10 Mins Inside And Flew Out A Window. Batman… Come Back… Please

Image credits: Sandrine Boudon

#83 I Went To The Bathroom To Take A [Dump], And Crouched Before Me Was A Deer Also Taking A [Dump]

Image credits: Barbie D. Hearse

#84 Sums The Year Up Really Thanks For The Add

Image credits: Magalar Carpenter

#85 Manatee Resting In Our Local Marina

Image credits: Rebecca Rollins Saranich

#86 I Think It’s Trying To Tell Me Something

Image credits: Daniel Gonzaga

#87 Sure. Like That’s Not Creepy Af

Image credits: Cathy Gagne

#88 My Very Own Zebra Art! From The Kruger 2019

Image credits: Amanda Hooton

#89 Check Out My Beaver Pic

Image credits: Kristie Harmon Leighton

#90 I Give To You, A Danish Wolf… We Have Very Few Wolves In Denmark, A Few Migrated Through Germany. And I Were So Lucky To Meet One, And This Is The Photo I Got

Image credits: Christina Bendjar Yoouphasook Christensen

#91 Out Of Focus Deer Taking Off

Image credits: Marius Engel

#92 I Think This Image Is Relevant Here

Image credits: Paul Tadday

#93 Worcester Has Flooded And The Swan Uprising Has Begun

Image credits: Heather Turner

#94 This Is Not My Dog Waiting The Door

Image credits: Lisa Murphy

#95 If He Would Just Stop Hammering, I Might Catch Him

Image credits: Kellie Shepherd Moeller

#96 I’m So Excited! I Finally Have A Great Photo Of A Bald Eagle To Share With You Guys!

Image credits: Jill Chandler

#97 I Said Good Day, Sir!

Image credits: Dan Spencer

#98 Geckos On Military Bases Are Bad-A**

Image credits: Theresa Duing

#99 What To Make Of This?

Image credits: Munazzah Anwer Bigelow

#100 Above This Crowned Hornbill Is A Bird Feeder Filled With Fat Balls

Weavers are very messy feeders and most of the fat ends up in fragments on the lawn, where hornbills and several other birds scoop them up. The hornbill feeds by picking up the fragment with the tip of its beak then tosses it up and catches it, as captured in this pic

Image credits: Denis Tweddle

#101 Oh My!!! Plop, Plop! Fizz, Fizz!

Image credits: Suzy Griffin Paul

#102 In Line To Be Vaccinated Late Last Night. This Fellow Was Not Pleased To Be Sharing Space With A Group Of Hopefuls

Image credits: Nicole Na

#103 Missed The Bird, But Captured The Falling Sunflower Seed

Image credits: Jackie Minks

#104 Northern Cardinals Apparently Survive On A Steady Diet Of Tennis Balls

Image credits: Jeff Shell

#105 Back To The Mother Ship

Image credits: Dominicq Dirkzwager

#106 The Graceful Water Ballet Of A Duck Is Awe Inspiring

Image credits: Jean St. Arnauld

#107 Behold, A Majestic Wild Horse

Image credits: Ana Quiroz

#108 Nice To See The Glowing Harry Potter Stag Out And About In Our Local Woods!

Image credits: Kim Moffatt

#109 I *think* There Might Be An Elephant In This Picture Somewhere. He’s Betting You Can’t Find Him

Image credits: Meridith Anzulis

#110 Nothing Makes You Want To Re-Assess Your Life Choices Like A Gull That’s Home Shopping, And You Can Barely Afford Matching Socks

Image credits: Melissa Mayo

#111 Hiding

Image credits: Jenny McMillan

#112 Guys! I Told You! I’m Not Your Leader!

Image credits: Michael P Arsenault

#113 Long-Horn Beetle Wearing Furry Slippers. His Feet Must Have Been Cold. Limpopo, South Africa

Image credits: Kathleen Kenneth

#114 I’d Like To Introduce You To Bob And Rico, My Daughter’s New Lock Down Buddies! Every Day For The Last 2 Weeks They Come For A Visit. I’m No Longer Sure Who Is Watching Who

At times to get our attention they will come and tap on our window with their beaks, and will stay anywhere from just a few minutes up to an hour! I feel the small white presents they leave on my balcony are a small price to pay for the wonderful exposure we are getting to this glorious wildlife.

Image credits: Christina Fehr Aparecida

#115 Behold, The Icelandic Hover Fox

Image credits: Laura Moscone

#116 I Will Be Leading A Online Class In Photography Soon. Feel Free To Western Union Me Your $500 Enrollment Deposit

Image credits: Paul Badgley

#117 Banana. Squirrel For Scale

Image credits: Debra Kleyhauer

#118 My Bff Moved From The Left Coast To Florida. So She Sends Me Lots Of Bird Pictures. With Permission I Present The Skywalker

Image credits: Mel DeWhitt

#119 As You Can See, This Fake Owl Jack Installed To Scare Birds From Our Deck Is Really Intimidating This Red-Tailed Hawk

Image credits: Susan Libby

#120 You’d Think Since I’m A Florida Panther Biologist, That I Just Snuggle Panthers All Day Long, Right?

Image credits: Jen Marie

#121 This Is What Happens When A Duck Decides To Bite You Exactly As You Take Its Photo. Also, You Get Bit

Image credits: Melinda Glenn Bonnell

#122 Sizeable Hawk. Jet Included For Scale

Image credits: Carol Seeley

#123 The Camouflage Is So Good You Might Not See It Straight Away

Image credits: Cindy Lane

#124 I Will Leave The Captioning Of This Image To The Creative Imagination Of Other Group Members

Image credits: Robert Voss

#125 Riding Bikes In The Everglades Is Full Of Fun Surprises

Image credits: Meridith Anzulis

#126 Looks Like Someone Nursed Their Babies Too Long!

Image credits: Barbara Ferguson

#127 Turn Off That Light!

Image credits: Dan Spencer

#128 This Young Lady Kept Knocking On My Window This Morning Saying She Was Being Chased By An American Kestrel

Image credits: Ava Wildenborg

#129 Things Were All Right Until They Weren’t And It Felt Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie. Ok, Ok, Sorry To Disturb You

Image credits: Polly Stranack

#130 Photograph Of Our Carrot Overlord. H A I L C A P R I C A

Image credits: Allison Phillips

#131 Trying To Take A Picture Of A Sunset While Being Photobombed By A Dolphin

Image credits: Christopher Hines

#132 One Day The Kitchen Window Will Get Cleaned… This Day (Three Years Ago Now) Was Not It

Image credits: Lesley Mitchell

#133 When You Open The Back Door And This Awaits You

Image credits: Helen Hall

#134 Husband Told Me Our Cat Was Stuck In The Trash Can. Went To Help The Poor Cat And Found This. Ps, I’m The One That Just Had The Possum Waltzing Through My House Too

Image credits: Stephanie Schnoor

#135 Hiding In Plain Sight All Day Until I Literally Tripped Over Him. My 4 “Watch” Dogs Are Fired

Image credits: Tanya Wolosek

#136 Curious Woolly Bois Stalk The Peaks Of The Welsh Border

Image credits: Jim RK

#137 It Was A Pic Shared By My Aunt-In-Law And It Is In Nj Early This Morning. Look How High The Snow Is On The Deer! She Said More Than 30 Inches And Still Snowing! Had To Share! We’re Getting Dumped On Now In Me!

Image credits: Jessica Basham Therriault

#138 Not A Good Day For Someone

Image credits: Candy Dougherty

#139 This Is A Coyote Desperately Looking For A Hole In The Netting To Get Away From An Enraged Opossum Which Was Chasing It

That’s one opossum which did not take kindly to being coyote-sniffed

Image credits: David Tatro

#140 I Call This Little [Prick] Malfoy

He’s a male Anna’s hummingbird and he’s a total d**k. He sits in my lemon tree and guards the feeders and chases off any other hummingbird that he catches trying to feed. He does such a good job of this that he’s FAT. You ever see a fat hummingbird before? Well now you have. 

Image credits: Chris Dobal

#141 Behold! The Biggest Skein Of Migrating Geese I’ve Ever Seen!

Image credits: Casey McKenzie

#142 Death From Above

Image credits: Tony Reed

#143 There Is An Interloper In My Snack Cup

Image credits: Don Willis

#144 That Was Well Brought Up

Image credits: Guy Lacroix

#145 When Your Swimming Along And Something Brushes Your Leg. Yes, That Is A 40′ Long Whale Shark. Surprise!!

Image credits: Debra Lebus

#146 I’m So At Home In This Group

Image credits: Marilyn B Walker

#147 Trust Me There’s A Baby Owl On The Left And Mama Owl On The Right

Image credits: Beth Stombaugh

#148 I Learned Two Things This Day

1. Can confirm the iPhone 11 is waterproof. 2. Tadpoles are really hard to photograph.

Image credits: Terri-Louise Ballard

#149 The Magnificent Mute Swan

Image credits: Richard Pickwick

#150 Trust Me… This Fox Is Not A Pet

It lives in the woods not far away, and occasionally stops by for a scratching session. I snapped this photo from inside my house.

Image credits: Curt Finke

#151 When You Blindly Stick Your Phone In A Culvert, Knowing You Have One Shot

Image credits: Nicole L. Tippie Lawshe

#152 Caught This Little Guy On My Neighborhood Walk The Other Day. Sister Act For Scale

Image credits: Melissa Gordon

#153 Shall We Play A Little Game Of…. What Just Touched My Foot?

Image credits: Meg Van Hale

#154 Dillo Crossing The Road. Bonus Point If You Spot The Road Runner

Image credits: LaDell Gresham McCoy

#155 Today Is The Perfect Opportunity To Share My Not-So-Crap Photo Of A Luna Moth I Saw Last Year. Look At His Little Pink Legs

Image credits: Dezrae Reynolds

#156 Got This Pic Of An Eagle, But It Wasn’t Too Clear, So I Thought I’d Help You Guys Out W The Details

Image credits: Lori Sitton

#157 “Something” Was Having An Existential Crisis On My Deck Last Night

Image credits: Dan Spencer

#158 Squirrel

Image credits: Bean Johnson

#159 Behold The Majestic Koala (When You Forget To Switch Off Flash)

Image credits: Jess Hill

#160 If You Look Into Her Eye It Gets Weirder

Image credits: Kirsten Darrington

#161 I Present To You The Extremely Rare Two-Faced Cow Elk

Image credits: Cathy Jo Eldridge

#162 Woke This Morning To A Possum Butt Poking Thru My Wall. Gave Him A Poke To Move Him Now To Fix The Hole So He Doesn’t Come Any Further Inside

Image credits: Sarah Newett

#163 If You Look At This Picture Just Right, It Looks Like The Little Pig Is Hovering. Hover Pig Is Judging You For Not Driving Safely Enough!

Image credits: Asia Carrera-Lemmon

#164 I Think My Lighting Is Off?

Image credits: Nina M Delcavo

#165 Tried To Get A Cute Photo Of The Otter Playing With A Pebble. Got A Crap Photo Of The Otter Playing With A Pebble And A Happy Photobomber

Image credits: Gail Wells

#166 This Is A Crap Picture I Took Of An 8 To 10 Foot Tiger Shark Who Ended Up Stalking Us This Morning While We Snorkeled In Crap Weather On Maui

Image credits: Chandrika McLaughlin

#167 Fox

Image credits: Evelyn Findley

#168 I Had To Wait For Just The Right Picture And I Think This Nailed It – But Maybe A Little Too On The Nose?

Image credits: Sarah Ditlevson

#169 Not Her Best Angle

Image credits: Cathie Hailer Giglio


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