This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good (147 New Pics)

Not all pics of nature are meant to go on the cover. And that’s totally fine. All the not-so-fortunate snaps of wildlife have a safe place to go where their author’s lack of skills will be much appreciated.

We’re talking about the widely popular Facebook group called Crap Wildlife Photography where 399.7K members share iconic images in their own very crappy way.

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From very out-of-focus photos to the worst timing possible, these awesome photos have surely hit the bottom of the barrel where photography standards used to be. Enjoy the hilarity with the newest batch of crappy goodness from Crap Wildlife Photography, and be sure to check out part 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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#1 Found The Most Majestic Anemone On The Beach The Other Night. It Reminds Me Of Something, But I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It…

Image credits: Steph Renaud

#2 I Knew There Were Raccoons In The Tree But I Couldn’t See What They Were Doing Until The Flash Came On/Pictures Came Out…

Image credits: Lindsay Sletten

#3 Bottoms Up!…might Get This One Printed On A Canvas

Image credits: Ellen Hickey

Previously, Bored Panda reached out to the moderator team of the Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook group and found out more about their widely popular online community.

The representative of the group told us that following Bored Panda’s June article on their group, the community was joined by 18k new members. “Actual join requests were around 26k, but the other 8k people didn’t answer the short joining questionnaire so didn’t become members at that time,” they explained.

Meanwhile, the founder Tristan Kennedy said that he created Crap Wildlife Photography after someone from another group, Crap Bird Photography, asked if there was a separate group dedicated to all kinds of wildlife. It sparked an idea in Tristan to create a whole new Facebook group since nothing similar existed at the time.

#4 Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today…..

Image credits: Emma Atticus Harper

#5 My Teenaged Son Went To The Coast. I Asked To See The Pictures He Took, And This Was Literally It

Image credits: Rachel Heffington Pross

#6 What’s Your Problem?!

Image credits: Jonica Palmer

Over the past few years, the group was steadily growing, but the recent surge in new numbers was evoked by Bored Panda featuring a selection of the community’s submissions.

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“Numbers increased from about 15,000 in January to about 45,000 at the start of April. The first Bored Panda article triggered a large spike in numbers—our group numbers spiked from about 45,000 to 100,000 in a few days.” In January, a whopping 300,000 new members joined and Crap Wildlife Photography became somewhat of a household name for poor photos featuring nature and/or animals.

The group’s success has to do with the fact that it’s one of the very few online communities that celebrate all the very bad efforts in photography. “The ‘good’ photo groups aren’t interested in bad photography, of course, so it gives people somewhere to share their lesser-quality photos and have a laugh at themselves,” Tristan explained.

#7 From A Couple Years Ago While Checking Wood Duck Boxes For Work. This Lil Thing And It’s Friends Jumped Out (They Nest In The Boxes For The Winter). I Proceeded To Freak Out Because I Didnt Want It Crawling Up Inside My Pants. My Coworker Found It And Took A Picture For Posterior Posterity

Image credits: Shasta Slade

#8 From Vancouver, The Bird Was Parked On The Hood Of My Car, Shot At F16, Giving Lots Of Depth Of Field. Scary!

Image credits: AP Hovasse

#9 We Broadcast The Possum Signal Only In The Most Dire Of Garbage Emergencies

Image credits: Amy Fisher Rosaaen-McDonald

#10 Heard A Noise At The Door. Thinking It Was The Friendly Raccoon I’d Seen A Few Times This Week, I Got My Phone Camera Ready To Get It’s Picture. However, I Opened The Door And Saw This

Image credits: Lulis Leal

#11 I Was Photographing A Penguin, Put The Telephoto Lens On And It Waddled Over To Stand Less Than A Meter Away So All I Could Get In The Frame Was Its Foot

Image credits: Steve Ransome

#12 I Got More Than I Paid For In This Shot

Image credits: Dusty Repaskey

#13 If You’ve Ever Wondered What A Happy Scalepuppy Looks Like, Here’s A Visual For You

Image credits: Kristen Trueman

#14 Oink

Image credits: Beth Perry

#15 Just An Alligator And Turtle Eating Spaghetti Together. Yes They Had A Lady And The Tramp Moment. Mont Belvieu Texas.

Image credits: Amber Rose

#16 Note To Self, Make Sure Your Trunk Closes When You Hit The Button!

Image credits: Courtney Van Velse

#17 The Majestic Blacktail Deer. Play Catch They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said. **no Need To Worry! If You Are Unaware, Bucks Lose And Regrow Their Antlers Every Year. This Guy Will Only Have To Look Like A Dork For A Couple More Months

Image credits: Taylor Borth

#18 We Decided To Go With A Less Traditional Tree Topper This Year

Image credits: Brandi Rose

#19 If 2020 Was An Eagle

Image credits: David Chang

#20 Nudist Squirrels Of The Northern Bruce Peninsula. This Guy Has Been Around For 2 Years Now. He Doesn’t Have Mange, As His Skin Is “Clean” (No Sores & Dry Skin Associated With Mange), Just Genetically Hairless. Hoping To See Him Come Springtime!!

Image credits: Katrina Page

#21 My Friends Cat Bailey Escaped His House. So I Set Up A Trail Cam. He Was Hangin With Da Big Boys In The Back Yard

Image credits: Joie Mattioli

#22 I Nearly Bumped Into This Blubbery Rock Yesterday And Let Me Tell You, When My Wife Pointed Out What It Was I Felt Very Close To Death. The Irony Is That We Had Just Given Up Spotting Any Elephant Seals After A Long Beach Walk Lol

Image credits: Amy Adair-Behr

#23 Scary Little Egret From Egypt

Image credits: Doaa Belal Abdelhamed

#24 Behold My Favorite *crap* Wildlife Photo Thus Far

Image credits: Autumn Schrock

#25 Notice A Couple Of Really Tiny Deer On Top Of This Fence…

Image credits: George Silvaney

#26 So This Guy Was Stalking Me At Work One Day

Image credits: Cheyenne Wright-Austin

#27 Was Supposed To Be A Pelican

Image credits: Emma McAleese

#28 My Dad Has Dementia And Can’t Remember What Squirrels Are Called So He Calls Them A-Holes. Turns Out The A-Holes Are Everywhere

Image credits: MacKenzie Ferguson

#29 My First Posting

Image credits: Leslie A. Sarazan

#30 Managed To Snap This Shot Of What I Believe To Be A Bobcat

Image credits: Chris Altis

#31 Behold The Majestic Red-Tailed Hawk Update: Hawk Is Fine

Image credits: Michelle Bartelheimer

#32 Spent About 25 Minute Slowly Crawling On My Stomach Through Frozen Mud On A Cold Winters Morning, Lining Up The Perfect Shot For The Last Exposure On My Analogue Camera, After Standing Magestically For The Entire Time I Was Crawling, The Second I Take The Shot It Looks Directly At Me And Lets Out The Loudest Burp I’ve Every Heard.

Image credits: Sebastian Stern

#33 A Male Hooded Merganser Duck. The Features Weren’t Very Clear, So I Tidied The Photo Up A Bit

Image credits: Laurel Barnett

#34 The Time I Took A Picture Of Two American Goldfinches Through A Window Screen And It Came Out Looking Like A Cross Stitch.

Image credits: Ana Maria Vasconez

#35 Derek Put The Seagull Down

Image credits: Emma George

#36 No Outside Light On When I Got Home, Cursed Husband For Leaving Pipe I Tripped Over On Path To The Front Door. Once Inside, Husband Vehemently Denied Any Pipe Misdemeanor, So I Turned On Outside Light To Prove Him Wrong…

Image credits: Cindy Lane

#37 Posted This On A Bird Watching Group Thinking It Was A Cracking Photo. Not A Single Person Liked It At All. Must Be Crapper Than I Thought

Image credits: Rachel Balding

#38 What An Unusual Bird On My Deck This Morning!

Image credits: Ann Marie Jacobson

#39 Spotted This Guy While Delivering Parcels Down On The Beachfront Community. C A M O F L A G E

Image credits: Freya Hogan

#40 Bug Photobombs Are The Best!!

Image credits: Ayn Generes

#41 Waited A Long Time To Get That Iconic Shot Of A Big Family Of Meerkats Standing At Attention.

Image credits: Renee Owens

#42 Captured A Little Spring In His Step After Being Fed

Image credits: Blujay Emnott

#43 I’m New To This Group, Does This Count?

Image credits:

#44 Omg Please Caption These Eyebrows! Yes, He Just Got Busted Eating From The Bird Feeder!

Image credits: Michelle Evans

#45 $3,500 Camera/Lens? Check. Rare Moment Of Interaction? Check.timeless Photo Of Kia Sportage? Check

Image credits: Malachi Aaron

#46 Not A Penguin This Time At The Fence… But Equally Cute. Curious Elephant Seal Pup

Image credits: Alana-Jayne Moore

#47 We All Know That Quokkas Are The Happiest Animals Alive, Right? But How Do They Sleep When Not Smiling Down The Lens Of A Camera? With No F*cks Given.

Image credits: Ania Kay

#48 The Fattest Squirrel I Have Ever Seen. He Lives In Our Yard And Eats The Neighbor’s Chicken Feed And Chases Off Any Birds, Bunnies, Or Other Squirrels That Try To Get In His Space

Image credits: Liz Fischer

#49 Aggressive Geese

Image credits: Ki Choi

#50 Add A Face

Image credits: Quinn Pin

#51 Raven Stole A Burrito Smh Can’t Have [crap] In London

Image credits: Alice Yu

#52 May I Present, “Moose At 86mph”

Image credits: Molly Eccleston

#53 Single Pink Male Seeks Companion For Long Walks On The Beach. If You Like Pina Coladas, And Getting Caught In The Rain…

Image credits: Meridith Anzulis

#54 Look Who I Found In My Patio!

Image credits: Paola Parigi

#55 Amazing Photo Of My First Hammerhead Shark

Image credits: Roxy Sylvester

#56 Just A Couple Of Vultures In The Hospital Courtyard. Nothing To Worry About.

Image credits: Hami Sayyadioskoie

#57 On A Trip To Antarctica, I Was Fortunate To Witness A Gentoo Penguin Wedding.

Image credits: Shelley Sandusky

#58 I Got Married Yesterday At Garden Of The Gods And I Had To Take A Picture With The Deer In The Background

Image credits: Anahi Cazares

#59 This Was The Last Photo I Took Before I Was Chased Across A Hilly Field, Screaming And Running As Fast As My Legs Could Carry Me

All I had wanted was a closer hawk photo. I did not see this beast in the grass. My husband was in the car on the side of the road, and he responded to my screams by rolling the windows up as I barreled towards him in superhuman flight whilst the badger snarled and gained on me. He thought it was bees or hornets (and left me for dead which I shan’t forget), but no. It was a very large and very angry member of the Mustelid family.

Image credits: Rachel Heffington Pross

#60 Birbs

Image credits: Quinn Pin

#61 I Don’t Always Take Pictures Of Coopers Hawks In A Birdbath, But When I Do They’re Flying Away, Obstructed By A Pole, And My Neighbor Is Ripping Out All His Carpet.

Image credits: Halle Ritter

#62 My Dad Has Dementia And One Of His Simple Pleasures Is Watching The Birds. Behold The Majestic Bluejay Dad Calls Scruffneck

Image credits: MacKenzie Ferguson

#63 I Know My Memory Isn’t What It Used To Be But I Could Swear That Wasn’t There When I Hung Up The Wreath

Image credits: Lisa Snow

#64 Timing Is Everything.. Nailed It

Image credits: Robin Moon

#65 Hello Everyone. I’m A New Member From Vietnam. This Is A Fish I See When I’m Working On River Bank

Image credits: Trần Hồng Nam

#66 Went To Watch The Starling Murmuration…. I Think They Were Trying To Tell Me Something

Image credits: James Lowery

#67 It Was Amazing Experience, Less Than 3 Hours Ago In Jackson Hole, Wy. Pretty Sure This Is Brought To You By The Christmas Star

Image credits: Kimberly Kimrey

#68 Sleepy Sky Puppies. Not A Particularly Crappy Photo, But If You Could Smell It! 100s, Possibly 1000s Of Sky Puppies Roost Here During The Day, Then In The Evening 100s Of Bin Chickens Return To Nest In The Same Trees The Sky Puppies Left

Image credits: Shane Foster

#69 The Soft And Intricate Feathers Of A Parakeet

Image credits: Alex Fish

#70 Me: Wow, There’s An Otter In My Backyard Otter: Wow, There’s A Human In My Front Yard

Image credits: Kate Peek

#71 A Magnificent Mola Mola (Or Sunfish). And, No, He Is Not Dead — Despite Appearances. Funny, But The Whale-Watching Company Chose Not To Feature This Great Capture In Their Trip Photos Of The Day

Image credits: Nicole Cornett

#72 My Sister Does Not Wish To Share This Gem Herself. But She Made This Mistake Of Sharing It With Me For My Own Free Use!

Image credits: Viktoria Kristbergs

#73 In My Defense, He Was A Fast Little Bugger.

Image credits: Jena Van Wagner

#74 My Shower Was Interrupted By A Peeping Tom. Or Rather, Peeping Jerry As Others Have Pointed Out

Image credits: Lauren McArdle-Bailey

#75 This Quokka Wanted To See What I Was Eating

Image credits: Andrea Whaltey

#76 My Dog: Fren? Me: No, Not Friend. My Dog: May Be Shy Fren. I Watch. Me: Facepalm

Image credits: Jenny Anderson

#77 We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Twig

Image credits: Leigh Schmidt

#78 We’re Getting Babies! How Cute!

Image credits: Kinga Wołos-Zachmeier

#79 Hold My Beer, I Am Going In…

Image credits: Nino Mskhiladze

#80 A Little Nut Flavoured Coffee Anyone ?

Image credits: Renata Quattro

#81 I’m Here To Break Up Fat Squirrel Day with This Majestical Rainbow Pelicorn Photo.

Image credits: Amber Hays

#82 One Of The Majestic Wild Mustangs Of Western Nevada

Image credits: Coleen Brooks

#83 A Photo I Took Of One Of The Many Million Wild Deer In Nara, Japan.

These deer are feisty. They bow the traditional Japanese greeting to woo you in to giving them deer cookies. Then after the polite greeting they just attack en masse, biting your arse, stealing your tourist map, and making it impossibly difficult to get any decent photos of them in the beautiful surroundings. So I ended up with many shots like this

Image credits: Emily Walker

#84 This Is How We Do It In The Big Leagues Of Crap Photography.

Image credits: Sasan Beni

#85 Kinda Wanna Run Away, Kinda Wanna Check What Food You Got

Image credits: Nicola Slooten

#86 Ok Then

Image credits: Irit Katz

#87 Lol Recent Snap I Got. Perfect Timing. Instant Meme. Ready Go

Image credits: S Brent Lee

#88 So I Had A Pet Door….. How Many Other People Can Say They Had A Raccoon Come In And Sleep On Their Couch For Days With Three Cats And Share Food Bowl. Then Had To Get Rid Of Couches Cause Raccoon Kept Peeing On It

Image credits: Heather Nichols

#89 This Is The Weirdest Photo I Have Ever Taken! It Hasn’t Been Edited At All

Image credits: Mitsos Psaras

#90 ‘Imposter! Imposter On The Beach!!!’ This Gentoo Penguin – Clearly Not Impressed With The Surprise Visit By A Chinstrap Penguin.

Image credits: Alana-Jayne Moore

#91 There Was Some Sort Of Majestic Animal Breaching In Front Of Me

Image credits: Liz BG

#92 Hello, 911…i’d Like To Report Someone Ringing My Doorbell And Mooning Me…

Image credits: Patricia Lalonde Snyder

#93 Apparently My Husband Didn’t Think I Could See The Giant Herd Of Bison Right By Our Car. At Least His Hand Is Out Of Focus….

Image credits: Rachael Keen Kersavage

#94 Definitely Need A New Feeder

Image credits: Cathie Hailer Giglio

#95 Ummmm, You Seem To Have A Little Something On Your Face… (Crappy, Cause It’s Got Some Crap On It’s Face

Image credits: Camilla Holmvall

#96 My Cats Were Going Nuts In The Bathroom Over This!

Image credits: Elizabeth Morris

#97 I’m A Crappy Photographer, But This One I Had To Share. Evergreen Co.

Image credits: Lisa Marek Bessette

#98 Carp Wildlife Photography, No Pun Intended

Image credits: Barbara Trinilea Polonara

#99 I Scared The Piss Out Of Him

Image credits: Keirston Rinehart

#100 My First Submission To Crab Wildlife Photography

Image credits: Kathleen Eriksen Bristol

#101 Unexpected Wildlife Photography…

Image credits: David Mitchell

#102 On My Neighbors Fire Escape. Just Chillin. I Didn’t Bother It. It Just Kinda Walked Away After I Called It Cute A Few Times.

Image credits: Gabbie Piper

#103 After Falling Asleep For The Third Time In A Row, Ralph Is No Longer Allowed To Take The Late Afternoon Guard Duty Shift

Image credits: Greg Maurer

#104 South End Of A North-Bound Bobcat

Image credits: Stephen Cowen

#105 The Baba Is Getting Big Thanks To All Of Our Fruit Bearing Plants That We Are Not Entitled To. It’s A Good Thing You Guys Are So Cute. But You Owe Me Dammit!!! I Want An Awesome Picture Of You!!!! Stay Up A Little Late And Come In The Morning??

Image credits: Kate Wood

#106 My First Pic Of A Racing Snail!! Stayed On The Car For An 8 Mile Journey

Image credits: Nicole Caroline North

#107 While Cleaning Out Some Space In The Refrigerator To House Our Hello Fresh Dinners, We Had An Extra Guest

Image credits: Gretchen Kron Dust

#108 Does It Count As Crap If It Made Me Crap Myself? Asking For A Friend

Image credits: Rachel Decatur

#109 There’s A Reason Birds Are Always Side Profiled

Image credits: Rhiannon Sara

#110 I’ve Lived In Wyoming Most Of My Life, And I’ve Only Seen A Mountain Lion 2 Times. Now It’s 2-1/4 Times.

Image credits: Peter Noah Thomas

#111 Photobomb Level 100 …tried To Get A Nice Pic Of The Pier!

Image credits: Alana Bubb

#112 Floating Pigeon!

Image credits: Melissa Newell

#113 Crappy Wildlife

Image credits: Shira Silverberg

#114 A Most Magnificent Bird Of Prey.

Image credits: Sarah Dailey

#115 Had A Visitor Today In The Shed.

Image credits: Jason Fryman

#116 Pair Of Bison From The Overlook Ft Niobrara Wildlife Refuge, Amazing Creatures!

Image credits: Kelly Skrivan

#117 Squirrel Eating Onion Ring While Wearing It. Taken On An Upstate NY College Campus.

Image credits: Susan Smeby

#118 Pretty Much The Best Photo I’ve Ever Taken.

Image credits: Mark Rosenblatt

#119 This Is Not The Bird I Was Hoping For When I Put My Bird Bath Out… But I’m Not Going Out There To Tell Him.

Image credits: Beth Durham Todd

#120 When A 999 Call Is Made, Regarding ‘Broken Wood’

Image credits: Dermot Hoyne

#121 Thankfully, I Mastered My New Camera’s Exposure Settings Just In Time For The Bald Eagle To Fly By.

Image credits: Tessa Pagones

#122 This Is Freddy, Our Resident Toad. He Got His Own Pad This Summer And Was Pretty Happy About It

Image credits: Sarah Tyler

#123 I Wish To Submit For Your Consideration Weird Flat Hissing Doggy

Image credits: Camille Ailey

#124 Why You So Kinky?

Image credits: Keirston Rinehart

#125 This Is The Face Of Somebody Who Was Caught Looking At My Blueberry Trees

Image credits: Mel Downey

#126 Tried To Take A Photo Of Hundreds Of Geese, Ended Up With Something That Looks Like Jupiter. So, Unvoluntary Accidental Wishful Amateur Astrophotography, Can We Call It That?

Image credits: Merle Alliksoo

#127 Two Headless Fawns, I Think They Were Doing The Hokey Pokey…

Image credits: Lori Sitton

#128 This Is Not One Of My Best Shots, But I Saved It. Since I Joined This Group, Now I Know Why

Image credits: Jessica Baldwin

#129 I Upgraded To A $900 Nikon And Like Magic, I Finally Found A Herd Of Bighorn Sheep. If You Want To Use This For Holiday Cards, You Have My Permission

Image credits: Jennifer Laidlaw

#130 Hi I Was Told This Would Be The Perfect Picture For This Group By A Few People So Here Ya Go Found These Love Birds In My Front Yard This Morning

Image credits: Jenni Lawhorn

#131 So I’m Sure I’ll Get Some “Not Crap” Comments Which I Agree With In Principle, Except I Really Was Trying To Get A Picture Of The Top Part Of The Heron Too!

Image credits: KM SH

#132 Anyone Know This Species Of Squirrel?

Image credits: Ree Ree

#133 Always Looking For A Little Help When I’m Working On Someone’s Car

Image credits: Harv Vander Griend

#134 My Son Came Into My Bedroom To Tell Me There Was A “Mouse In His Room”

Image credits: Allison Edlund

#135 A Magnificent Mola Mola (Or Sunfish). And, No, He Is Not Dead — Despite Appearances. Funny, But The Whale-Watching Company Chose Not To Feature This Great Capture In Their Trip Photos Of The Day

Image credits: Nicole Cornett

#136 I Don’t Usually Have Spiders For Friends, But Something About This Jumpy Boy Is… Sorta Cute So He Can Stay.

Image credits: Rigney James Marius

#137 Behold. The Majestic White Tailed Deer. In Eatontown, Nj

Image credits: Sarah Anne

#138 We Hired A New Receptionist At Work, But All She Did Was Scream At The Clients When They Got Close, So We Had To Let Her Go…

Image credits: Alyssa Cavarretta

#139 Tried To Take A Picture Of This Striped Gopher Eating A Snack

Image credits: Natalie Kaufman

#140 Sir You Are Too Large For The Squirrel Table. Also You’re Not A Squirrel

Image credits: Jessi Smith

#141 Look At This Awesome Bat! I Saw Him While In A Cenote In Mexico

Image credits: Jim Guy

#142 I Think This Eagle Is Broken… What Song Do You Think He Is Singing

Image credits: Velisha Howard

#143 Found Out Who Stole My Christmas Lights!!!

Image credits: Juli Geiger

#144 I Thought I Was Getting A Picture Of A Bird Flying- But Not Quite Sure What I Got

Image credits: Teresa Bullard Carman

#145 My Husband Just Sent Me This And Said “Whole Shitwhack Of Blue Herons” I Believe “Shitwhack” Is The Proper Term For A Group Of Blue Herons

Image credits: Brittany Berge

#146 I Was Told This Would Be The Perfect Picture For This Group By A Few People So Here Ya Go Found These Love Birds In My Front Yard This Morning

Image credits: Jenni Lawhorn

#147 Studies Show 1 In 8 Bison Will Be Decapitated By Poachers And Left To Wander Headless Across The Prairie For The Rest Of Their Lives.

Image credits: Lauren Reid


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