This Facebook Page Shares Funny, Interesting And Weird Vintage Ads And Commercials, And Most Of Them Hilariously Fail The Test Of Time

It’s no secret that the world has come a long way. In the past couple of decades, things have taken a completely different turn and have managed to progress to an unthinkable point. 

Every time we take a stroll down to our nearest thrift shop, we get overwhelmed by all the things that have been orphaned by their previous owners. All these clothing items and pieces that were once accessorizing someone’s home – hunting for vintage stuff is very inviting – plus, you get to give your new purchase a second chance at life.

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Many of us, at least once in our lifetime, have wondered about vintage artworks, specifically those that were used for commercial purposes. Well, this Facebook group is dedicated to precisely that. The online community has 135K members and was made for people who “enjoy vintage retro ads, commercials & artwork,” and Bored Panda has decided to gather a couple of its best posts.

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Image credits: Glen Cannon

Bored Panda contacted the creator of the “Vintage Ads, Commercials & Artwork” Facebook community and asked him to tell us a little bit about it: “I want to thank you for the interest in the group. Basically, I started it because I felt like I was being restricted in other groups that didn’t accept both printed and video ads; that pretty much made me take the decision to start my own one and run it the way I think it should, by having quality content regarding interesting vintage ads, commercials, and artwork.”

The man then added: “I always enjoyed the ads I used to see as a kid in what were National Geographic Magazines from the 40s to 60s. I’m only 38 by the way, but honestly, I always had an interest in old things. I have always found them really interesting.”


Image credits: Debra Edwards

We’ve also wondered about the people behind the group: “I’ve got to say it was me doing it by myself for a while until the group grew and it was too much for me to handle by myself. I met people within the group who accepted to help me run it. At the moment it’s only myself and a fellow group member but I must give credit to Sarah Conley for helping out so much at the beginning, until some personal issues forced her to step out as a moderator.”

“I started the main page after the group, which has gained more followers so far. Getting real close to 185,000 last time I checked. Compared to the 135K members the group has. But obviously the group is where our members can share content. I found out that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed looking back at the past.”


Image credits: Cully Chapple


Image credits: Thomas Clement

“The reason people are fascinated by the vintage stuff, I believe, is due to the fact that they want to relive some of their childhood memories and also just enjoy the history of these vintage products, services, etc. I have had so many people comment ‘I used to have that toy as a kid’ or ‘Dad used to have that car,’ also saying things like ‘I always wanted one of those.’ People have said so many nice things on the review area of my main page, like how it brings back so many wonderful memories,” said Edgar when BP asked him about the fascination around vintage things.


Image credits: Kay LV


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Image credits: Michael Lee

Lastly, the creator added: “It’s important to remember the past and try to keep it alive by having an archive where maybe the younger generation can learn some history regarding advertising and what type of products were used in the past. Companies have come and gone but some are still going strong. Advertising also gives you a glimpse into society from the past and also what type of techniques of advertising worked back then. They can also analyze how advertising has evolved over time.”


Image credits: Michael Lee


Image credits: Mark Scott


Image credits: Ani Alejandra

Taking a trip down memory lane to rekindle the past is a pretty exciting activity; whether you’re snooping around your grandparents’ stuff in the hopes of finding something fun or you’re simply yearning to escape and experience a different kind of life – it seems that old-fashioned things will always hold a certain impression on us.


Image credits: Vintage Treasure


Image credits: Pop Culture and Nostalgia


Image credits: Tom Hermance

Maybe it’s the fascination with advancement and the visible progression of things, or perhaps the unexplainable old-time charm that the items are holding. Whatever the reasoning might be, Bored Panda hopes that you’ve enjoyed this vintage collection provided by the “Vintage Ads, Commercials & Artwork” group.  


Image credits: Michael Lee


Image credits: Thomas Clement


Image credits: Cully Chapple


Image credits: Jeff Jones


Image credits: Thomas Clement


Image credits: Debra Givens


Image credits: Vintage Treasure


Image credits: Marilou Carlin


Image credits: Thomas Clement


Image credits: Vintage Treasure


Image credits: Charles J. Protz


Image credits: Vintage Treasure


Image credits: Michael Lee


Image credits: Kelly Lewis


Image credits: Michael Lee


Image credits: Thomas Clement


Image credits: Thomas Clement


Image credits: Don Gravelle


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