This "Floating" Backpack Stays Level While You Run, Conserving Energy

Here’s what I don’t miss about the city: Running to catch the subway or beat the light while wearing a backpack full of stuff, the contents crashing up and down with each step. Heavy loads jostling around on your back is unpleasant and makes running awkward.

A company called Lightning Bags has designed this fascinating HoverGlide Floating Backpack, which uses a frame and bungee cords to keep itself in place even as the wearer is bouncing up and down:

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The pack “eliminates the accelerative forces that cause injuries and reduce mobility,” the company writes. “Using a patented pulley system, the pack reduces the metabolic energy requirement by 40-80 watts, allowing a wearer to carry 8-12 extra pounds ‘for free.'”

The company has been working on this technology for over a decade, and has recently announced plans to launch models for sale on Kickstarter. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: core77

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