This Font Is Made Entirely of Brand Logos

You know them, but how weird is it to see brand logos out of context? The digital agency Hello Velocity made a new font, Brand New Roman, using 76 different corporate logos to spoof late-stage capitalism. Lukas Bentel explains the effect of the font.

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“At this point, brands are inescapably ubiquitous and attention-hungry,” says Bentel. “What’s interesting about Brand New Roman is that when you smash so many of these brands together, they start to lose their powerful brand connotations in interesting ways. The sheer density overrides all the extra brand identity connotations each symbol usually carries.”

The font becomes more readable when rendered in a single color, but the brand identity of the individual letters starts to get a little fuzzy and harder to identify. So which is more important to your finished product, the brands represented, or what you are saying in your text? Try Brand New Roman yourself- you can type anything into this generator to see what it looks like. The applications are endless, and can be quite funny. Check out some examples at Muse.

Source: neatorama

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