This Former Royal Marine Is Sharing Life Saving Tips, And Here Are 25 Of The Best Ones (New Pics)

Life, generally speaking, is becoming increasingly more convenient. Plus, we humans have developed quite a dependence on technology. We are so used to taking it easy, even something as simple as a power outage can shake us to the ground.

That means practicing being comfortable with the uncomfortable is as important as ever. And one way to do it is to follow former Royal Dutch Marine Robin, who is known online as DutchInTheUSA.

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Sharing survival and safety tips everyone can benefit from, he introduces a wide variety of situations and shows how keeping a clear head can help you escape all kinds of threats.

Careful Bored Panda readers might remember that we already did a piece on Robin, but he has uploaded so much useful content since then, we just had to do a follow-up.

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5 dating safety tips you should know about.

1. Always make sure you video chat before meeting someone.

2. Always use your own transportation or call your own Uber.

3. Meet in public and you pick the place.

4. Do not get drunk and get beverages that you can open yourself.

5. Share the details, location, and updates with a friend or family.

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The question I get asked the most is what can I do to protect my children from not being kidnapped, or if they’re being taken, what can they do? The next video is a technique you can teach your children and it’s very effective. In the video she’s clinging onto a leg with her arms and then clinging onto a leg on with her feet. What that does, it makes it very, very hard to move. And she’s right, they could lose balance and fall and then you can run away. If not, it still looks very awkward. People are gonna start asking questions.

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Yes, your drink gets spiked even if you sit right next to it. So let me show you the solution. It is not just the hair tie. This is called the nightcap. It prevents against pills and powders in your drink. It’s also reusable. And remember, never leave your drink unattended.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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Here are some items you can use for self-defense that aren’t classified as self-defense items:

Items used for sports.

Water bottle, preferably filled and metal.

Deodorant and a lighter. Individually, they look harmless, but put them together.

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This is what you need when traveling alone. When you stay at a hotel room, multiple people have access to your hotel room with other keys. Here’s how you stop that. So the metal part goes into the lock. Then you close the door and this device goes in here and you push it down like that, that stops all the pressure from coming right here.


It doesn’t open the door and you can’t mess with a lock right there.

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Safety tips for trick-or-treating:

Make sure to add reflective tape to your kids’ costumes.

Don’t visit houses that are not well lit.

Make sure to check your child’s candy before they dig in.

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Here’s your daily reminder to never open the door for someone you don’t know. If someone delivers a package to your house and says you need to sign, say, “where’s your ID card?”. Someone delivers food to your house and you didn’t order it.,”It’s not mine. Thank you very much”. It’s that simple. When someone delivers something to your house or offers a service, you’re always able to ask for credentials. If they do not provide the credentials, you can just tell them to leave.

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If you ever need to make an emergency door lock for whatever reason, here’s how to do it in three steps. Step one, take a fork and get this part off. Step two, you’re going to bend these forks in. Step three, insert the fork in the lock and use the long part to push through.

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If your car is sinking and you cannot get out of your side doors. One way to escape this out of the back. Now watch out for all the broken glass. Get out, you’re out. And all I used was this little bracelet.

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If you are ever trapped in the bathroom, this can be your greatest weapon. So this is the top of a toilet. It’s made out of porcelain, can definitely do some damage. Let’s see how much damage this can do.

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Three everyday items you can defend yourself with:

Number one, a water bottle. Even better if it has a handle. It’s even better if it’s made of steel if you knock someone out, take a little sip.

The second, dog leash. If you beat them up then afterward you can use it to make your own handcuffs.

Number three, an umbrella or beach umbrella, even better.

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The moment she clicked this was when the authorities were notified. This invisaWear backed by ADT. It sends your location to your emergency contacts and 911. It doesn’t look too bad either.

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Here’s the best self-defense when someone uses a weapon. Now in this video, we’re going to go over someone attacking you from the front, as well as from the rear. Now, this first step is very important. You’re going to hold your hands like here, and then you’re going to comply. You want my wallet? You want my phone? Here you go. You want the keys to my car here. You want my shoes too. Cause none of these items are as important as your own life.

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Here’s how fast you can get your license plate stolen. So check this out. They got antitheft license plate kit, which means that you cannot screw or unscrew. This comes with a special tool. You need this tool to get these off. In most cases, they don’t have them. They leave your license plate alone.

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Five places you can park your car and sleep overnight on a road trip.

Number one is Walmart. Usually well lit and open 24/7.

My personal favorite are casinos. They usually have security. they might ask you to leave, but it’s worth a try.

A welcome center. Something like this. They usually don’t have restrooms open all night.

Next up is rest stops. Although they could be sketchy and many cities are starting to ban sleeping in your car at these rest stops.

Number five on the list is probably one of the best ones. It’s the Bureau of Land Management land. They will allow you up to stay up to 14 to 30 days for free.

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Here is your sign to think before you put everything on the back of your car. Check out this video, we got the first and last name, the start and finish location, and the license plate. So what did I find? From the information on her car, I was able to track down her social media handle, which correlates with the school she goes to. Which led me back to her hometown, where her dad filed a business location, which is also their home address and then let me to the location of the school of her little sister. Who celebrated a birthday in August. So congratulations. Now you might be comfortable putting your information on the car. Let’s not put our family members at risk.

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Spine of a coconut tree leaf is actually so hard it can be used as a spear for fishing or even defending yourself. Leaves are actually great for weaving a basket or clothes if you don’t have any. So it is extremely durable. It’s also sharp and you can definitely stab a fish with it.

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If you’re from Florida, you know there are gators in here. And if you were a native Floridian, you might catch them in your trashcan. You’re not a native Floridian, here’s some ways you can protect yourself against gators. First things, first. Don’t leave food out there. They like the smell of barbecue. If you’re near a body of water, put a fence up. If you’ve got a pool, invest in a pool enclosure. And if you’re not comfortable removing a gator, like most of the population, you can call a hotline.

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Here is how to throw a punch with acrylics on. In my last video, you saw me rolling up my fingers like this to create a fist. Obviously you can do that and it hurts very, very much. So here’s how to throw a punch. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to either hit with your palm like that, that still works. Or with this part of your finger. So you’re not going to crawl it all the way and you’re going to hold it like that. Still works. It doesn’t hurt you.

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Here’s a tip you should’ve learned in school. If you ever find yourself kidnapped and duct taped, here’s how to get out. Shift your arm from left to right creating a small tear in order to break the duct tape. You’re going to do the same on your other hand. Now for the duct tape on your chest, you’re going to put both hands on your chest and move forward. Like a brace position. After that you move on to the legs, create a small little tear and then just push through. And that’s how I get out.

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What do you do if you’re hogtied with zip ties? You’re going to move everything up and then over. Now you still got these. Now with these, you need to tighten them as much.

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