This Genius Couple Created A Fake Lap For Their Clingy Cat

Rebecca May / UNILAD

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This is some next level improvisation

Cats are one of the great mysteries of the universe.

They can vibrate and nobody really knows how or why, they’re somehow both solids and liquids, and the whole always landing on their feet thing? What the hell kind of wizardry is that? They’re full of secrets, like space or the ocean, and personally I don’t trust them.

However, there are a few things about cats we know for certain. For instance, we know that they’re chaotic little creatures, and if there is a glass or something else that’s breakable sitting on a counter, they’re going to push it off. We also know that they have no respect for authority or concepts like personal space or other people’s time, so if you’ve got a warm lap or a warm keyboard or a warm face, they’re going to lie on it.

When Rebecca and Alex adopted their cat Ziggy, they ran into this very pickle.

Rebecca May / The Dodo

Having your cat snuggle you is lovely! Sometimes! But when Alex and Rebecca transitioned to working from home, Ziggy being all up in their business 24/7 became a bit of a problem. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to work with a needy cat on you, but it’s not exactly the most productive of work environments.

So, Alex came up with a brilliant and hilarious solution.

A fake lap.

Rebecca May / UNILAD

They stuffed a pair of pants with pillows, positioned it on the couch with ample sitting room, and even went through the added effort of giving their lap-decoy some shoes. You know, for authenticity. But we know this isn’t enough, if all it took was a pillowtop to satisfy Ziggy then he’d already be using his cat bed and they wouldn’t have to go to these lengths.

No, the key element here is warmth — so Alex, that sneaky genius, stuck a heating pad inside the pants too.

Incredibly, it worked like a charm and all the proof you need is right here.

This is the face of a happy cat.

Rebecca May / UNILAD


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