This Girl Wanted A Hamster So Bad

… that she filled the house with hamster photos!

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When Laura Carns was asked by her daughter Susie to give her a hamster, she refused. But then Susie asked again. And then again. This went on all summer.

One day, when Susie asked once more, Laura, before leaving the house to visit a friend, answered her grumpily, “No, for real.” This could have been what triggered her 15-year-old daughter to take drastic actions. Enlisting the help of her little brother and her boyfriend, Susie launched her hamster campaign at home, while her mother was away.

When Carns arrived home that day, she was shocked to find her house covered in hamster photos. Everywhere she turned, she saw hamsters. From inside the freezer to up on the ceiling, Susie and her team didn’t miss a single spot. They’d even made a very well-thought-out PowerPoint presentation and left it open on a laptop for Carns to find. 

“Probably the strangest place I found a hamster picture was under the lid of the toilet,” Carns said. 

This wasn’t the first time that Susie launched campaigns, but according to Laura, this was the first time that she “came home to such a full-throttle attack”.

Carns posted a video of her house covered in hamster photos to TikTok, and as the internet pleaded with her to get that kid a hamster, she soon admitted defeat.

Not long after the campaign was launched, Susie brought home her new best friend, Snow. She is absolutely thrilled with her new hamster and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. 

What dedication!

(Image Credit: Laura Carns/ The Dodo)

Source: neatorama

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