This Gizmo Lets You Make Sticky Notes Out of Any Paper

This Memo X gizmo, by Taiwan-based manufacturer Zenlet, lets you make your own sticky notes out of any paper. You stick a piece of paper into it and press down; in one motion it cuts the paper and applies the light-tack adhesive.

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While you can cut your paper to the standard square size, the cutter is also adjustable to lesser lengths.

You can also separate the adhesive stamper from the cutter, if you want to apply the adhesive to a piece of paper without cutting it.

The ability to turn discarded paper packaging and the reverse side of junk mail into usable Post-Its is appealing. The question is whether that’s worth the $74 Kickstarter price. Also bear in mind, the adhesive doesn’t come out of thin air; the gizmo is loaded with a roll of the stuff. One roll is good for 250 applications, then you’ve got to buy a new roll from Zenlet at $3 to $4 a pop (depending on how many you order).

The Memo X has been successfully Kickstarted, with 2 days left to pledge at press time. The units are expected to ship this September.

Source: core77

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