This Group Is Dedicated To People Posting Really Expensive Accidents And Mistakes, And Here Are 115 Of The Worst Ones (New Pics)

Mistakes and accidents are unavoidable. They’re part of our lives. But this isn’t an insurance ad. Unfortunately, some mishaps are very, very expensive, and they hit your wallet with the force of a charging rhino, leaving you clutching your head in agony and letting out incomprehensible bleats about how much money just went down the drain.

That’s where the ‘That Looked Expensive’ subreddit comes in. It’s an internet community where people share evidence of all the hilarious (not to mention painful) times their or someone else’s budget got a new expense line. Enjoy!

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#1 Oops

Image credits: Angelic_Blossom_

#2 When A 300k Wall Of Monitors Falls Over

Image credits: voitlander

#3 What Bird Brain Designed This?

Image credits: themiddleman2

#4 Not Entirely Sure How He Managed To Get The Helicopter On Its Side

Image credits: aquaaddiction

#5 Remember That Bridge You Guys Built? We Need Another One

Image credits: docatwar

#6 The Golden Ray. 4200 Cars In There. 14 Months Set Up To Start The Removal

Image credits: lmostalwaysannoyed

#7 Big Oof

Image credits: tenselyinlay413

#8 Supercar Storage In Cheshire Burned Down…

Image credits: mrsumoskar

#9 80+ Mph Winds In Iowa Today

Image credits: alphachimp57

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#10 When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

Image credits: mightyXi

#11 Absolutely Smashing

Image credits:

#12 Things Got A Little Out Of Hand While Cooking Breakfast Yesterday

Image credits: BarnabyWoods

#13 Roads Costs $$$

Image credits: CaptainCaptain17

#14 A Huge Boulder Crashed Into A House In Tyrol, Austria Today. Luckily, No One Was Injured

Image credits: shiny_roc

#15 Nick Wylde Would Be Impressed

Image credits: QueenElsaArrendelle

#16 Oil Rig Drifted To Shore

Image credits: cabinhumper

#17 Guy Hopped A Curb And Totaled 12 New Chevrolet’s

Image credits: hobbsja

#18 Yesterday A Woman Who Decided To Use A Right Turn As An Opportunity To Do A Spontaneous U Turn, Hit My Dad’s Stingray. He’s Had It Since I Was A Baby

Image credits: tedcruziszodiac

#19 Row, Row, Row Your… Engine

Image credits: proft0x

#20 I Think They Need A Bigger Boat

Image credits: Gamer-Owl-

#21 There Will Be Meetings

Image credits: KetchupArmyNoodle

#22 A £1 Million ($1.4 Million) Lamborghini Based Bat-Mobile Got Into An Accident With A Renault Scenic

Image credits: AnonymousWaterBucket

#23 $28 Million Sikorsky Mh-60s

Image credits: licecrispies

#24 Due For An Alignment

Image credits: curvegodalex

#25 Mclaren Paired With The Unskilled Driver

Image credits: YerekYeeter

#26 Streetsweeper vs. Wooden Bridge

Image credits: iiArjan

#27 Csx Coal Train Derailment

Image credits: RPA031

#28 40m$ To The Sea

Image credits: Lingenfelter

#29 1, 2… 1, 2…

Image credits: pombocorreio

#30 I Can Only Imagine How Difficult This Was To Clean Up/Replace 100 Years Ago

Image credits: HeroinTheMusical

#31 That’s A Lot Of Damage

Image credits: Spinuxx

#32 “Beachfront Property”

Image credits: oechsfghfghfg

#33 The Ocean Is On Fire In The Gulf Of Mexico After A Pipeline Ruptured

Image credits: Sid_00

#34 You Have Three Words To Save Your Job, What Do You Say?

Image credits: Lingenfelter

#35 Tree vs. Suv: Tree Wins

Image credits: PurposeSeeker

#36 A Cattle Truck Drove Into A Wind Turbine Blade, Which Then Push It Into The Pilot Truck, Which Then Caught Fire

Image credits: Spacecashe

#37 50,000 Liters Wine Spill At Bodegas Vitivinos In Spain

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#38 Part Of A Boeing 777 Engine Fell Off While Flying And Landed In A Yard

Image credits: _SP3CT3R

#39 Roughly 600 Plates Broken

Image credits: CookiesAreGodz-64

#40 So…you’re Not Open Today?

Image credits: imwaiter

#41 Not Braking And Entering

Image credits: LatestLurkingHandle

#42 Mclaren 765lt Yesterday

Image credits: jabberwonk

#43 Closed On A Condo Two Weeks Ago. Today The Supply Line To The Fire Sprinklers Broke In The Attic…

Image credits: llcwhit

#44 Lamborghini Urus Crashed And Abandoned In Andorra

Image credits: cinquedaa

#45 That Will Take More Than Duct Tape To Fix

Image credits: deltadeltadawn

#46 Rattlesnake Bite In The US

Image credits: LutzDrk

#47 A Young Couple Accidentally Vandalized A $500,000 Painting After Believing Art Supplies Near The Artwork Were Intended For Audience Participation

Image credits: monis6344

#48 My Neighbor’s Mercedes Amg Gt63s Caught On Fire On New Year’s Eve

Image credits: Niels_h_

#49 Found Land! Lake Erie Near Sandusky, Ohio

Image credits: careyart

#50 I’m Sure There Is A Story Here…

Image credits: -stay-

#51 McLaren 765LT Cooked Well Done

Image credits: AristonD

#52 Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

Image credits: HammyHamSam

#53 Crash In California

Image credits: happydolphin22

#54 How To Not Go Fishing

Image credits: Kkykkx

#55 Let Me Get My Cable Finder

Image credits: Wildcats33

#56 3 Alarm Fire In Salt Lake City. New Apartments Under Construction Burned Up, Took 12 Businesses With It Including A Porsche Dealership. 65 Firefighters Attended. No Injuries Or Deaths. Still Watering Down The Hotspots Tonight

Image credits: chrisell

#57 My Car After I Got Hit By A Porsche Panamera. He Was Drunk And Was Speeding. Yet The Insurance Blames Me Cause I Was Doing A Manouver To My Driveway. Financially Destroyed

Image credits: Flavioboy

#58 All Forked Up

Image credits: ThreeNC

#59 That Did Not End Well

Image credits: cinquedaa

#60 I Think Someone Might Be Fired

Image credits: Nouchka_captPA-28

#61 Lifting The Plane With A Crane

Image credits: gestrn

#62 Yikes

Image credits: No-Perspective7557

#63 Well…

Image credits: tvdb2003

#64 At Least The Switch Might Have Survived…

Image credits: LemonPartyDelegate

#65 This Used To Be A $150,000 Mclaren

Image credits: zottars

#66 Not As Expensive As Some Of The Stuff We See Here, But The Angle Of The Photo Is Great

Image credits: ArmadilloDays

#67 Train And Plane Crash

Image credits: RPA031

#68 An Alaska Airlines 737 Hit A Bear In Yakutat, Alaska

Image credits: iwillmakeuverymad

#69 Rare Jaguar Xj220 Crashed

Image credits: cinquedaa

#70 Mclaren Senna Lm Worth Over A Million USD Crashed In Monaco

Image credits: zottars

#71 Press F To Demand Refund

Image credits: TACTIYON

#72 Wrecked Porsche Gt3rs

Image credits: Mamad35

#73 Ever Wonder How Strong A Bull Is?

Image credits: tfKamran

#74 Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Officer Smashed His Volkswagen Into A Mig-29 Fighter

Image credits: ojessen

#75 This Fallen Tree In Amsterdam

Image credits: eiwitten

#76 Tractor Broke In Two, After Crash With Car

Image credits: ByStupidity

#77 Ordered Sushi For Delivery.. I Got Garagehub Instead. They Said “Sorry For The Inconvenience, Here Is A 20% Discount For Your Next Order. Must Be Used Within 30 Days”

Image credits: save_the_redditor

#78 [may 2021] The Bridge On Interstate I-40 In Memphis, Tn, USA

Image credits: _SP3CT3R

#79 Plane Crash In Building

Image credits: -The-Moon-

#80 What Happens When You Put The Biggest Paint Containers On The Highest Shelf

Image credits: marilyn_mansonv2

#81 Underwater Digger

Image credits: CarpenterAcademic

#82 The Underside Of A Sepecat Jaguar

Image credits: Wadam281

#83 Flippidy Do Da

Image credits: Noonish1234

#84 Welp, Hope They Wanted Cable In The Basement

Image credits: DprDan

#85 Boeing 777 Crash At San Francisco Airport

Image credits: -The-Moon-

#86 This Happened A Couple Months Ago Near My Home. Battery In A Brand New X5 Hybrid Shorted Out And Burned Down The Garage. I Talked To The Owner And They Didn’t Even Have The Car For A Week

Image credits: WiXBox360

#87 Really Expensive

Image credits: FloridaGeorgiaLine13

#88 Worlds Most Expensive Car Crash

Image credits: amindspin74

#89 Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 Campaign

Image credits: FlownScepter

#90 Anyone Missing A Boat?

Image credits: LsG133

#91 Very Expensive Indeed

Image credits: INutNapalm

#92 1,000 Tonnes Of Oil Spilled Into The Pristine Waters Of Mauritius When Ship Struck Coral Reef On July 25th, 2020. Ship Has Split Apart

Image credits: nuocmam

#93 ‘Bugger’

Image credits: Ren49

#94 Hope It Was A Repro At Least

Image credits: ccmp1598

#95 Mclaren 720s Crashes

Image credits: cinquedaa

#96 The Ss Princess May Was A Steamship Built In 1888. The Ship Is Best Known For Grounding In 1910, Which Left The Ship Sticking Completely Out Of The Water. This Is One Of The Most Famous Shipwreck Photographs.

Image credits: Sleeeepy_Hollow

#97 Happened In Germany Today. Elderly People Really Should Take A Second Driving Test

Image credits: switchery

#98 A Fire On A Private Jet Hangar Triggered The Foam Extinguisher System

Image credits: Wadam281

#99 It Was Glued

Image credits: GreekAres

#100 A Youtuber (Gg Exotics) Badly Crashed His Father’s Rare 3.4 Million Dollar 1 Of 1 Pagani Huayra Roadster Onto A Curb (Driver Survived With Minor Injuries)

Image credits: AnonymousWaterBucket

#101 Train Taking A Bath

Image credits: austrialian

#102 A Perfect Fit

Image credits: importantartifacts

#103 Last Friday During A Storm In Oosterwolde, The Netherlands, A Row Of Four High Voltage Lattice Transmission Towers Were Downed By The Heavy Wind. This Is What One Of Them Looks Like Right Now. Estimated Damages Are In The Millions. These Towers Each Weigh 40.000kg

Image credits: MoxxiiBlue

#104 The 2018 Dierdorf (Germany) Ice Fire. A Faulty Rod In A Transformer Case Causes A Fire That Totals An Entire High Speed Train

Image credits: Max_1995

#105 Wildfires In Oregon

Image credits: memezzer

#106 Someone Left The Vacuum Tank On…

Image credits: BigMacDaddy99


Image credits: forletiequals0

#108 Excavator At A Construction Site Got A Bit Of Water Damage Last Night

Image credits: the-d-man

#109 “Touchless”

Image credits: BoMbSWOW

#110 Asl Airlines Hungary Flight 7332 Crash

Image credits: AristonD

#111 Oooooooh That’s Gotta Hurt

Image credits: Typically_Basically

#112 Always Check Your Gear Pins

Image credits: 01000111010100111101

#113 No Passenger Was Harmed In The Making Of This Error

Image credits: mattjstyles

#114 Ferrari F8 Tributo I Saw Crashed A Couple Days Ago

Image credits: GetNyckt

#115 Oof Size : Venti

Image credits: 23skidoobbq


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