This Gum Is For Gamers

The ability to concentrate and react quickly to the things in the game is what makes a gamer competitive. That’s why Razer designed a drink last year that will keep a gamer’s focus sharp for hours. This year, the company released yet another product for gamers: a fortified gum called Respawn By 5.

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Razer has partnered with Wrigley’s 5 gum… to make a gum specifically for gamers. The product is infused with B vitamins and green tea extract to help improve your focus and reaction time, according to a statement from Razer. Choose from a classic cool mint flavor, or two flavors already time-tested in the Respawn drink: pomegranate watermelon and tropical punch.

If the Respawn drink seemed a little out of left field, this gum is a bit of a surprise as well. However, Respawn By 5 could be an alternative for those who don’t want the caffeine in the Respawn drink but still want a “mental performance supplement.” If you think a stick of gum could be the difference between beating the next boss in your video game or becoming an esports master, you can snag 10 packs for $27.99 at the Razer website.

While this gum is intended for gamers, it could be used by other people as well, like those who work in the office.

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(Image Credit: Razer/ Engadget)

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