This Guy Loves To Go To The Cemetery

We have different coping mechanisms. Some go to parties, some play video games, and others just go to sleep. And then there are those who go to a quiet place to de-stress. But of all the quiet places that one can think of, only a few people would consider going to the cemetery, and at late night, too. One such man is Jo Rachatitipong.

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30-year-old Jo Rachatitipong has a passion for graveyards. Upon exploring them, he learned about the exhumation process and was inspired to help people learn more about it by conducting night tours of cemeteries…


For him, visiting cemeteries is a way to relieve his stress.

“People handle their emotions differently. Some go out to party and drink. But for me, I want total silence where it’s just between me and nature,” he said. “But it’s not just when I’m stressed. Sometimes I have this unexplainable urge to go [to the cemetery] so I just go.”

Learn more about his story over at Vice.

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