This Guy Used Cotton Candy for His Sculpture

For his latest project entitled “Inimical Nostalgia”, Jordanian architect and artist Wasim Zaid used an unthinkable material for his masterpiece: cotton candy. With this type of material, Wasim can easily carve what he wants using his hands as the cotton candy is soft enough. What’s his reason for choosing such a material?

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The concept behind the work seeks to convey how our sweet, yet rose-tinted view of the past hinders the progress of society in present day.

By using cotton candy, Zaid gives the work a sense of impermanence. Referencing sculptures from ancient civilizations, the features of the face can be effortlessly pulled apart in an effort to convey how our reverence for the past is based on a mere notion (that can also be pulled apart) and can end up becoming a hindrance to development. In essence, by using the sugary substance in this form, the project aims to reveal the necessity of having a complex cultural relationship with the past, in order to benefit from it in a constructive way.

(Image Credit: Wasim Zaid)

Source: neatorama

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