This Gym Can Make You Ten Years Younger For $25K

A holistic wellness center aims to make people younger with its programs and services. Altus Health gives its clients the skills that they need to correct unwanted behaviors,and instill muscle memory for positive habits. By analyzing a client’s biometrics, they set the client’s workouts and diets. While these services are great and can help one with instilling positive habits for their health and wellness, it doesn’t come cheap. One can avail Altus Health’s service for a whopping twenty-five thousand dollars. InsideHook has more details: 

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After the assessment plan is set, the program starts with 60% chiropractic work and 40% exercise. Over time that flips. They also schedule one-on-one yoga sessions and massage therapy, all done within their facilities, which is housed in an industrial block in Santa Monica but has a very zen-like vibe. The gym is simple but feature state-of-the-art equipment. They have ice baths and showers. Sessions are roughly an hour, so your schedule isn’t taxed. 

I enter Altus Health wondering if they are one of these predatory places, but to me, their mission seems different. Altus helps folks looking for radical improvement, whether it’s from injuries caused by burnout or accidents, or from being too sedentary (80% of Americans), as well as athletes looking to excel. Their practice is part of a broader trend toward a more holistic approach to wellness, a strategy that may be too nascent to have any clinical efficacy but does merit consideration. 

“We were realizing that everyone was running into the same patterns in terms of forcing themselves into a program for a while, having some success, but then reverting back to their old ways,” says Paul Vincent, co-owner of Altus. He started the business several years ago with his brother, Chris, a sports chiropractor who has been working with professional athletes and actors for over 20 years. “We started looking a little more deeply into that, and realized that there are these patterns that most people have around health and a lot of things in their life.”


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