This Home Has An Oversized Roof And A Sunken Courtyard

The structure looks  straight from a video game. Meet the IH Residence, a family home in Bundung, Indonesia. Designed by andramatin, the home’s design was influenced by the natural topography and the climate in the region. The eye-catching oversized roof has a purpose- to offer shelter and protection from the heavy rainfall as well as from direct sunlight, as Homedit details: 

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The house also engages with the site and its surroundings in a really cool and interesting way. The sloping terrain allowed for a series of spaces to be created below the floor level of the main section of the house. They’re mainly a service area and a basement. The house also features several outdoor-oriented functions such as a series of terrain, balconies and reflective pools which surround the living areas and help them transition towards the landscape surrounding the house. 

Image via Homedit

Source: neatorama

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