This Is a Food Truck Just for Dogs

Woofbowl, a food truck in New York City, offers visually appealing foods for non-human consumption. Trot up to the side window to order your favorite snacks or ask your two-legs to do it for you. The gourmet menu includes non-alcoholic beer, hamburgers, and goat milk donuts.

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Last year, Washington Business Journal interviewed Ron and Solo Holloway, the founders and owners of Woofbowl. Solo described the origin of this novel business:

For most millennials, our dogs are our kids. Therefore, I made all of our dogs’ meals and treats. One day, I was just exhausted and I said to Ron, it would be nice if I could just buy it and not have to make everything myself. He simply said to me with a smile, “Then make it a business.” Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Since the day I met Ron, he had the entrepreneurial spirit; he can be very persuasive. And the more I felt discouraged at work, the more Woofbowl became a reality.

-via Laughing Squid | Photo: Woofbowl

Source: neatorama

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