This is a Keurig for Ice Cream

It’s called ColdSnap. A prototype for this marvel debuted at the online CES trade show. It functions similarly to a Keurig coffeemaker, except that it produces soft serve ice cream from pre-prepared pods. CNN describes how it works:

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The company says the machine simultaneously pulls heat from the pod, creating a cooling effect on the liquid ice cream mix, and engages a part within the pod that churns the ingredients during the cooling process. Air is sucked into the can to make the required loft in the ice cream.

Michael Fonte, the developer, attributes the concept to his kids:

The idea started years ago when Fonte and his two daughters grew tired of reading the same books at bedtime and decided to write in “invention journals.”

“We included new toys, toothbrushes and hoola hoops,” he told CNN Business. “One day, they asked for an ice cream machine.”

Fonte expects that the machine will cost $500 and each pod about $3 when it reaches the market.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: ColdSnap

Source: neatorama

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