This is clothing of the opposite gender

Have you ever wanted to wear a work of art? Now’s your chance: Hyperallergic is partnering with eco-friendly fashion label JCRT and artist Nayland Blake to help launch ATDM, a new line for limited-run capsule collections of clothing created in collaboration with contemporary artists.

An acronym for “Artist, Title, Date, Medium,” ATDM has an inaugural collection designed by Nayland Blake that is available now. It includes two t-shirts and two camp collar shirts featuring a graffiti-style rabbit, a motif commonly used by the artist in their work, and the phrase “This is clothing of the opposite gender.” With this twist on the language used in Arizona’s Senate Bill 1026 targeting drag, Blake, who is nonbinary, intends these pieces to function as wearable messages of resistance and support for trans people and anyone caught wearing the “wrong” clothes.

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Each style is capped at 100 editions, all of which are made to order, numbered, and contain a “One Code” with the story behind the design as well as information on the brand’s sustainable practices. Using organic fabrics, the clothes are made on demand, reducing the scale of pre-printed garments that so often turn into untouched products in a landfill.

In honor of Pride Month, 100% of the profits from the ATDM x Nayland Blake shirts will be donated to the Transgender Law Center, the largest trans-led organization for trans advocacy in the United States. Once all 400 works are sold, $30,000 will have been raised for the center.

The transgender community remains vulnerable, in large part due to the legislative targeting and the criminalization of LGBTQ+ culture and healthcare access for trans people specifically. In 2023 alone, US state legislatures introduced a record 500-plus anti-LGBTQ+ bills, more than 200 of them targeting trans and nonbinary people. These laws not only jeopardize the rights and well-being of transgender people but also perpetuate discrimination, exclusion, and harm. By actively opposing and toppling these bills, we can safeguard the dignity and equal treatment of all individuals, fostering a society that embraces diversity, inclusion, and respect for trans rights.

Check out the ATDM x Nayland Blake collection and sign up for updates on the next collection at

It is our hope that this partnership reinforces Hyperallergic’s commitment to a more inclusive and socially conscious art world.

About the Artist
Nayland Blake is a nonbinary artist, writer, educator, and curator whose works on race, sexuality, and gender have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Their career retrospective No Wrong Holes: 30 Years of Nayland Blake opened in 2019 at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and closed in 2021 at the MIT List Center. They are currently the co-director of the studio art program at Bard College.

In an effort to expand visibility and support for trans and nonbinary artists, Hyperallergic is also publishing a dedicated series for Pride Month featuring a new interview every weekday throughout the month of June.


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