This is not the top of a cake

Like a typographic project constructed atop a cake in sweet delicious buttercream frosting, the lettering works by Calvin Ross Carl are like nothing that we’ve seen before.

Although the texture of the work is misleading, the one to four-foot paintings are made from acrylic and enamel. Sometimes in an italicized block and sometimes in a straight stack, the framed letters often show a subtle color gradient within the white background.

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Revealing a second layer to the works, the image titles create a context for what is written on the painting. For example the painting text “Median Salary” is paired with the title Still In The Poor House. The painting text “Cruelty, Sadness and Endless Silence” is paired with the title That’s No Way To React.

Tomorrow-Good-Days-Gone-Kill-More-Time-sm_634Tomorrow-Good-Days-Gone-Kill-More-Time-sm-detail_634Cruelty_Sadness_And_Endless_Silence-sm_651Finally-You-Can-Complete-Me_Safe-Honest-Repair-sm_677It-Was-A-Resounding-Success-Love-Make-Dull-Thud-sm_679Still_In_The_Poor_House_Median-Salary-sm_717 The-Backhand-You-Are-Doing-Okay-sm_708Was_It_Good_As_Your_Last_Time-sm_683


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