This Is What An Ideal Instagram Influencer Looks Like

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be the next top influencer on Instagram?  Check if you can or already fit these criterias that the top influencers all have in common. Paper Magazine’s Katherine Gillespie breaks down Instagram’s top accounts in terms of age, location, ethnicity, and subject focus. 

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As Gillespie puts it, “in the algorithm age, there’s a formula to getting those likes and follows.”

Young white American women dominate, many of them choosing beauty or modeling as a focus. But there are plenty of outliers to consider. Brazilian users like @whinderssonnunesand @jumunhoz boast considerable clout, as does @jiffpom, a Pomeranian with nine million loyal followers.

Instagram’s top 100 are mostly female, white and English speaking — and more than a third reside in the Los Angeles area. But that’s not to say someone can’t build a profile in Lagos, Rio de Janeiro or Perth.

All these information won’t stop someone who’s an outlier to reach peak Instagram stardom.  No one can really tell the turn of fates, afterall – especially if Instagram stardom is for you. But it is nice to know the commonality between top influencers. 

image credit: Paper

Source: neatorama

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