This is What Going Viral Looks Like

Rusty Blazenhoff wrote about Tim Klien’s jigsaw puzzle montages at Boing Boing, and it turned out to be her biggest blog post ever, even bigger than Swineapple. Neatorama was one of the earlier sites to pick it up, and over the next couple weeks, Klein was inundated with messages and inquiries about buying his puzzle montages. 

Want one of Tim’s pieces? Get in line. He’s sold every single one of his current pieces (he delighted in selling his art to STRANGERS for the very first time) and there is a waiting list for future ones.

Now Klein and Blazenhoff have joined forces to start an online newsletter for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. In case you want an inside look at how the sausage is made in the blogging world, Rusty wrote a timeline of how a blog post went viral and put Klein on TV and in magazines around the world.

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Source: neatorama

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