This Is What Imitation Crab Meat Is Made Of

Is it made with some percentage of crab meat or artificial flavor? Regardless, imitation crab meat is good, whether eaten as is or added to your sushi or kimbap. Imitation crab is actually made of surimi, a paste that is basically mashed-up fish. Surimi is a combination of different fish such as such as Alaskan pollock or Pacific whiting fish that have been put through a complicated manufacturing process and turned into a gel-like substance, as Mashed details: 

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A seafood paste might not exactly sound all that delicious, so in order to create the right taste and texture that you’ll find in your California roll, manufacturers add in starches, sugars, artificial flavorings, and sometimes MSG (via SF Gate). All of these additives significantly decrease the nutritional value of imitation crab and it can become a menu item that those who are gluten-free should stay far away from. 

For starters, real crab meat is simply healthier than imitation crab, as it has more Omega-3 fats, less sugar, and more protein, and vitamins such as B12 and zinc (via Healthline). When you dine on imitation crab meat, you will ingest less sodium than if you have a plate of the real thing in front of you, so if that’s something you’re trying to watch in your diet, then you may want to consider this seafood alternative. 

Image via Mashed 

Source: neatorama

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