This Man Lives in an Abandoned Japanese School

Yohei is living his best life as the sole inhabitant of an abandoned elementary school in the mountains of Japan. There are facilities that spark envy in anyone living in cramped quarters -and even those who have a big house already. A huge kitchen, a band room, a lovely view from the solitude of a mansion-sized home- what else could you ask for? As an American, I immediately had a couple of questions. First, what do the owners of the school think of Yohei living there? It appears that he’s good for tourism, so maybe the local authorities have some agreement with him. They may even pay him for keeping the building up. If not, you may wonder how he pays for food and electricity and all that. Yohei roasts his own coffee and sells it online (only in Japan), he takes in guests and probably charges something, and he has a band that might bring in money. Anyhow, here’s the second part of the story, in which our reporters stay the night and check for ghosts.  

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You have to admit, Yohei has it made in the shade! -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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