This Massive Aquarium Just Exploded In A Hotel

It seems that this gigantic attraction exploded under pressure. 

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A popular attraction in the Radisson Collection Hotel in Berlin has just exploded right in front of guests. The attraction, called the AquaDom, is a massive aquarium that is around 82 feet high. The 265,000-gallon aquarium holds over 1,500 tropical fish from more than 100 various species. 

Meant to be for the Radisson’s guests and outsiders as well, the new installation was created to also offer visitors the view of the big fish tank from its center via a glass elevator that travels through that small space. Unfortunately, the AquaDom exploded during the early morning hours and was able to flood the hotel lobby and nearby streets. While no one died from the incident, two people were reported to be injured by the glass shards from the aquarium. 

The cause of the explosion remains unknown, and an investigation will be launched into this incident. 

Image credit: The Straits Times

Source: neatorama

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