This Massive Crochet Canopy Provides Shade For A Spanish Town

It’s a majestic sight, and it provides shade– how nice! Spanish crochet teacher Eva Pacheco and her students created a massive crochet canopy that covers a shopping corridor in  Alhaurín de la Torre. The canopy, which was established as a project three years ago to bring a sustainable shade to the area, is made up of multiple crocheted squares: 

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[…]Since then, Pacheco and her students have continued adding to their creation—using recycled fabric in a variety of vibrant colors—so that it now covers almost 500 square meters (5, 381 square feet).

As people walk underneath the ongoing masterpiece, they can admire a variety of different patterns, including geometric, floral, and abstract. Not only does this covering provide shade for shoppers, but it also decorates the street with whimsical art.

Image credit: Alhaurin de la Torre.

Source: neatorama

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