This Month’s Soul-Healing Images Of Adopted Pets Settling Into Their New Homes (August Edition)

One of the most beautiful things in the world is the friendship and lifelong bonds that we create with animals. To celebrate the new beginnings, each month, we share images of recently adopted pets.

This month is no different as we compiled a new list of animals who, hopefully, found their forever homes and will live happily ever after. Though this new bond will require patience, love, and empathy – the fertilizer of every healthy relationship – it will certainly gift unimaginable joy and bond worth every difficult moment experienced.

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So, whether you are thinking of adopting, have adopted, or just love cute animal pictures, we believe you will find comfort in seeing these happy pets adjusting to their new environments.

#1 Adopted This Girl 20 Mins Before Her Euthanization!

Image credits: cuddlywampa

#2 (Oc) Recently Adopted Kitten, Frost

Image credits: Jewfie007

#3 This Is Meatball. He’s Going Home For The Very First Time, With A Human Of His Very Own

Image credits: Ahmed_hoss20

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have homeless pets. Unfortunately, the best we can do, besides adopting, is to donate to and support adoption centers.

There are many ways and programs you can choose to support in order to help reduce the number of helpless animals on the streets. One of them is the spay and neuter program. The biggest factor behind the existence of so many homeless pets is overpopulation, which can be greatly reduced if the pets are unable to procreate.

#4 I Finally Got Over My Ailurophobia And Took This Little Girl In

Image credits: reddbepimpin

#5 We Adopted This Little Guy After He Was Left Alone. He’s Happy And Full Of Purrs

Image credits: OvidPerl

#6 Just Adopted This Sweet Boy Look At All Those Toes

Image credits: Sad-Investigator4037

You can also directly sponsor an animal. By doing so, all of the funds will go toward food, supplies, or veterinary bills for the animal of your choice. This donation can and will alleviate some of the expenses of the animal shelter where the animal is currently living.

Besides donating, your help can be more proactive by organizing an adoption event or a fundraiser—anything goes, and every bit of help matters.

#7 First Time Cat Owner – Happy To Introduce Leo!

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Image credits: IslandTwig

#8 [oc] Daughter Brought Her Home Two Weeks Ago. Nursed For A Week With Kmr. Now We Cook A Little Chicken For Her (She Won’t Eat Fancy Feast Yet). Single Dad With Two Kids And Never Had A Kitten Before

Image credits: MyRecklessHabit

#9 My New Ham, Molly, Living Lavishly In Her 75 Gallon Tank

Image credits: G0thicPrincess

If you have time to spare, you can also volunteer your time. Shelters and rescue organizations are in constant need of people who can assist them in keeping up with the animals. There are many duties that volunteers can help with, such as cleaning, socializing with pets, taking dogs on walks, feeding, and volunteering as foster parents.

#10 Granddaughter’s First Kitten. She Named Her Fluffernutter

Image credits: loridee

#11 My Parents Rescued A Dog. He Now Has A Seat At The Table

Image credits: Tuhyk_inside

#12 This Angel Was Dumped At My Work, Left With Only A Single Can Of Food That He Never Even Noticed. Now, He’s Mine. Everyone, Meet Wesley! ?

Image credits: fireflies14

#13 2 Weeks Home And She Thinks She Owns The Place!

Image credits: MusicNotez

#14 Say Hello To My Adopted Kitten Mishka

Image credits: soux_071

#15 This Old Man Of A Stray Has Adopted Me

Image credits: ladderinstairs

#16 Rescue Pup Gets Adopted

Image credits: kwalalalal

#17 When The New Kitten Gets Accepted Into The Family

Image credits: photog608

#18 She Was Abandoned Next To My House… Guess I Have A Cat Now

Image credits: elpiotre

#19 Saved This Little One. Found In A Bush. Covered In Red Ants And Fleas Being Eaten Alive. She Was Crying For Help When My Dog Found Her And Lead Me To Her

Image credits: TheFlamingTiger777

#20 New Puppy Is Settling In Well 🙂

Image credits: mOusbz

#21 This Is Cookie A Farel Kitten My Wife Brought Home

Image credits: Dono_the_cleric

#22 A Week Ago We Brought Him Home. He Just Discovered The Toy Stash And Tuckered Himself Out

Image credits: ImagineTheCommotion

#23 Congratulations, We Have A New Addition. Her Name Is Katie And His Name Is Chester

Image credits: nancyhee1

#24 When To Adopt A Baby Boy Yesterday, But His Little Sister Would Be Left Alone So We Took Them Both ?

Image credits: BadeBik

#25 Welcome My New Rescue, Hobbes

Image credits: weptforever

#26 Meet My Newest Hospice Adoptee, Elfin Rabbit, 15 Years Old!

Image credits: Forsaken_Number5463

#27 I’ve Wanted A Dog For So Long, But Could Never Find The Right Time. Yesterday, We Adopted The Sweetest Pup And I Couldn’t Be More Excited. Meet Ruthie!

Image credits: coffeehandler

#28 Officially Foster Fails- We Adopted These Voids Today

Image credits: curryp4n

#29 Got Stella A New Friend. She Still Doesn’t Know Quite What To Do With Her

Image credits: Reezens

#30 Adopted This Guy Today But He Came Home With No Pants

Image credits: king_bumi_the_cat

#31 I´am Now Officially The Proud Owner Of This Lovely Cat

Image credits: PeachyKathrina

#32 I Have Rescued This Kitten, Very Soon We Will See How Much It Changes After Giving It A Touch Of Love

Image credits: Grouchy-Weird3584

#33 Our Rescue Kitten Is Doing So Well! We Love Her!

Image credits: TheFlamingTiger777

#34 My New Boy

Image credits: yssei

#35 Never Had A Black Cat Before And I Am Utterly Obsessed After Adopting This Qt From The Shelter

Image credits: ExtendedAdolescence

#36 Me And My Roommate Adopted Two Little Voids. Now We Have 3 Lol

Image credits: ShaneScreams

#37 Adopted This 12 Year Old Baby Last Week

Image credits: Dangerous-Teacher-55

#38 Picked Her Up On Thursday And She’s Already The Boss. Say Hello To Sarafina Aka Queen Sarafina ?

Image credits: BamaMom297

#39 My Kitty Asleep With My New Kitten

Image credits: zach760458

#40 Rescued This Sweet Girl Today!

Image credits: jusstabean

#41 Adopted My First Cat Yesterday. Spock Says Hello!

Image credits: calebchowder

#42 This Kitty’s Reaction When I Went To Go Finalize The Adoption & Pick Her Up

Image credits: Seiouki

#43 Wanted To Show Off My First Ever Cat

Image credits: cyantoad

#44 (Oc) For Chaucer’s 8th Birthday, She Received Some Siblings. She Was Not Happy

Image credits: vulgar-resolve

#45 Adopted My First Kitty Yesterday And Can’t Settle On A Name For Him Yet… Any Suggestions?

Image credits: TheGamingHoopster

#46 Got My Own Dog For The First Time In 20 Years. Meet Miss Lorie, A Rescued Blue Heeler!

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#47 I Adopted Misty

Image credits: Miserable-Honey-6307

#48 My Cat Was Lonely And Wanted A Friend. That Friend Is Callie

Image credits: More-Park4579

#49 Adopted Her A Week Ago From The Shelter. Finally Got Couch Snugs. ?

Image credits: whereisthewine

#50 Me And My Boyfriend Got A Cat Today! Meet Zoe

Image credits: DieTyskeReader

#51 Never Had A Black Cat Before And I Am Utterly Obsessed After Adopting This Qt From The Shelter


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