This Multi-Purpose Vehicle Will Soon Be Submersible

This is the Storm, an armored multi-purpose vehicle designed by the Ukranian company Highland Systems. This vehicle, capable of being fully amphibious, was revealed at the IREX defense expo in Abu Dhabi. But what makes it so different from other amphibious military vehicles, such as Russia’s BT-3F and the USA’s AAV-7? Loz Blain from New Atlas, has this to say:

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… the Storm is the first to take advantage of a hybrid-electric powertrain, giving it an impressive 18-36 hour range in hybrid mode with its diesel range extender running, or the ability to operate purely on battery power for 1.5-3.5 hours depending on your speed.

Weighing in at around 8,000 kg (17,600 lb), this versatile six-seater’s 2,500-horsepower electric powertrain makes it a seriously quick performer for its category. Top speed on land is 140 km/h (87 mph), and it’s capable of an impressive 30 km/h (18.6 mph) in the water, two to three times as fast as larger competitors. It’ll currently handle waves up to 1.5 metres (60 inches).

These feats are already impressive, but the Storm still has more to offer, such as its ability to climb vertical step-ups, as well as its thick armor that can protect against ballistics and mines. Despite all these, Highland Systems still plans on going to the next level. The company plans on making a submersible version and a wheeled version of the vehicle.


(Image Credit: Highland Systems/ New Atlas)

Source: neatorama

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