This New AI Will Tell You Why No One Is Clicking Your Website

Project Catchy Content is a new AI from Adobe that can analyze online content and tell its users if people engage with their content or not. In addition, the project can also tell its users why their website or content is gaining traction or not. According to Adobe’s latest Sneak (or a tease of a new tool to come), the AI promises to analyze online uploads and suggest everything from better colors to tweaked copywriting, in order to get the best possible response, as Fast Company details: 

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As Steve Hammond, a VP of Adobe Experience Cloud who leads the Sneaks program, explains, the work stems from years of Adobe’s AI research. The company has already developed some powerful AI-based tools for creatives, such as Content-Aware Fill, which uses AI to analyze a scene and fill in plausible objects such as grass or water over a blemish that you’d like to cover up.

“That ability gives Photoshop an understanding between pixels, colors, and patterns,” says Hammond. But he explains that Catchy Content pushes Adobe’s image prowess farther, from editing to a deep evaluation. The AI classifies photos with all sorts of keywords (such as “swimming woman”), deconstructs their color palettes, and analyzes the accompanying text. It can then cross-reference all of this information against what people engage with—highly specific, demographic data—to develop a scorecard for your content.

The system is one giant AI analyzer that correlates what’s on your page to what people read, click, or buy.


There are no two ways about it: This is a cold and calculating way to view creative work. But it’s also an analytic tool that reaches a lot deeper than existing options such as Google Analytics or, which can often track how well a piece of content on the internet is doing but can offer very little in terms of actionable advice to improve it.

image via Fast Company 

Source: neatorama

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