This Occasional Chair Deserves to Become Iconic

I’m digging this quasi-flatpack chair design from Sera Yanagisawa, a designer with no info on his site other than that he attended Tokyo’s Musashino Art University. While the occasional chair’s form owes a little to Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, it’s different enough to be its own thing and has, I think, the potential to become iconic.

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The chair (which appears to be called “20201219.isu,” seriously) features a description nearly as laconic as Yanagisawa’s bio:

“Self-build & flat pack chair. It is fixed by matching the circumference of each part. The strength is increased by sticking [in] the pin at the end.”

“The naming is temporary,” writes Yanagisawa, “because there is room for improvement.”

Source: core77

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