This Online Community Collects Cringeworthy GoFundMe Campaigns, And Here Are 35 Of The Worst Ones (New Pics)

Crowdfunding platforms are perfect for opportunists. Creating a campaign is fast and easy, and you’re not really losing anything if it fails. Well, maybe except for your dignity.

But as you might’ve already seen in our earlier publication on the subreddit ‘DontFundMe‘, when you’re desperate, you don’t worry about such a minuscule “tax.”

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Beggars continue pleading for money on the internet, so we decided to see which of their attempts were spotted by the online community, and let’s just say that they are just as sad, funny, and infuriating as they’ve ever been.

#1 Fundraiser For Chairs For Our Brave Police So They Don’t Have To Stand Around During School Shootings

Image credits: megablast

#2 Not Just A Vacation, But One That Costs More Than Most Of You Make A Year Please

Image credits: Momofthree821

#3 Xavier Does Need His Premium Olive Oil

Image credits: Diogo2110

#4 I Have A Lot Of Stuff

Image credits: IPostStuff_OnReddit

#5 Well, He Has A Goal

Image credits: Suspicious_Ad2035

#6 Soundcloud Rapper Doesn’t Want To Pay With His Own Money

Image credits: TemporaryBB

#7 Using Gofundme For A Vacation

Image credits: leo21lan

#8 This Dude Has Asked For $5k Three Times Since August. The First One Was Funded, The Second Was Not, Now For Part 3. He Claims He Needs Money For The Doctors Yet Right After The First One Was Funded He Was Talking About Going To Concerts And Bought New Equipment For His Non Existent Tattoo Business

Image credits: mega512

#9 The Way My Jaw Dropped When I Saw This

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: TyrannosaurusWrecks_

#10 Why Would You Do This? (I Used Inspect Element To Remove All Identifying Names, No Other Details Were Changed)

Image credits: ItsMichaelRay

#11 I Wonder If This Guy’s Still On The Toilet

Image credits: IPostStuff_OnReddit

#12 Buy Me Food Cause I’m A Queen

Image credits: chemicalsam

#13 Texas Police Officer Who Deleted Child Porn From Hospital Patient’s PC Was Fired And Is Now Asking For Help

Image credits: Cmdr_Nemo

#14 Let’s Beg For Snack Money When We Are Getting 2k+ In Per Diem Alone

Image credits: AutoCrosspostBot

#15 At Least There’s No Sob Story

Image credits: ctg12145

#16 What The Hell

Image credits: TheRedditManIsHere1

#17 He Jus Wanna See Franku

Image credits: pennygreensucks

#18 Tiktok Influencer Asking For Venmos For His Car Repairs And Vacations With Dad. He Does This On A Regular Basis Now And People Actually Send Money

Image credits: Tallguy723

#19 Donated So Much To Truckers Convoy, Can’t Afford Legal Fees After Getting Arrested Blocking Major Trade Route

Image credits: Skinnysusan

#20 Deez Chavez Needs Amogus 2 X Fortnite Dlc

Image credits: Catgamer_reveals

#21 Bro

Image credits: Y18327

#22 People Beach Their Boat, Don’t Remove Valuables, Thieves Take Valuables, Boat Owners Start Go Fund Me

Image credits: SadElkBoy

#23 Understandable, Have A Nice Day

Image credits: Jordan209posts

#24 Guy Moved To Florida , Wants Money To Pimp Truck

Image credits:

#25 Deadbeat Dad Won’t Help Pay For College!

Image credits: Wisconniee

#26 Valorant

Image credits: classicyeeter

#27 This Jayden Dude Wants Some Clam Chowder

Image credits: moored29

#28 I’m Out Of Words

Image credits: ExoticSink8566

#29 Who The Hell Actually Donated To This

Image credits: historynerdsutton

#30 Was Browsing Gofundme, And Saw This:

Image credits: SunStar119

#31 Mf Got A Free Sponsorship From Gofundme

Image credits: yungkapisyung

#32 Rtx 3090

Image credits: chernobyl-is-scary

#33 Robux Needed!

Image credits: IPostStuff_OnReddit

#34 Bruhh I Kinda Wanna Give Him A Burger

Image credits: smashdpatos

#35 Get A Job

Image credits: tobinbridge27


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