This Online Community Collects Examples Of Texts Taking Unexpected Turns, And Here Are 95 Of The Best Ones

At some points in life, you might think that nothing can surprise you. Everything’s rote. Boring. Even… meh. But that can end in a heartbeat when you accidentally come across a piece of text that starts out fine, but takes an unexpected watermelon, and makes you do a double-banana. Errr we mean ‘twist’ and ‘double-take.’

The ‘Unexpected Text’ subreddit, aka r/Unextexted (props for merging the two words), is a community that documents the very best examples of texts that end up meandering off somewhere you least expected. We thought it would make your day because they’re a lot of fun to read. Bored Panda also reached out to the moderators at r/Unextexted and spoke to the founder about the subreddit’s history and its appeal. Check out our interview below.

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We’ll be honest with you, some of these posts completely blindsided us and we’re glad we weren’t drinking anything while reading them. Otherwise, our screens would have been drenched. We can’t wait to find out which of these unexpected texts you liked the most, so give them a big ol’ upvote and let us know in the comments, dear Pandas! Now, let’s get into the fun stuff.

#1 I Was Told I Should Post This Here

Image credits: sassy_tomato

#2 In Cinemas This December

Image credits: Gillo17

#3 They Had Me In The First Not Gonna Lie

Image credits: kaicat5

One of the moderators at r/Unextexted, redditor Vxx, told Bored Panda all about the subreddit’s roots. “Users posted the content to /r/Unexpected in the beginning, but it became kind of chaotic because of a few things (bandwidth inequality between videos and screenshots, user disagreement about screenshots, etc.), so we decided to not allow them anymore in /r/Unexpected. Since there were a lot of members that liked those posts (myself included), I decided to create /r/unextexted as a new home for Unexpected texts of all kinds,” Vxx said.

Vxx said that because their subreddit is pretty small, they rarely make it to the front page of Reddit. In a way, that’s a blessing because it lets them avoid a lot of the moderating problems that come with massive attention.

#4 Does This Belong Here?

Image credits: wish_me_w-hell

#5 Star Crossed Lovers

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#6 Always The Teachers

Image credits: Hoshui

As for the appeal of r/Unextexted, founder Vxx had this to say: “You never know what to expect, and we all love to get surprised, don’t we? A post might be funny, sad, or scrape at the limits of good taste, but it will take you by surprise,” the said, adding that the posts work wonders if you don’t realize what subreddit you’re on.

With just 36k members, r/Unextexted is relatively small, compared to the bigwig behemoths that roam the vast plains of Reddit. However, the ‘Unexpected Text’ community is rock solid and their content is magnifique.

Created back in 2017, the subreddit celebrated its 3rd year of making our lives better just this week, on December 14. The community is open to everyone who’d like to share texts with unexpected twists (but it’s alright if you just lurk and absorb the awesomeness, too).

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#7 Never Give Up!

Image credits: David_NyMa

#8 Skin Dog

Image credits: SalazarRED

#9 Strong Parenting

Image credits: knowhoakx

According to the very friendly Reddit Welcomebot who sent Bored Panda a warm welcome message (I for one fully support our AI-powered robot overlords), you can submit screenshots from pretty much every medium that you want. From comics and books to social media and private messages. And everything in between! The sky’s the limit, as long as it involves text and something shockingly unexpected.

The ‘Unexpected Text’ community is quite rules-light (a rarity for Reddit). Their first rule is a variant of the Golden Rule—be nice to each other. Sounds simple enough. But their second rule… well, they got me good, let me tell ya.

“Second, it’s important to keep in mind that in nineteen ninety eight the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.” Well done, Welcomebot, well done.

#10 An Anniversary

Image credits: gpu1512

#11 Please Remember Punctuation

Image credits: arthurdentstowels

#12 Being Gay Isn’t A Choice

Image credits: Dragonlord_66

#13 It’s Either You Him Or The Next Guy

Image credits: Vonberns

#14 They Call Me Spider-Man

Image credits: danieljeji

#15 Unexpected

Image credits: allergy_szn

#16 Textbook Power Play

Image credits: mammothman64

#17 Teach Me How To

Image credits: OldMemesBetter

#18 Pray For Grandma

Image credits: Llodsliat

#19 You Cannot “Own” Land

Image credits: ronnui_

#20 Oh Crap

Image credits: Danny_Boi_22456

#21 Scared For 2015

Image credits: Crackable-Head

#22 “How Did You Find Your Meal?”

Image credits: thisbesveil

#23 Found On Facebook

Image credits: maddiemoiselle

#24 Wait A Min

Image credits: NotAMoron2

#25 Is There A Doctor Onboard???

Image credits: Shrew62

#26 A Friend In Need

Image credits: plistig

#27 He Didn’t

Image credits: Biono03

#28 Just Ask Her!

Image credits: plistig

#29 Poor Wife

Image credits: thakidcw

#30 They Arrested Your Dentist…..wait.. My What!

Image credits: N0things

#31 Wow. Ok.

Image credits:

#32 How Nice Of Him

Image credits: TheDarkBatsy

#33 Ohhh… Ok

Image credits:

#34 Belongs Here

Image credits: 1_908e

#35 What A D*ck

Image credits: Chipanya

#36 Wholesome Dude Helping Return A…

Image credits: JakeK9999999

#37 A Truly Warming Message For The Students

Image credits: TeaPartyAsian

#38 Oof

Image credits: 11-110011

#39 From A Recent Ask Reddit Thread

Image credits: wish_me_w-hell

#40 Succccc

Image credits:

#41 Nice Bush.

Image credits: cultomo

#42 Yeet

Image credits: slepyoneshot1

#43 The Good Old Days

Image credits: retrogamingnow

#44 Unexpected

Image credits: monstermike197

#45 Unexpected

Image credits: ginadvittorio

#46 Unexpected

Image credits: rabarbaro_

#47 Weaponized Kites

Image credits: iiya

#48 An Apple A Day It Is I Guess…

Image credits: the_wastl

#49 Online Therapist

Image credits: groundwalker_

#50 Bruh Moment

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#51 In Our Lab…

Image credits: Tikolu43

#52 Good One

Image credits: coolagian

#53 Chinchilla Fun Fact

Image credits: shezrose90

#54 Unexpected

Image credits: hereformilfhentai

#55 What Do You Do With Your Rainy Day Money?

Image credits: EndsWorld

#56 Lara Croft Cosplay

Image credits: jarvis125

#57 Tragic

Image credits: Dayazib

#58 F

Image credits: WhatstheMatterhorn

#59 Inflation Truly Is Strange.

Image credits: thisbesveil

#60 Makes Him Seem Cooler

Image credits: Biono03

#61 Exactly!

Image credits:

#62 Unexpected

Image credits: ItsAndyRyan

#63 Unexpected

Image credits: ohmyjad

#64 Perfect Fit

Image credits: knowhoakx

#65 Free To A Good Home

Image credits: b0ringusern4me

#66 Just A Bit Of Disc Golf With The Boys.

Image credits:

#67 A Much Nicer Movie

Image credits: KeetPotato

#68 Peach Cobbler

Image credits: jacobofcorn1234

#69 This Really Be A Nobility Moment

Image credits: bryceofswadia

#70 Convenient Pokemon

Image credits: Dar1o_6

#71 Why Do Millennials Hate The Rich?

Image credits: plistig

#72 Golden

Image credits: gpu1512

#73 This Rollercoaster

Image credits: Zena-Xina

#74 Best Diet

Image credits: SalazarRED

#75 Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Or Not

Image credits: frouxer

#76 I Accept My Gay Name

Image credits: thedragonguru

#77 That Took A Turn

Image credits: ZeynoVenus

#78 Buying This Product Right Now!

Image credits: Londonersmoke2

#79 Wait Till She Kicks Him

Image credits:

#80 Unexpected

Image credits: NirajAghera1

#81 Unexpected

Image credits: kbnoswag

#82 Neigh

Image credits:

#83 Ok Then

Image credits: pinkhappy127

#84 No Not The Ussr! But Make More Shelves

Image credits:

#85 He’s Gone So Far

Image credits: Automatic_Inspection

#86 The Title Got Me

Image credits:

#87 We Salute Those Who Have Served…

Image credits:

#88 Well, Fair Enough.

Image credits: oddestowl

#89 Broccoli Really Is That Good

Image credits: AsherFischell

#90 Helpful, Wholesome Adv- Oh

Image credits: ManInTheMudhills

#91 Me And Jacub Have Something In Common

Image credits: slimsquirrel123

#92 A Man Gave Each Of His 3 Girlfriends $5,000 As A Test

Image credits: FirestormCold

#93 I’m Not High, You’re High…

Image credits: slightly85

#94 Micheal Caine’s Childhood

Image credits: IsntThisCreatve

#95 Saw This On R/Dankmemes

Image credits: ShadowDriftX27

#96 Looks Plain, But Worth It

Image credits:

#97 Unexpected


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