This Online Community Collects Moments When People Didn’t Know Who They Were Talking To, And Here Are 62 Of The Funniest Ones

When you think about it, the internet is a democracy. Whether you’re the President, an award-winning scientist, or just a spiteful troll, you can create a Twitter account and go from one thread to another, explaining to other users why they’re stupid. However, if you’re actually doing it, that’s precisely what you need to keep in mind. It’s just a matter of time before you run into someone who can call out your BS. And when that happens, you’re going to end up on the subreddit r/DontYouKnowWhoIam. Like the name suggests, this online community is dedicated to those spicy moments when people were oblivious to who they were talking to, and has collected quite a lot of them since its inception in 2015. Here are some of the best ones.

#1 Challenging A Doctor

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Image credits: wsavi5

#2 Red Faces All Round

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#3 Tony Hawk Tries To Rent A Car

Image credits: Minxy0707

#4 Karen vs. Owner

Image credits: YessRules

#5 Learn To Speak English

Image credits: ZenLikeCalm

#6 Becky Says Do Your Research About Vaccines Y’all!

Image credits: jmrormj

#7 He’s Egyptian

Image credits: JammyDucky

#8 Experience ≠ Skill Level

Image credits: paradox4286

#9 Accusing A Former Us Secretary Of Labor Of Being A Keyboard Warrior

Image credits: Ravenae

#10 A Different Kind Of Dykwim

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Image credits: Da_Xeqtr

#11 Underestimating A Multi Talented Model!

Image credits: loleatme

#12 Anti-Masker Gets Shut Down Quickly

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#13 Sauna Advice

Image credits: EstonianSaunas

#14 The Guy Then Came At Him Saying He Violated The Hippocratic Oath

Image credits: NoBananaRunts

#15 Physician Didn’t Read A (Verified) Acct Bio Of Another Doctor Before Patronising Him About His Area Of Expertise

Image credits: NastyLittleHobbitses

#16 Regional Reports Manager

Image credits: mopeiobebeast

#17 It Happens Again

Image credits: spikeiscool2015

#18 Running “Coach” Meets The Runner He Bases His Training On

Image credits: How_Far_We_Done_Fell

#19 Arnold The Schwarzenegger

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#20 Please Educate Yourself About Vaccines

Image credits: Valentinay95

#21 Director Is Asked What Her Job Is

Image credits: paintballer18181

#22 Explaining What Baguette Means To A French Person

Image credits: Hotmessrepublic

#23 Ah Well

Image credits: mathewsam0

#24 Spotted On Tictac

Image credits: ThatOneGuyOT

#25 Don’t You Know What I Am?

Image credits: you-want-nodal

#26 “Are You Neil Patrick Harris Like Huh”

Image credits: RedactedByElves

#27 What Are The Odds, Really?

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#28 My Friend Is A Scientist, So Exchanges Like This Occur Almost Every Day

Image credits: LazagnaAmpersand

#29 Asian? It Must Be A Chinese Puppet Handler

Image credits: MadHardHatter

#30 Found This One On A Mcdonalds Ice Cream Machine Meme

Image credits: PugMaster234

#31 Accusing The Artist Based On Images From The Artist’s Own Website

Image credits: Lumberjack_Mike

#32 Man Tries To Lecture History Professor On History

Image credits: lordofthehamstrings

#33 Oh You R So Cool And Must Be A Really Important Person

Image credits: Noname_Maddox

#34 Twitter Telling The Autor To Read His Own Article

Image credits: vianaernesto

#35 Someone Lied On Their Resume

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#36 Man Who Helped Legalise Gay Marriage In Gb Accused Of Doing Nothing For Lesbians

Image credits: mildbeanburrito

#37 Having A Ba In Politics Is Better Than Being A Constitutional Lawyer, Right?

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#38 Youtube Doing What Youtube Does Best

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#39 In All Fairness I Don’t Tend To Wear T-Shirts With My Boss’s Name On Them

Image credits: JohnTheWegie

#40 Have You See Knives Out?

Image credits: TransFattyAcid

#41 Olympic Skateboarder Margielyn Didal With Some Guy

Image credits: Pagan-za

#42 Guys Tells John Wayne Parr, That He’s Friends With John Wayne Parr

Image credits: ThikThak1

#43 My Man, You Aren’t Him

Image credits: PhysicsWorldTour

#44 Tried To Start Some Racial Nonsense

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#45 TV Network Has No Info Just Yet For The Show’s Executive Producer

Image credits: LSB123

#46 No, I Am The Professor Of Constitutional Law

Image credits: Meshkent

#47 I Just Raced It Yesterday, So

Image credits: ftwes

#48 My Favourite Artist Unrecognised

Image credits: drizzyLGA1151

#49 Flight Attendant Doesn’t Know Tony Hawk Is Flying With Them

Image credits: JMalta-Red8218

#50 Imagine Telling The Creator Of Dogecoin What Dogecoin Is!

Image credits: SSJKiDo

#51 Isaac, Captain Of Afc Richmond, Not Being Recognized?!

Image credits: Weezilwood

#52 Asking A Veteran Nasa Propulsion Engineer If He Knows Anything About Rockets

Image credits: 4lexbr0ck

#53 People Who Play Video Games Can’t Possibly Know Anything About Children!

Image credits: caringerin

#54 Jake Tapper: Famous For Never Talking About Afghanistan. I Hear He Didn’t Even Write A Book

Image credits: Sultansofpa

#55 “Also, I’m Here Watching My Son Sebastian Play”

Image credits: Weezilwood

#56 Telling A Vaccine Researcher To Read Her Own Press Release

Image credits: fatlittletoad

#57 But Have You Heard It?

Image credits: katymae123

#58 Always Nice To See People Immediately Proven Wrong

Image credits: choccobobby

#59 Local Antivaxxer Says The Covid Vaccine Isn’t Actually A Vaccine

Image credits: CAS9ER

#60 Challenging The Wrong Guy

Image credits: swaperx

#61 Was This Postes Before? Idk. Anyway… Airbnb Bad

Image credits: JHeisecke

#62 Gathering: The Magic

Image credits: Homebrewerguy


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