This Online Community Collects Terrible Real Estate Photos, And Here Are 81 Of The Worst Ones

A picture says a thousand words. Or raises a million questions. Maybe even more when it comes to real estate listings. After all, it’s not every day you get to see a ceiling piano.

But the appropriately titled subreddit ‘Ridiculous Real Estate‘ is full of such absurdity. Much like the legendary ‘Ugly Irish Houses‘ and ‘The Broke Agent‘, it shares the funniest and weirdest architectural and interior design features that homeowners have ever installed.

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It’s like the polar opposite of all those pretty decor boards on Pinterest.

#1 I Don’t Think I Would Ever Run Out Of Cabinet Space, That’s For Sure!

Image credits: 6Mass1Hole7

#2 One Room Studio Apartment In San Francisco. This Is It, This Is The Apartment. Total Steal For $1400/Month

Image credits: Decent-Brilliant3615

#3 Yes This Is The Front, Street Facing Window

Image credits: FaustestSobeck

#4 It Gets Worse As You Scroll…

Image credits: mevoc19

#5 I Love It But Wife Says No Way!

Image credits: architectofspace

#6 Anybody Want To Start A Cult? 21,000 Sqft Rural Compound Listed Near Me That Used To Be A “Faith Healing Ministry”

Image credits: Dennardo

#7 A Carpeted Pool!

Image credits: slow_burn–

#8 Matriochka House

Image credits: kiyatooga

#9 Groovy!

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Image credits: wills2003

#10 Yeah, Certainly Not My Taste In Decor But It’s Not Exces— Dear God What Is All That?

Image credits: MMS-OR

#11 The Castle Garage

Image credits: crakke86

#12 What In Tarnation

Image credits: killersim

#13 Bedroom Toilets And Flying Saucers

Image credits: bob_digi

#14 Liminal Space Meets Ridiculous Real Estate

Image credits: dead_for_tax_reasons

#15 I Think This One Counts

Image credits: dotknott

#16 House As Advent Calendar

Image credits: ToastyKen

#17 Probably The Wildest House In The Whole Country (Slovenia). Looks Innocuous On The Outside, But Oh Boy…

Image credits: Limonca123

#18 This Door That Only Opens 18 Inches

Image credits: GravitasMusic

#19 Have You Ever Wanted To Live In A Town But The Town Is Inside Your Own Home?

Image credits: Aijaruc

#20 A Very Sad Castle-Type Structure

Image credits: sonicbanana47

#21 I’ve Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Columns…

Image credits: wills2003

#22 I Heard Y’all Like Castles…

Image credits: artnovation

#23 Sexy Bath…

Image credits: wills2003

#24 It’s A Brick…house…

Image credits: wills2003

#25 House Includes 13 Dead People Out Back

Image credits: qed3

#26 When You Buy The Light Package Before The House.

Image credits: grinch77

#27 A Bathtub With A View

Image credits: sommai2555

#28 It’s A Pretty Little Kitchen

Image credits: brug76

#29 Hope You Like Natural Lighting

Image credits: ScottishTorment

#30 Ideal Bedroom For Your Least Favourite Child

Image credits: chuffmunky

#31 When The Column Is Bigger Than The Beam It’s Supporting…

Image credits: tumblebead

#32 Ever Get Hungry While Showering? Then This Is For You

Image credits: I_Love_The_1970s

#33 When The Rest Of The Apartment Is Basic And Overpriced, But You Get A Portal To Your Bathtub

Image credits: musicandmain

#34 Ridiculous Indeed

Image credits: Colonelkittn

#35 Okay, We’re Doing Ceiling Pianos Now. Sure

Image credits: MsBluffy

#36 When They Say “Ensuite Bath,” They Mean It!

Image credits: dirac_delta

#37 Garage Inside The Living Room And Bathroom

Image credits: -FaZe-

#38 I Don’t Really Know Where To Start…here Goes… 8 Kitchens And It’s A Time Capsule…

Image credits: wills2003

#39 From A Facebook Group

Image credits: gtfohbitchass

#40 The Basement Needs A Little Work

Image credits: sonicbanana47

#41 Someone Found A Great Home Improvement Deal On Tile…

Image credits: wills2003

#42 Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Image credits: wills2003

#43 A Wild Ride In Nevada From Start To Finish

Image credits: randokomando

#44 I Agree That This Place “Has A Unique Structure.”

Image credits: marilynnmonrobot

#45 Why Pick One Material When You Can Have Them All? Also, Who Needs A Chimney!

Image credits: Alie_writes

#46 Bathrooms Don’t Need Walls

Image credits: harperv215

#47 Deathtrap Of The Day

Image credits: ProkofievConcerto2

#48 Renovations Done To 500-Year-Old Caldwell Tower In Scotland (…are Mildly Infuriating)

Image credits: javascript

#49 Just A Tub

Image credits: silly_nugget_07

#50 Let’s Just Stick This Boulder In The Middle Of The Hallway…

Image credits: knotagain42

#51 A Cool Natural Look.

Image credits: Tenntybooboo

#52 Unreal Estate – Each Room Is More Bonkers Than The Next. Count The Crosses. Surprise At The End

Image credits: Topherhov

#53 Let’s Just Put The Island Riiiiiight Over Here. No A Little Bit Further. Keep Going.

Image credits: arbosco1

#54 2 Br…10 Car Garage…castle In Southern Indiana

Image credits: nootomat

#55 Tubular

Image credits: wills2003

#56 Red vs. Blue

Image credits: kiyatooga

#57 This House Is Ridiculous But I Kind Of Love It

Image credits: JacobDR15

#58 5 Story Tower With Alchemy Lair

Image credits: GoodOpinionHaver

#59 Lazy Suzan Closet Of My Nightmares

Image credits: magentaavocado

#60 This Charming Home Office

Image credits: saturnsun_3

#61 Built In Neck Breaker, I Mean Slide

Image credits: fraxybobo

#62 On The Bright Side, If You Roll Out Of The Jacuzzi Tub, You’ll Be All Dry By The Time You Make It To The Bed!

Image credits: tumblebead

#63 Who Lives In This House? A Giant?

Image credits: neverforgettherain

#64 Unable To Decide If You Want To Live In A Castle Or A Pizza Hut?

Image credits: BikingVikingNYC

#65 Hallway Balconies

Image credits: wSkkHRZQy24K17buSceB

#66 They Carpeted The Bathroom Then Thought, “Why Stop There?”

Image credits: startedthinkinboutit

#67 Unassuming On The Outside, Absolute Insanity On The Inside

Image credits: creepy_crust

#68 How Much More White Could It Be?

Image credits: wyrdfish42

#69 Lovecraftian Nightmare Geometry

Image credits: crod242

#70 Such A Cozy Place To Watch TV. Probably Needs A Rug To Tie It All Together.

Image credits: cigarandcreamsoda

#71 Need An Outlet? I Got ‘Em All!

Image credits: OrangeUJelly

#72 Wasn’t Too Bad Of A House Until…

Image credits: PilotWombat

#73 Not For Sale, But Does This Count?

Image credits: lousthenews

#74 There’s No Adequate Description.

Image credits: Word_Blerd_728

#75 The Real Estate Market Is So Hot You Don’t Even Need To Worry About Whether Your Bed Hot Dogs Are On Display.

Image credits: UsefulAirport

#76 I Swear My Country Has Some Of The Worst Real Estate Projects. These Are Single Family Homes In The Middle Of A Rural Area. The Last Two Pics Are From Their Website, They Plan To Add 6 More Rows In The Future

Image credits: Limonca123

#77 20,000-Gallon Aquarium…

Image credits: wills2003

#78 Accident Prone…

Image credits: wills2003

#79 I Thought This Monstrosity Would Fit Here

Image credits: salad_lazer

#80 This Room Could Use More Patterns

Image credits: kiyatooga

#81 Found This Gem On A Different Sub..

Image credits:


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