This Online Community Collects The Worst Work Safety Examples That No Construction Worker Should Follow (120 Pics)

Occupational Safety isn’t a joke. If you’re fixing an AC compressor on the ledge of the 28th floor with no harness, you’re just inviting trouble over, and risking not only your life but ending up on the r/OSHA subreddit as well.

This online community is made up of 725,000 members who are constantly reminding one another to follow safety regulations by posting pictures of people who didn’t. And I have to say, it’s working — these disasters in the making were so bad, scrolling through them made me put on a helmet before changing the lightbulb in my bedroom and getting inside a hazmat suit just as I was about to take out the trash.

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#1 Log Lift (Oregon, 1973)

Image credits: Spinundrum

#2 This Sight I Stumbled On The Way Back To Work Today

Image credits: Mystero2k1

#3 Woodstock 1969 Sound Crew Members Being Craned Up To Their Stations

Image credits: WildAnimus

#4 When Tow Trucks Are Too Expensive And A New Paint And Other Minor Repairs Aren’t

Image credits: Stealth_Robot

#5 One Of My Guys Sent Me This Today…

Image credits: amberb

#6 Took This Photo A Few Years Ago…

Image credits: JCBoucas

#7 I’ll Do My Best

Image credits: Afroofthenight

#8 The Fire Exit On This College Building.

Image credits: ghatroad

#9 *faint Wheelchair Noises In The Background*

Image credits: zoalcoalt

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#10 Only Entrance To My Current Job Site.

Image credits: Kaskiaski

#11 Absolutely No Ppe In Sight..

Image credits: SporksAndForks

#12 Heater At My Job Site.

Image credits: BagelMerchant

#13 When I Was Doing Construction I Was Apparently Featured In A “Safety Fails” Site On Pinterest.

Image credits: Dhaerrow

#14 Approved Non-Slip Non-Conductive Tread

Image credits: NewAlexandria

#15 No Need To Lock Out, This’ll Just Take A Second

Image credits: theLPguy

#16 If You Do It Outside You Don’t Need Respirators, Right?

Image credits: Patches081601

#17 Quit My Job After I Got Asked To Climb This Ladder On A 6 In 12 Pitch Roof. $10/Hr Scraping Paint Is Not Worth A Broken Neck.

Image credits: Anonymous

#18 No Way This Could Go Wrong.

Image credits: StrictLime

#19 I Have No Idea How That Piece Of Asphalt Is Still Supporting Him ?

Image credits: saltyteabag

#20 Yeah That Should Be Fine

Image credits: Dalexes

#21 Fixing An Ac Compressor On A Level 28 Ledge

Image credits: torosalmon

#22 Screw It – That’s Close Enough.

Image credits: jaykirsch 3

#23 Thanks Guys!

Image credits: tbonetaylor

#24 A Little More To The Right.

Image credits: mcr55

#25 How To Hold A Ladder In China

Image credits: HouseSomalian

#26 “I’ve Done It A Million Times. This Is Totally Safe.” – My Coworker

Image credits: robabl

#27 Yeah, I Think That’s Right.

Image credits: Anonymous

#28 Sharps Container? These People Apparently Never Heard Of One…the Needles Were Poking Out Of The Box.

Image credits:

#29 A Contest That Nobody Wins.

Image credits: SEILogistics

#30 The Hotel I’m Staying In Is Keeping The Plastic Covers On Its Fire Alarms To Keep Them Newer For Longer

Image credits: Tzunamitom

#31 Right Above The Toilet. Good Thing I’m Not 6’1”.

Image credits: Anonymous

#32 Yikes

Image credits: Anonymous

#33 2nd Leading Cause Of Death In Costa Rica.

Image credits: asstenx

#34 Saw This Quick Fix On My Run Earlier

Image credits: lionpheti

#35 This Guy Napping In A Wood Chipper At The End Of My Street

Image credits: chubbybooger

#36 You Already Know He Was Scooting Along Too, While On The Bucket. Also Job Site Exposed To Coronavirus And Still Open

Image credits: lpplph

#37 Guys Not Worried About Falling Off This Things At All

Image credits: jriged

#38 20 Meters Above Ground – A Long Way To Fall

Image credits: mamonium

#39 Our Family Hired A Carpenter To Replace The Top Deck. Came Outside To Find Him Balanced Over A Bed Of Rusty Nails.

Image credits: exx47

#40 Construction Of The Dirigible Uss Macon, 1934. Look At Those Ladders.

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#41 Emergency “Exit” In A Friend’s Office Building. First Time They Opened It Was During A Fire Alarm

Image credits: Bansaiii

#42 Stirling Council Have Photoshopped Hardhats On To Their Workers

Image credits: Anonymous

#43 Found This Guy Digging In A Manhole On Busy 4 Lane Road. No Cones, No Truck, Just An Orange Vest.

Image credits: GhostalMedia

#44 The Supervisor Asked Me To Delete The Picture As Well. No Harness On Either Of Them.

Image credits: pratim3095

#45 A Great Way To Show That You’re Absolutely Loving Your Job…

Image credits: abiskue

#46 Melting Snow Piles Don’t Make For A Good Foundation For Scaffolding Apparently

Image credits: Anonymous

#47 Ventilated So They Won’t Fog While Spraying Caustic Chemicals. Get Yours Today While Supplies Last!

Image credits: jmcgee653

#48 No Actual Words For This Level Stupid

Image credits:

#49 I Think My City Ordered Their Cones Off Of

Image credits: Badusernameguy2

#50 Smooth Sailing Ahead

Image credits: valismasher

#51 “Move Along, Nothing To See Here”

Image credits: itswatsthetwat69

#52 If Only There Was Some Sort Of Moveable Elevating Basket He Could Use, Instead Of Balancing On This Thing…

Image credits: Echo63_

#53 Watch And Learn, Boys.

Image credits: Bigchlebowski89

#54 I Don’t See A Problem Here…

Image credits: floridamitch

#55 After All My Years Working Construction, I Have Given Out My Darwin Award.

Image credits: streetbob13

#56 Maybe Too Much For A Pickup Truck?

Image credits: PlumesOfEnceladus

#57 Lawncranemower™

Image credits: Natty_Guard

#58 /R/Justrolledintotheshop Said Y’all Would Like This.

Image credits: Anonymous

#59 Stairwell Was A Bit Tight For A Ladder, No Problem Though, My Coworkers Are Always There To Support Me!

Image credits: SkippyMcLongtooth

#60 A Pyramid Of 2-Steps

Image credits: Kronicalicious

#61 There’s No Osha In Peru.

Image credits: mfiore06

#62 Today At Work.

Image credits: mattshup

#63 We Had 5-6 People Scrape/Cut Themselves Walking Past This Exposed Thermostat, So We Finally Complained… Came In This Morning To This Solution.

Image credits: louiscon

#64 The Fifth Floor Of Our Building Has Been Held Up By Jacks For 20+ Years

Image credits: dillon_penrod

#65 Can’t You Read The Sign!?

Image credits: Anonymous

#66 Where Vegetables Comes From.

Image credits: uloang

#67 The Cones Will Help

Image credits: Rawalmond73

#68 This Overpass In The Philippines

Image credits: YuriMasterRace

#69 This Lightbulb Is Held Up By Three Nails And Loose Wiring

Image credits: illegaldoctor

#70 They Wouldn’t Listen… Just Some Trench Work.

Image credits: sarge-m

#71 Quick Release Fire Extinguisher At My Hotel ?

Image credits: jescofire

#72 Palm Tree Removal

Image credits: angel-aura

#73 Don’t Worry, Got The Safety Squints On, Boss

Image credits: cacaogirl

#74 Fixing Pipes, Egyptian Edition

Image credits: zoalcoalt

#75 Hold On Buddy…

Image credits: mak-nil

#76 I’ve Always Worked In Refineries Where Safety Is Usually Top Priority. Now That I’m Working Commercial I’m Amazed At What I’ve Seen.

Image credits: elfslistentodubstep

#77 Clamped Broken Railing For Bonus.

Image credits: A_Bridgeburner

#78 All These Grain Explosions And I’m Like…

Image credits: Whitlow14

#79 No One Is Gonna Fall Into This Hole! There’s A Cone!

Image credits: Kartoffel1891

#80 Nailed It.

Image credits: Qazzie

#81 Load Bearing 2×6 Wall. I Just Dont Know What Hvac Was Thinking.

Image credits: SolidSpoonS86

#82 My Father Has Owned His Own Lawn Care Company For 24 Years.

Image credits: xI_Tipton_Ix

#83 “If It Rains Harder Than X Amount, We Have To Empty This Every 5 Minutes “ – Employee Of The Month

Image credits: Personalreferencept

#84 It’s Okay, Just Hold Very Very Still!

Image credits: TheHandThatFeedsYou9

#85 “I’m A Surgeon With This Thing”

Image credits: DexterDogBalls

#86 Necessity – The Mother Of Invention.

Image credits: shakhaki

#87 Working In A Church Made Him So Happy That He Decided He Wanted To Meet Jesus Himself

Image credits: Anonymous

#88 I Think This Belongs Here.

Image credits: anacanapona

#89 Just A Few More Inches, Almost Got It

Image credits: whitemike40

#90 Forgot The Ol Hard Hat At Home

Image credits: DMAS1638

#91 No Such Thing As ‘Health And Safety’ In Myanmar – This Dude’s Repairing An Air Conditioner On The 22nd Floor. As You Do.

Image credits: wontfindloveinahole

#92 My Buddy Sent Me This From His Job Site Today

Image credits: wtf_are_crepes

#93 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Image credits: Uhuklebestift

#94 New Lock Out Procedure

Image credits: The_Revolutionary

#95 Ready For Lift Off

Image credits: Mabepossibly

#96 Don’t Get Too Hurt

Image credits: Dubaku

#97 Emergency Power Shut Off For A Machine Shop Class With 25+ Manual Lathes, 5 Manual Mills, And 4 Cnc Mills Is Behind A Bookshelf

Image credits: _TheOreo_

#98 “Quick He’s Having A Heart Attacking”

Image credits: Anonymous

#99 This Is Me About 6 Years Ago. We Were Trying To Measure How Deep The Water Was To Build A Cofferdam Around An Intake Pipe. I Don’t Work For That Company Anymore.

Image credits: Krazy_Legs

#100 Well This Doesn’t Seem Safe To Leave Over The Weekend..

Image credits: Trey904fsu

#101 Guy Was Installing Balcony Railing On The 6th Floor With This As His Tie Off Point.

Image credits: FulIChubb

#102 9 Inch Width Of Unsecured Grating Over A 25 Foot Pit. Been This Way For Years.

Image credits: AdamReggie

#103 Western Kansas Ladies And Gentleman

Image credits: neilbutts

#104 Cameramen Filming Before We Had Drones

Image credits: jinxsimpson

#105 I Can’t Figure Out How Either Of Them Got There…

Image credits: tony703

#106 High, Higher, Highest

Image credits: aromaticrubbish

#107 They Didn’t Even Need The Fourth Ladder

Image credits: PLS__PM_YOUR_TITS

#108 As Long As We Watch Him He’ll Be Fine…

Image credits: kambian

#109 He Said “I Couldn’t Find The Breaker To Cut The Power So I’ll Just Work With The Lights On”

Image credits: Sketchy-mango

#110 Work Place Safety Legend

Image credits: Anonymous

#111 Stability Is Key

Image credits: sweet3pea1588

#112 Shoes Optional At Work

Image credits: bigxy3242

#113 Osha Busts My Balls About Dust But Thinks It’s Ok To Wear Her Hard Hat Like That.

Image credits: CaptAwesomeLongDick

#114 Sometimes You Gotta Improvise

Image credits: pHorniCaiTe

#115 This Barbeque

Image credits: GeneReddit123

#116 Does This Fit In Here Guys?

Image credits: aesthetic_vi

#117 Eye Wash Station = Filled With Empty Oil Cans. First Aid Station = Blocked Entirely By Tires. Bravo.

Image credits: bibowski

#118 At A Warehouse On A Pier

Image credits: snowandcrete

#119 Texts From My Manager

Image credits: RowdyCaboose

#120 Old Army Prototype Helicopter, What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: kmerian


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