This Online Community Has DoorDash Drivers Sharing Their Wildest Client Encounters, And Here Are 82 Of The Best Ones

If it wasn’t for Doordash drivers, the pandemic would have taken its toll on us already. But they brought us comfort in the form of food that basically tucked us in like a blanket in the midst of global chaos. They’d also be the ones we have to thank for all the survived hangovers and Monday blues, spontaneous munches, dinner dates at home, you name it.

But while serving the hungry souls of America, Doordash heroes surely have seen all kinds of characters, from KFC Karens to hungry weirdos and customized delivery nerds. There is even a whole subreddit “DoorDash Drivers” which is not only a place where drivers hang out and get to know one another, but also share their adventures on duty. And trust me, it’s a whole world we didn’t even know existed!

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Scroll down below to feast on some of their most memorable client stories delivered fresh to the comfort of your laptop.

#1 Have Faith

Image credits: ItsElijahRoss

#2 One Of My Favorite Customers To Deliver To And They Tip Well

Image credits: techpro00

#3 Had Me Cracking Up

Image credits: j_m_a_t_t_z

#4 My Bad Bruh

Image credits: Mamba-Dasher24

#5 First Comment From New Door Dash Update

Image credits: devildogstyle

#6 This Was So Cute To Me This Morning

Image credits: MrWayne802

#7 She Asked To Text Her When The Food Is At Her Doorstep, But I Was Starting To Feel Tired And This Was The First Thing I Thought About

Image credits:

#8 This Customer Made My Day!! I Was Just About To Snap The Picture Of The Food On The Doorstep When He Opened The Door And Said, “Wait A Second!” And Posed For It!!

Image credits: BigDaddyCool462

#9 Driver Couldn’t Find My Address. Had To Light The Beacon

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: halzen

#10 So I Was On A Dash Today And This Happened. Well At Least They Admit They Are A Dashaholic

Image credits: RylanShay

#11 Just An Autocorrect Horror Story I Made While Dashing!

Image credits: belmond8969

#12 Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To Me. I Thought This Was Fake News

Image credits: anonjokerdog

#13 Had A Heart To Heart With A Customer

Image credits:

#14 I’m Weak. I Love Doordashing

Image credits: TFIGHT97

#15 The Homeowner Ran Out To My Car And Escorted Me Up To The Front Door Before Guarding The Food

Image credits: cloudless_rain

#16 The Description Matched

Image credits: Crlilly143

#17 Lol

Image credits: SnooPeanuts8249

#18 It Finally Happened. Something Weird

Image credits: BadExamp1e

#19 So Yesterday I Was Tipped An Almost New Mini Fridge..what’s The Weirdest “Tip” You Guys Ever Got?

Image credits: IamyourDaddythatswhy

#20 How Now Brown Cow

Image credits: beentravelin

#21 I Discretely Delivered A Pregnancy Test And Got My First Customer Compliment. 2021 Is A Trip!

Image credits: Xihro

#22 Best Customer I’ve Ever Delivered For

Image credits: BestDriverAlive

#23 Got This Message While Dashing. Thought It Was Funny

Image credits: hakstheamazing

#24 Aww

Image credits: waydeytatey

#25 Top Dashin

Image credits: ivealreadyredditb4

#26 How Do You Even Respond To This?

Image credits: FoxMcFlyy

#27 He Really Thought

Image credits: FalconWrite

#28 I Laughed Out Loud At This One

Image credits: bobbyfromcollege

#29 Poor Girl Going Through It All Rn ?

Image credits: Electrical-Part

#30 Poop Vibes

Image credits: JohnnyBVal

#31 My First Fun Customer.. Only Took 600 Deliveries

Image credits: MischieviousCacti

#32 Which One Of You Did This?

Image credits: Big_Moose369

#33 It’s The Small Things

Image credits: jimmetz01

#34 Got My First Comment!

Image credits: Tom_Blevins

#35 Love Instructions Like This

Image credits: evedidthing

#36 It Feels Like Customers Do Their Absolute Best To Not Get Their Food

Image credits: saturnisntgay

#37 I’m Scared

Image credits: lumbadash

#38 2022 Is Off To A Great Start

Image credits: InspectorFizzle

#39 I Rang Twice For The Pups

Image credits: Puzzleheaded-Plane99

#40 No Kisses Allowed

Image credits: DelayedChoice89

#41 At Least He Was Nice About The Situation

Image credits: KinderGameMichi

#42 I Posted About This Guy Months Ago But He’s Added More Details Now

Image credits: sherlocked776

#43 Thank God I Had This Photo Saved

“My name is Danielle.”

Image credits: danydesuuu

#44 Mcdonald’s Changed The Seal On Their Bags To Spread The Word About Getting Vaccinated, Here’s How That’s Going

Image credits: Trphouse_

#45 Can Always Count On “Big Bro”

Image credits: eatinggrapes2018

#46 Best Door Mat Of All Time. Definitely Made My Night And She Tipped ?

Image credits: LGoodingSplat

#47 I Did, In Fact, Have Tacos

Image credits: BlondePrincess6945

#48 Haha

Image credits: nflbrandon10

#49 “Leave It At Door” Nope

Image credits: Baebarella

#50 I Guess They Needed To Let Me Know? It Was A Leave At The Door Order

Image credits: Brasgalla_Shane

#51 Just Was Tipped A Dinosaur

Image credits: lovescarxo

#52 Don’t Know You Guys I Have 1hr To Decide. What Should I Do?

Image credits: Life-Year-2121

#53 Funniest Thing I’ve Seen In A Long Time On Doordash App

Image credits: Brave-Examination-37

#54 After 594 Deliveries, I Was Excited To Get My First “Quote From Customer”

Image credits: L0velyfe93

#55 Does…does He Want To Sleep? Or Not?

Image credits: mercwithamouth13

#56 Mhmm Im So Hungry

Image credits: Will54b

#57 These Instructions

Image credits: Banana_Stanley

#58 Just Dropped Off Some Zaxby’s And I Was Already Super Happy About His $6 Tip + Peak Pay Since It Was 1.5 Miles Away. But Then He Handed Me This. I’m Shaking Right Now

Image credits: iZachX

#59 Thankful For This. Got To Take My 2 And 3 Year Old To See Boss Baby Today Because Of This

Image credits: Altruistic_Newt3869

#60 Working On A College Campus Has Its Humorous Perks Sometimes Lol

Image credits: olivertoenails

#61 Delivered A “Leave At Door” Order To A Cemetery. Customer Was Non-Responsive & Support Said To Leave It In A Safe Place. I Figured At The Feet Of Our Lord And Savior Would Suffice

Image credits: Daedalus17

#62 Slightly Worried That I Helped Cover Up A Murder

Image credits: c828

#63 Glad To See Some Appreciation Lmao

Image credits: Peyton1186

#64 So You’re Telling Me You Vape

Image credits: tjdunne

#65 Broke Ninjas Be Quiet

Image credits: misamay90

#66 They Tipped Me 25¢. Yeah, You Can’t Afford A Kid

Image credits: weinermcgee

#67 Customers Like This Make Dashing Easier

Image credits: Ok_Side3579

#68 No Gate Code, No Problem!

Image credits: Elder_Tig

#69 Thank You?

Image credits: No-Day-691

#70 Hopefully The Customer Has A Big Enough Driveway For Me To Land My Plane

Image credits: iPlannedTheHolocaust

#71 Just A Slight Misunderstanding

Image credits: Jackslat

#72 Who Has The Sauce ?

I was dashing with my wife and she was like hey my friend Marissa used to live here.

Image credits: NoMoreChiken

#73 These People Tipped More Than The People With A Bentley In Their Driveway

Image credits: browser45553

#74 That’s What I Thought, Scammer

Image credits: Total_Shake_7343

#75 Bro Why U Keep Shouting At Me

Image credits: WarmEntrepreneur3564

#76 When You Accept Your Wife’s Doordash Order

Image credits: chefgoldblum11

#77 I’ve Seen Everything At This Point

Image credits: TyQ_B3TR

#78 Omg Lol She Is A Chickenologist

Image credits: Silent_Ad_5646

#79 God Bless

Image credits: capthansolocup

#80 Ok

Image credits: hxveasnickers

#81 What Are The Odds Of This?? Same Restaurant, Same Order Time, Two Different People

Image credits: seeifyoumakeit

#82 How Am I Supposed To Respond To This???

Image credits: Ordinary-Climate-213


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