This Online Community Is All About Pics Of People Ignoring Safety As If They’re Immortal (59 New Pics)

Like Bored Panda explained in our first article on this online community, r/OSHA is a subreddit devoted to a really noble cause—reminding people to stay safe at work. It borrowed its name from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and is collecting pictures of folks who are really pushing their luck, trying to deter others from trying similar stunts. We’re talking drivers who aren’t securing the load, ladders that are tied together using hair and hope, and such intricate wire mazes, even electricity can’t navigate them. So get out your safety goggles and keep scrolling, the pics are wild!

#1 Happened A Few Years Back, Supervisor Of These Guys Said He Had Done This Technique For Years

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Image credits: AdmCake

#2 The Sign I Keep On My Workbench

Image credits: ViolenceForBreakfast

#3 No, I Do Not Need To Secure The Load, I Will Unload It Soon

Image credits: KotAufmBrot

#4 Hello I’d Like To Change A Lamp

Image credits: th2ndchmst

#5 Safety 3rd!

Image credits:

#6 You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Image credits: SafetyDojo

#7 On The Brink Of Decapitating Someone

Image credits: sarge-m

#8 I See That Evertbody Followed Safety Rules On Last Nights Shift

Image credits: WartPig

#9 ‘Bugger’

Image credits: DraxNet

#10 “Oh Yes Lets Lock The Emergency Stop Button”

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Image credits: RikkertNelis

#11 Nothing Wrong Here

Image credits: cnfusedpooh

#12 Using A Heated 2700psi Pressure Washer To Clean Your Boots

Image credits: foxhound242

#13 At My Work

Image credits:

#14 Makes My Knees Weak To Imagine Climbing Up It

Image credits: American_Avocet

#15 Look At The Mama Forklift Holding The Little One!

Image credits: elscotto80

#16 All Good. She’ll Hold, Now Back To Work

Image credits: Browndog888

#17 Meanwhile In Russia

Image credits: PlayStationPepe

#18 Installing An Air-Conditioning Unit

Image credits:

#19 Guess Something Got Stuck In The Wood Chipper

Image credits: athservices

#20 At Least His Eyepatch Is Protecting One Of His Eyes

Image credits:

#21 Changing A Light Bulb

Image credits:

#22 When You Got A Lunch Break On A Crane But You’re Too Lazy To Go Down

Image credits: peleg462

#23 Tree Limb Removal- Oof

Image credits: agnonamis

#24 Bless Him

Image credits:

#25 I Took This Call Yesterday

Image credits: Beorbin

#26 Gravity And Stretch Wrap Should Do It

Image credits: boafish

#27 Acid You Say?

Image credits: cobbledong

#28 Longest Ladder In The World, Edinburgh,scotland

Image credits: paulscott130

#29 Don’t Worry, This Bar Will Help Protect You From The Spinning Fan Of Misfortune

Image credits:

#30 Don’t Worry, I Got You

Image credits: Trylovance

#31 This Eyewash Station Is Legit

Image credits: soylentcz

#32 How The Other Trade On Site Was Charging Their Batteries

Image credits: tyzeee

#33 There Was A Meeting About This….

Image credits: Djblue23

#34 Convenience Outlet

Image credits: Havonasun

#35 Holy Cow, How Fast Was He Going Or How Thin Walled Is That Metal Post?

Image credits: KotAufmBrot

#36 Anyone Up For Jenga?

Image credits: Pkyug

#37 Um..this Guy Doesn’t Realize The Fryers Have Wheels Plus There On

Image credits:

#38 Got A Note They “Fixed” All The Broken Brackets Around The Store

Image credits: Motiv3z

#39 This Is How You Unload A Truck

Image credits: Meth0de

#40 It’s Probably Fine, But I’ve Seen Too Many Collapse To Not Cringe

Image credits: cperkster

#41 And He’s Pulling On The Shelves To Move Himself Down The Aisle

Image credits: bitchitits

#42 Yes This Is Live. I Almost Stuck My Thumb In It

Image credits: Lunatic_on_theGrass

#43 How About A Bmw

Image credits: distiller71

#44 For The Benefit Of The Environment, Reusing Is Our Top Priority

Image credits: perr0

#45 I Can Almost Reach It!

Image credits: rbm78bln

#46 It Smells Like B**ch In Here!

Image credits: wackintoshdotnet

#47 It’s Shockingly Easy

Image credits: Redsfan27

#48 Just Another Day In The World’s Greatest Army

Image credits: ironicallymatt

#49 Good Technique

Image credits:

#50 They Even Turned The Wheels Sideways For Extra Security

Image credits: ItsDijital

#51 Our Pool Chemical Room Emergency Eye Wash Station

Image credits: going410thewin

#52 No Stopping This Line!

Image credits:

#53 Had A Guy Flip The Roller Because He Got To Close To The Edge With The Vibrator On…

Image credits: Jesterbomb123

#54 Nothing To See Here! Move Along!

Image credits: countfapppula

#55 Cleaning A Metro Station In Rome On A Slippery Slope

Image credits: Svanvi

#56 Container Being Supported By A Single Pallet That Is Old And Moldy

Image credits: awstrom

#57 We Must Quickly Mount The Signpost Pointing In The Direction Of The Hospital

Image credits:

#58 Some Real Geniuses On The Job

Image credits:

#59 Its Uh…for Inflating Basketballs

Image credits:


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