This Online Community Is Collecting Pics Of Accidental Camouflage, And Here Are 53 Of Their Best Ones

When Bored Panda compiled a list on accidental camouflage 5 years ago, we didn’t know the Internet’s craze over it was just the beginning.

As of January 2017, there’s even a subreddit of the same name. It’s neither big nor small—the subreddit has 237,000 members. Yes, it doesn’t get a ton of submissions but the important thing is quality, not quantity, right? And r/AccidentalCamouflage is full of it.

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You’ve got people’s pants blending in with their surroundings, a parrot masquerading as an avocado, you know, the good stuff!

#1 My Shirt Does A Fine Job Blending Me In This Bed Of Flowers

Image credits: sway_forth

#2 When You Have To Go To A Public Event, But You Still Don’t Wanna Be Seen

Image credits: unknown

#3 The Way My Pants Blends In With The Floor Pattern

Image credits: FishingForWilderness

#4 Spent Half An Hour Unsuccessfully Looking For My Sweatshirt

#5 Invisible Man In The Suit

Image credits: Faizycommando

#6 The Perfect Camouflage!


#7 My Scarf Matched The Hotel Carpet Pretty Well

Image credits: si_si_si

#8 Couldn’t Find My Tortilla

Image credits: Mr–Wilson

#9 Dog With A Starbucks Cup In Its Snout

Image credits: MrDuckyyy

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#10 Only A Top

Image credits: MrPotato341181

#11 Don’t Step On Him

Image credits: NooaJ

#12 I Thought The Chair Was Broken

Image credits: aham_athul

#13 Pinky Finger

Image credits: _Geiger

#14 V O I D Kitty

Image credits: ElMac65

#15 Dropped My Glasses…

Image credits: myers_jr

#16 The Present I Got And The Dress I’m Wearing!

Image credits: deafkittenpoetry

#17 How My Coffee Blends Into The Cup

Image credits: No_Consideration4479

#18 My Coffee+milk Had The Same Shade Of Brown As My Mug This Morning

Image credits: poiadipoio

#19 My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow

Image credits:

#20 Took Me A Second

Image credits: ball-_-fondler

#21 Yes, My Dad Is In The Picture Even Though It Looks Like He’s Part Of The Painting

Image credits: vytal2life

#22 It’s Perfect

Image credits: paprino27

#23 Marble Floor Probably Wasn’t The Best Idea

Image credits: VillainDeku

#24 Tell Tintin We Found His Dog

Image credits: whacko_prophet

#25 There’s A Cell Phone In This Photo

Image credits: KeoniNoGo

#26 This Seafarer Popped On My Wall Today

Image credits: KoleCasule1

#27 Extra Protein In Your Sandwich

Image credits: trip_jachs

#28 Enough People Told Me I Should Post My Lost Remote Here

Image credits:

#29 Suburban Combat Ready!

Image credits: rdubya3387

#30 Woman’s Skirt While Waiting For My Parents At The Airport

Image credits: OkMan123456789

#31 A White Husky Enjoying The Last Of The Snow

Image credits: SpartanWarlord117

#32 Mans Feet Brutally Eaten By Escallator

Image credits: Br135han

#33 This Pan

Image credits: Areykha

#34 My Husband Found A New Family At Disney

Image credits: Turkeylurkey1330

#35 My Friend Found An Invisible Cat In Greece

Image credits: dickfacecat

#36 Camewflage

Image credits: ankiakhil

#37 What Coffee Mug?

Image credits: JimFancyPants

#38 Almost Stepped On Him

Image credits: Nikkilewisyeah

#39 Bock, Bock, Bock… Bark!

A local farm where I live had trouble with their flock all wanting to sleep in the same house, each night they have to go break them up. The other night they found their dog had joined in.

Image credits: jag-lkn

#40 How Many Avocados Do You See

Image credits: jucapiga

#41 My Sneaker Matches My Gyms Floor

Image credits: Osirisk

#42 Matching Set

Image credits: caitmill22

#43 Couldn’t Find My Straw When I Made Iced Coffee This Morning

Image credits:

#44 This Mirrored Tissue Box

Image credits: areyouafruit

#45 So I Turned Up At My Brother’s New House And I’m Dressed As His Sofa

Image credits: Physical_Property

#46 Outstanding Camouflage Of Owls

Image credits: culaterbro

#47 Lost My Wallet, For 3 Days, Wifey Found It By Accident

Image credits: dutybeforedeath

#48 I Was Looking For Him A While And Was Convinced He Had Escaped

Image credits: meisterduu

#49 I Thought I Lost The Sock In The Drier Again

Image credits: SuperLinkAran

#50 Couldn’t See What She Was Holding For A Sec

Image credits: keepshootingfilm

#51 The Way My Rainboot Perfectly Matches This Bar Stool

Image credits: Yathosse

#52 This Person Accidentally Matched The Background. Make Sure To Upvote Ops Original Post

Image credits: JimFancyPants

#53 Conor Mcgregor “Where’d Me Leg Go”

Image credits: thepotsmoker


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