This Online Community Is Dedicated To The Most Impressive DIY Woodworking Projects, And Here Are 72 Of The Most Inspiring Ones (New Pics)

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Scientists may never know the answer to this tongue-twisting question, but we do know one thing about wood: woodworkers worldwide are working hard to turn wood into wonderful works of art. 

If you are not familiar with the Woodworking subreddit, have you been living under a log? Sorry, I’m only yanking your chain(saw). This community is famous for woodworkers sharing their most incredible and creative creations from bird feeders to bookshelves to bowls. We’ve gathered some of our favorite posts from the group to share with you down below, so you too can admire their handiwork and celebrate just how much effort and artistry went into these pieces. Be sure to upvote all of your favorite creations, and then let us know in the comments what you would create if you had the superpower of turning wood into anything your heart desires. Then if you’re interested in checking out Bored Panda’s last article on the same subreddit, look no further than right here.

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#1 Anyway, I Am Very Happy With This Kitten

Image credits: SATCTOOL

#2 I Made A Bookshelf For A Safari Themed Nursery

Image credits: baked_hawaii

#3 Covid Gave Me The Time To Actually Make A Biz Out Of Woodworking. Biggest Seller By Far Is The Walk In Garden Bed. 20 Out The Door The Last Two Months!!

Image credits: Wyattcek

#4 At Only Four Weeks Old, My Daughter Can Now Enjoy Her Bassinet That I Built For The Past 9 Months

Image credits: hunfondz

#5 Finished A Jewelry Box For My Wife

Image credits: pthhutt

#6 Final Project For My 2-Year Heritage Carpentry/Joinery College

Image credits: idolatryforbeginners

#7 Made A Sign For My Garage Shop Wall

Image credits: cory89123

#8 First Project Complete! Built This All By Myself At 6 Months Pregnant. Not Perfect, But I’m Very Proud

Image credits: neatokra

#9 I Spent Over A Year Searching For A Table And Couldn’t Find Anything I Liked, So I Decided To Design And Build My Own

Image credits: ObserverOfTheNight

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#10 This Is A Figure For GF Who Is Having Difficulty From Depression

Image credits: K-Woodworking

#11 My Girlfriend And I Wanted To Start Building Things Together, So We Built Our New Bed

Image credits: __FiveStarMan__

#12 I Made A Mid Century Inspired Birdhouse

Image credits: RachelOnTheRun

#13 Made This As My First Project In My School. It Took A Long Time To Finnish It But I’m Happy With The Result

Image credits: Fergl123

#14 Danish Cord Woven Meditation Bench Made From Ash Wood That I Made For My Final Project In Wood Shop Class

Image credits: Gel_Ray

#15 Grandpa Cut Down His Peach Tree. Made Him A Vase From It For His Birthday

Image credits: DeluxeWafer

#16 My 14 Year Old Son Taught Himself To Whittle This Summer And Immediately Decided To Make His Own Chess Set

 I helped him create the end grain chess board and cut the dados for the bottom of the box but he did everything else. He even have cut the dove tails

Image credits: Beneficial-Ad-2973

#17 Finished This Retro-Style Commission Last Week For A 32” TV. The Customer Wanted The Aesthetic But Also Space For Consoles And A Sound Bar

Image credits: tommywoodchip

#18 Cherry Tea Cabinet I Finished This Weekend

Image credits: damesjeane

#19 I Am A Legally Blind Visually Impaired Woodworker Here Is My Most Recent Piece I Am Quite Proud Of It Made From Padauk And Maple

Image credits: ubergeekydad

#20 My Grandpa Died Three Years Ago. Today, My Son And I Played Around In His Shop Which Hadn’t Been Touched Since He Passed

We found these lovely little animals sitting on his workbench that he had whittled

Image credits: babingababy

#21 Scrollsawn Wall-E Art

Image credits: woodland_porpoise

#22 My Wife Asked Me To Make Her A Fruit Bowl. I Think I Outdid Myself

Image credits: Guitrum

#23 I’m About As Novice A Woodworker As It Gets But I Love These Lava Coasters I Made

Image credits: Organic_Trust6113

#24 This Is An 1150 Bottle Wine Cellar I Just Finished In Bare White Oak

Image credits: JSquared-Designs

#25 I Made A Weird Spoon

Image credits: CustodialCrayon

#26 Made From Recycled Skateboard Deck

Image credits: mobiusmaples

#27 My Latest Baroque Mandolin

Image credits: Dusepo

#28 I Built Out My Camper Van With Spare Pallet Wood!

Image credits: Badgergeddon

#29 My Wife Wanted A Table To Set Her Drinks On. So My First Epoxy Waterfall Table Was Born!

Image credits: moreinj

#30 Made My Best Friend And His New Wife Matching Canoe Paddles For Their Wedding

Image credits: AzFowles

#31 A “Chaos” Sideboard We Just Finished Up. Red Oak With Silver Grey Stain. Continuous Grain Door/Drawers

Image credits: awoloshyn

#32 A Close Up Of Interlocking Joinery Between English Brown Oak And Spalted Beech

Image credits: Alert-Boot5907

#33 Cedar With Some Blue Stuff

Image credits: L0114R

#34 Guitar Build

Image credits: JeffHGW

#35 Wife Wanted A Napkin Holder For $10… Told Her I Could Make It For $50. Oak, Walnut, Purpleheart, Aluminum

Image credits: navycow

#36 My Chair

Image credits: Hot_Bluejay_8738

#37 Bassinet For My Son Due In July

Image credits: Jarl_Snickare

#38 I Made This Mountain? Sand Dune? Cutting Board

Image credits: CuboCuttingBoards

#39 Interlocking Sapele And Iroko. A Coffee Table Made From Barn Find Timber

Image credits: Alert-Boot5907

#40 Coffee Table I Made

Image credits: Broad_Moose_424

#41 I Built My Daughter A Lemonade Stand Using Her Old Loft Bed And She Named It

Image credits: sherrymacc

#42 Built A Backdrop For My Niece’s Wedding….(7’3”x16’)

Image credits: readdirtytoyou

#43 Got My It Degree Last Week. I Wanted To Combine My Love Of Woodworking And Technology For My Grad Cap

Image credits: SneezingAtClimax

#44 4 Years Worth Of Shop Class. Should I Have Pursued A Career In Woodworking?

My shop teacher told me to find a job that allows me to do woodworking as a hobby

Image credits: griffdawg22

#45 Sold All My Video Game Stuff And Used The Money To Buy Wood Tools. First Ever Project A Gate

Image credits: charles879

#46 I Would Like Your Thoughts On My Latest Cutting Board, Please

Image credits: owlwoodworks

#47 My Bed

Image credits: SEBRET

#48 I Crafted Skyrim Staff Of Destruction Hair Pin. 9 Inches Long

Image credits: t_sekuloski

#49 Wooden Burger. My Life As A Woodworker Has Finally Peaked. It’s All Downhill From Here

Image credits: e_eloise

#50 Binding A New Guitar I’m Making Today Using Tape And Bike Inner Tubes Which Are Great Versatile Clamps

Image credits: daisytempest

#51 Masterpiece I Made For Cabinetmaker Masterclass. Includes A Secret Drawer That Opens With A Melody

Image credits: iphilamazing

#52 Wife Liked The Look Of Some Epoxy Tables. I Said I Could Build One Better

8 months later and for the price to buy one, I finally finished 2 just before easter.

Image credits: SlightlyNomadic

#53 Cigar Tubes I Made As Groomsman Gifts For My Wedding

Image credits: ColumbusJewBlackets

#54 The Chevron Brick Bowl! I Cast These Maple Chevron Patterns In Purple Resin And Turned It Down To A Bowl/Plate

Image credits: FormanWoodworking

#55 My Daughter’s Boyfriend Asked Me To Help Him Build An Engagement Ring Box

When it’s closed it looks like mountains and valleys. When it’s opened a light turns on and illuminates the ring like a sunrise. It has a magnetic closure. We built it out of dark walnut wood. He gave it to her tonight

Image credits: sabertoothbeaver1

#56 Saw This On Etsy For $1250 And Decided To Make My Own. Maple, Walnut And Padauk

Haven’t applied lacquer yet. What should I charge if I sell it? Took 22 hrs and $200 in wood.

Image credits: LedZeppelinRiff

#57 I Made A Keyboard Case From Solid Maple And Dyed It Green. Do You Like This Aesthetic?

Image credits: BarrettCreative

#58 I Got First Place In A High School Woodworking Competition

Image credits: willsome111103

#59 Just Some Baseboard Fun

Image credits: woodnutiam

#60 White Oak Serving Tray

Image credits: acydaf

#61 Decided To Make This Lamp When I Was Feeling Lost The Other Day. Really Brightened Up My Afternoon

Image credits: colossalhenry

#62 Made Some Progress On My Deck Project

Image credits: Signal-Appearance-88

#63 My Baseball Bat Rack

Image credits: FlatCryptographer277

#64 Scroll Saw Turtles

Image credits: NinjaTurtleNerd

#65 My Dad And I Just Started Building Hall Trees As A Side Gig

Image credits: gunnersmate86

#66 A Spoon I Made In My Highschool Woodworking Class. Hand Tools Only

Image credits: CheetahClaw

#67 Just Finished Up This Dining Table. Hand Cut Mortise And Tenon Joinery

Image credits: builtknotbought

#68 My Most Recent Project. I Was Able To Get All The Cedar 2×6’s For A Total Of $250 Of Of Craigslist. “Deal Of The Year!”

Image credits: consolideproductivit

#69 A Pipe I Made For My Brother In Law

Image credits: RedwineWoodDesign

#70 Wife: Let’s Buy This 99$ Dresser. Me: I Can Build One Much Cheaper. 2 Years And Several Hundred Dollars Later

Image credits: shartsngoggles

#71 Just Finished My First Project This Afternoon. A Simple Start To A New Hobby

Image credits: hotcurry1223

#72 Made A Little Elephant Rattle For A Friend’s New Baby Today. Not Sure If The Walnut Dowel Is Design Flaw Or A Feature

Image credits: grease_cat


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