This Online Community Is Exposing Entitled Kids, And Here Are 46 Of The Worst Ones

Welcome to r/EntitledKids! The subreddit where people share stories about all the spoiled and whiny children they encounter. It’s hard to accurately describe its menu, but here you will find a range of behaviors that vary from small daily displays of spoiled-ness (trying to blow out your sibling’s candles on their birthday) to full-on schemes (ordering $300 worth of toys without your parents knowing) that are supposed to get the world dancing according to your tune. Here are some of the all-time most-upvoted posts you can find on the sub!

#1 Saw This On Facebook Today, Made Me Giggle A Bit

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Image credits: queenboogie67

#2 This A-Hole Kid Who Ages 20 Years In The Last Panel

Image credits: Rodriguezed23

#3 Nice Try Kiddo

Image credits: paolols

#4 Ek Lies To Mum To Try Get My Girlfriend In Trouble

Image credits: epicpig_slav

#5 A Child In My Daughters School (They Are Both 14)

Image credits: RiseBlackKnight

#6 Sounds Like Someone Needs To Either Stop Playing, Or Get Anger Management…

Image credits: Paradigmfusion

#7 The Face Makes Me Want To Flush Her Down The Toilet For Good

Image credits: alittlebitiffy

#8 My Brother Threw A Soccer Ball And Chair At Our TV

Image credits: seagod900

#9 Pretty Sure This Belongs Here

Image credits:

#10 This Happened A While Ago, Still Not Really Sure If This Person Was Messing With Me Or Not; I’ll Post A Link To The Tweet That Was Mentioned So You Have Some More Context

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: _purplesaturn_

#11 We Told Someone That We Couldn’t Sell The Fish And Their Kid Threw A Tantrum And Threw A Decoration Through The Tank

Image credits: msotelo24

#12 Not Sure If This Had Been Posted Here Yet, But Wow The Cajones On This Entitled Kid

Image credits: mashath

#13 Ek Came Into My Store Today And Made A Mess. When She Couldn’t Find What She Wanted She Had A Full Blown Tantrum And Rolled Around On The Floor Crying. She Was Like 8 Jesus. I Love My Job

Image credits: launie357

#14 “My Chocolate Is More Important Than Your Groceries!!!!”

Image credits: MissBarker93

#15 The Photo Says It All

Image credits: SantaClaws004

#16 Trash Dumping, Seat Kicking Gremlin

Image credits: emkayy23

#17 Kids Smash Glass Artwork Whole Parents Stand Back And Film

Image credits: colerarso

#18 This Entitled Bratt

Image credits: GhostRxm

#19 Entitled Brother Refusing To Understand Why He Can’t Visit His Girlfriend During Lockdown

Image credits: nne420

#20 This Kid Thinks Life Is Free If You Fake Some Pain

Image credits: RomanMule72

#21 Had A Kid On Here Try To Take A Story I Posted On Here For A Grade, Then Tried To Convince Me To Take Down My Story So His Teacher Wouldn’t Bust Him. Hope The Grade Went Well Bubba

Image credits: lilgelflinggal

#22 She Threw A Freaking Twinkie At Me

Image credits: yeetorbeyeeted69420

#23 My ‘Friend’ Lives In Florida And Says She’d Actively Prefer Being Homeless Than Heving These Parents’ Restrictions

Image credits: DanielXpert

#24 I Have No Words

Image credits: TanmayM21

#25 Found This Gem

Image credits: MissBarker93

#26 My Sister Who Is 7 Years Old Wanted A Frappuccino At 9 O’clock And Has School Tomorrow Is Throwing A Tantrum Because My Mom Didn’t Let Her Get It Late At Night

Image credits: Lucario_Girl

#27 Teen Thinks That His Actions Don’t Effect People On The Other Side Of His Screen

Image credits: Just_here_for_memes1

#28 Vehicle Got Traded In Today In This Condition…

Image credits: Carbonfrk

#29 Seriously?

Image credits: lordofthehamstrings

#30 I Found This While Looking At Reviews For An Okay Gaming Headset

Image credits: glockitsthecops

#31 This Guy Kind Of Reminded Me Of Eric Cartman, But More Bratty

Image credits: meme-lord-XIII

#32 Entitled Girl Is Mad That Her Parents Are Taking Her To Disneyland Instead Of Taking Her To The Mall To Buy *more* X-Mas Presents (She Already Bought Some And Is Now Demanding More, Even Though She’s Getting A Ton On The 25 Too)

Image credits: polypolypolydia

#33 Girls Pushed A Random Guy Into A Frozen Lake And After Being Called Out Here’s What They Said

Image credits: BevTheArtist

#34 This Kid Won’t Stop Bugging Me For $15

Image credits: Spegady

#35 Taking All The Halloween Candy So The Other Kids Can’t Have Any

Image credits: uber765

#36 Ek Complaining They Have To Eat Pizza Instead Of A Nice Home Cooked Meal

Image credits: LumpyLionezz

#37 Guy Doesn’t Want To Wait For My Giveaway

Image credits: enTitLeDboiiii

#38 Entitled Kid Threatened To Report Me To Yt… Because They Didn’t Like A Video I Posted

Image credits: RandomLozzie

#39 I Was Trying To Sleep, First Day Of School 10pm And She Kept Sending Me This S**t

Image credits: dinokid11

#40 So This Girl I Used To Go To School With Posted This On Her Instagram Story And It’s Hilarious That She Thinks People Will Fund Her Own Desire To Meet Her “Husband”

Image credits: YvngBoi670

#41 My Brother Broke The 299.99$ TV Because He Wanted To Make My Autistic Brother Mad

Image credits: VenomousViper109

#42 Ek Fakes His Brain Cancer And Admits It

Image credits: Tech-Support-420

#43 This Whole Operation Was Your Idea…

Image credits: heck_poyo

#44 Not A Story But If You Can’t Buy Don’t Beg

Image credits: ooooofoooof

#45 This 10 Year Old’s Christmas List

Image credits: Cambeastbro

#46 Not The Most Entitled/Annoying, But Still Pretty Bad

Image credits: vicandmath


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