This Online Community Is On A Mission To Fight Patriarchy With A Witchy Twist, And Here Are 86 Of Their Best Posts

Just imagine: colorful crystals placed on a wooden table, smell of sage sticks and the lingering sweetness of incense. Sounds magical, right? If yes, you’ll be glad to hear that the cult of the witch is popping up in our society yet again, and there’s an entire online community to prove it.

The subreddit in question is a woman-centered page full of internet-savvy witches who are supporting one another through humor and magic. As the moderators state in the page description, the goal is to “at once embrace, and poke fun at, the mystical aspects of femininity” that have been previously demonized by the patriarchy.

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Bored Panda has collected some of the best posts from the sub, so continue scrolling and upvote the pics that made you want to cast a spell yourself!

#1 Growing Up In Conservative Catholic Schools Has Impacted Me So Negatively, And Stuff Like This Is So Profoundly Meaningful To Me That I Wanted To Share With You Witches

Image credits: littlebunnyfoofoo6

#2 How Interesting…

Image credits: something__clever__

#3 What Is Feminism To You?

Image credits: samipuzzled

#4 *sips Tea*

Image credits: messie_jessie83

#5 I Never Realized It Either

Image credits: smashells32

#6 “Historical Accuracy”

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#7 I Like This.

Image credits: ocyane

#8 How Often Is A Women Denied Their Due In A Patriarchal Society

Image credits: over_and_above

#9 Carrie Is Still A Legend, Wherever She Is

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Image credits: AeyviDaro

#10 She’s Onto Something…

Image credits: space_grrl

#11 She’s Got A Point

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#12 Some Of The Companies Which Funded The Texas Anti-Women, Forced Birthing Law

Image credits: DumbledoresAtheist

#13 They Hear Us Now

Image credits: drjengunter

#14 Hope This Fits

Image credits: Sallyanonymous

#15 Actually, The Real Reason Jane Austin Is Timeless Is…

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#16 That’s Not A Marriage. This Is A Marriage.

Image credits: CFD_Steve

#17 In A Few Minutes We’ll Have Legal, Safe And Free Abortion In Argentina! I’m Celebrating! We Are The Daughter Of The Witches You Could Not Burn!

Image credits: leidakar

#18 Mark

Image credits: democracydiva

#19 “Friend Zone” Seems Better Than “Liar Intent On Sexual Manipulation Zone” To Me, Personally

Image credits: shari_teja

#20 Medusa Holding Perseus’ Head. Added To My Local Park During Pandemic. Thought It Fit Here

Image credits: Armtoe

#21 What’s Making You Happy This Autumn Season?

Image credits: UR_DEMON_BF

#22 Well This Was Unexpectedly Deep.

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#23 Probably.

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#24 Self-Care Witch Right Here

Image credits: athiefintamriel

#25 Female Empowerment

Image credits: It_Is_Me_The_E

#26 Independence

Image credits: crystalllowery

#27 Trans Women Are Women

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#28 Jk Rowling Reported Sarah Mcgonagall For Using Her Own Legal Name. Mcgonagall’s Response Is Truly Witchy!

Image credits: Helena_Wren

#29 Seriously?

Image credits: rahmanila

#30 If The Science Witch Says “Don’t Violate Quarantine Because We Could All Die.”. Don’t Violate Quarantine. Because You May All Die.

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#31 “Always Carry A Eye-Stabbin’ Knife.” – Jesus

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#32 Did I Missed The Email?

Image credits: Msbehaving_

#33 Happy Rich People Torturing Season!

Image credits: AeyviDaro

#34 The Real Magic Rbg Gave Women Is Independence

Image credits: sairarahman

#35 Fight For Human Rights

Image credits: haileymariiieee

#36 ?

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#37 Rattlesnake Rights Now

Image credits: ChrisMMatthews

#38 Red Hair

Image credits: Alice_Moran

#39 Wake. The Fuck. Up.

Image credits: Sin_Cos_Im_Tan

#40 It’s Not About You.

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#41 Happy Turkey Day ?

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#42 -Laughs In Occult-

Image credits: henke

#43 I Just Started Volunteer At The Women’s Shelter Again, And Several Of The People There Fell Into This Trap. This Goes For Anyone Teaching Witchcraft, Or Spiritualism As Well. People Can Be Manipulative In Ways You Have Never Dreamed Of. I Share This Again As A Part Of A Ritual Of Protection

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#44 Where Are My Ugly Prison Witches At?

Image credits: believeitornotjail

#45 ?‍♀️

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#46 The Real Viking Myths Were Actually Quite Fabulous.

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#47 ?

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#48 The True Test

Image credits: mpress17

#49 Let Me Go Grab My Sword…

Image credits: Ematai

#50 As A Food Working Kitchen Witch, I Applaud This.

Image credits: sensistarfish

#51 What A Nice Way To Be Known For! ?

Image credits: PeculiarProtocol

#52 Be Like Alice

Image credits: screwitagainsam

#53 All Hail Rbg And Her Energies! May She Have Long Life And Health!

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#54 Why Won’t You Turn To God?!?

Image credits: ShirazGypsy

#55 Feminism

Image credits: alexbertanades

#56 Madame Bonfamille Was Life Goals Before I Ever Knew What Life Goals Were

Image credits: theclacks

#57 Advocating For Yourself Is Its Own Form Of Magic.

Image credits: lizhackett

#58 The Holy Woman

Image credits: qwersadfc

#59 Enough.

Image credits: angels_exist_666

#60 My Heart Is Full.

Image credits: revital9

#61 Some Witchy Vibes This Monday Morning

Image credits: kentingtonclark

#62 My Dad Died Last Night. He Taught Me How To Apply Feminism And Activism To My Daily Life. He Was As Much A Witch As We Are. This Is A Picture Of Him In 1980 Telling Me Sea Glass Is Lucky, Something He Made Up, But That I Believe With All My Heart. I Need Your Lights To Help Me Guide Him Home.

Image credits: ImmunocompromisedAle

#63 Advocate For Yourself. You Deserve Respect.

Image credits: henke

#64 Saw This On Facebook: Feminist Are Witches

Image credits: heldonbyastring

#65 Reproductive Rights Are Reproductive Rights And We Have To Fight For All Of Them For Everyone

Image credits: PammyFromShirtTales

#66 Finally Found The Devil’s Doorbell

Image credits: Lazelabo

#67 Come To Think Of It, She’s Right

Image credits: molly7anne

#68 Photos Of Trans Women From The 1950’s. Can We Please Acknowledge How Otherworldy And Liberating It Is To See Women Embrace Their True Identity In Any Era?

Image credits: anomie__

#69 La Belle Maloney

Image credits: Mycatissnootsy

#70 Protest Loudly For Our Heroes ✊

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#71 The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way.

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#72 Disappear Into The Woods

Image credits: DothTheDoth

#73 Wanted To Share This With You Ladies.

Image credits: FlakeyGurl

#74 It’s A Beautiful Thing To See How You’ve Been Manipulated Into Victim Blaming, So You Can Change Your Thinking And Remember Who The Real Enemy Is.

Image credits: hywtpf

#75 The Only Submitting I’m Doing Is Submitting This Post.

Image credits: henke

#76 You Are Valid In Your Humanness.

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#77 I Dare You….

Image credits: angels_exist_666

#78 I Feel Like This Would Be Appreciated Here

Image credits: V0LTREF

#79 Felt Like The Vibe Of This Sub (Found On R/Tumblr)

Image credits: weirdnewwhere

#80 We Need Accountability. We Need Justice For Breonna.

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#81 Sorry If This Was Already Posted But Of Course I Thought Of Y’all. Keep Killin It Ladies

Image credits: nerdystarfish

#82 This Isn’t Baseball.

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#83 Your Current Body Is Worthy Of Sunshine.

Image credits: stitchyandwitchy

#84 If They Would’ve Listened To Warrant Officer Science Witch, They Would’ve Lived.

Image credits: Freyas_Follower

#85 She Sounds Like She Was A Badass

Image credits: StellarValkyrie

#86 Dear 17-Year-Olds In Georgia:

Image credits: whyamithebadger


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