This Online Community Is Shaming Horrible People, And Here Are 50 Of The Worst Ones

Determining whether or not someone is a lousy person isn’t easy. Most people have the capacity for good and bad behavior.

When we’re judging others, Dr. Maury Joseph, a psychologist in Washington, D.C., says we must consider the context of their actions.

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“If a person makes the only choice available to them, based on their developmental history, the prejudices of the country in which they were born, and their current environment, does that make them bad?” Joseph asks.

Everyone has a backstory that explains why they act a certain way. Can we convict them without it? Let’s do a test.

Here’s a list of situations in which the internet (most notably, this subreddit) thought individuals proved themselves to be rotten from the inside. Upvote the ones you agree with and let’s see if there are deeds that don’t need the context Maury Joseph was talking about to earn you some pretty nasty labels.

#1 He Spent 20 Years Breeding A Super-Bee That Could Survive Attacks From Mites That Kill Millions Of Bees Worldwide

Image credits: ReasonsForReason

#2 How Dare My Dying Father Live Out The Rest Of His Life!??!?!

Image credits: 666ithink

#3 Bumblebee Didn’t Want To Be In Their Possession

Image credits: efucc

#4 How Terrible Of A Person Do You Have To Be To Do This

Image credits: cayce_leighann

#5 Stealing From A Disabled Man

Image credits: GabiCule

#6 What?

Image credits: [deleted]

#7 This Chinese Policeman Arresting A Medic Helping Wounded Protesters In Hong Kong

Image credits:

#8 When Not Even Your Own Spouse Dying From Covid Will Convince To Change Your Habits And Keep Safe…

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Image credits: darkizzle

#9 Wrong Car

Image credits: azgrunt

#10 This Is Beyond Stupid

Image credits: VangeeOP

#11 If You’re A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This Then You’re A Piece Of Sh**

Image credits: dillonconnerty

#12 People Queuing For Up To 6 Hours To Get A Covid Test And Police Think It’s Acceptable Behaviour To Fine Them 100s Of Dollars For Looking At Their Phones

Image credits: FutureSkeIeton

#13 Still Hasn’t Been Turned In

Image credits: jewel_lay

#14 Absolute Human Waste

Image credits: irishrugby2015

#15 Some Assh*le Abandoned This Poor Tiny Baby In Our Stuffed Animal Bin At My Workplace Last Night

Image credits: MzMegs

#16 This Kid Will Never Live This Photo Down

Image credits: _FUCK_THE_GIANTS_

#17 Just Discrediting Someone’s Death Bc Of The Brain Dead Narrative You Believe

Image credits: BigDaddyThiccDong

#18 Karma Is A B*tch

Image credits: zevHS

#19 “My Son Must Have A £25k Car As A Present, It’s An Emergency”

Image credits: lewwyt

#20 “She’s Around 11 And Im Just Tired Of Her To Be Honest”

Image credits: jwfergus

#21 This Is Exactly Why I Hate Seaworld

Image credits: Eli_14_Eli

#22 Falsifying Results To Save Money – Impacting How Many Families?!

Image credits: kwhiseheart

#23 Imagine Being This Spoilt, Sometime Didn’t Get You Anything On Christmas So You Spend A Shit Ton Of Their Money, I Hope The Dude Wasn’t Broke

Image credits: RumpsterClive

#24 This Person Who Refuses To Return My Friend’s Dog

Image credits: PrestiJess

#25 Ashton Kutcher Took A Photo Of A Paparazzo Camping Outside His 2 Year Old’s Daycare Trying To Get Photos Of The Toddler

Image credits: golde62

#26 The Person Who Did This

Image credits: spidershe-ra

#27 Hospital Worker Uses Dead Patients Bank Card To Buy Snacks

Image credits: Brevatron

#28 MacBook Jerk

Image credits: brolome

#29 Putting Gum In The Charging Slots On Public Transport…

Image credits: adam_finn

#30 I Wish There Were Stronger Drunk Driving Laws

Image credits: FloofySamoyed

#31 Goldman Sachs Asking The Real Questions

Image credits: delRo618

#32 Entitled Rich Kid Asks For Birthday Money

Image credits: bloodydickens

#33 Pastor Who Begged His Followers To Send Him Their Stimulus Checks And Almost Backed Over A Protester Is Bailed Out By His Wife

Image credits: thweet_jethuth

#34 This Must Be So Emotionally Hard To Go Through

Image credits: Mqster123

#35 Regardless Of How You Feel Politically, Actions Like These Show How Little Some People Give A Sh*t About Others

Image credits: twistid420

#36 I Guess I’ll Eat Somewhere Else?

Image credits: Thundergun_

#37 Mr F Thinks It’s Unfair That His Wife Doesn’t Want To Get Tortured For His Pleasure

Image credits: Street2001

#38 A Former Teacher Of Mine Publicly Ridiculing And Passing Judgement On Someone For Being Proud Of Their Sobriety

Image credits: ander2kv

#39 The “Beautiful” Town Of Harrison In Arkansas

Image credits: UnironicThatcherite

#40 My Son Is Asthmatic And Is Very Unwell Currently. We Pay To Get Milk/Eggs/Bread Delivered 3 Times A Week And Everyday This Week Someone Has Stolen This Before 7am

Image credits: Bingalingbean123

#41 What An Ask

Image credits: MrRajput701

#42 Serial Killer In The Making

Image credits: _NITRISS_

#43 So Many Wrong Cars In This List

Image credits: TheFartingKing_56

#44 Entitled Kid Thinks Being Pregnant Isn’t An Excuse For Him To Move

Image credits: ThatMonoOne

#45 Woman Leaves Out Poison For Animals That Are “Trespassing”

Image credits: Susman22

#46 During An Active School Shooting

Image credits: irishrugby2015

#47 Graffiti “Artist” Trashes The Work Of A Well Known Cartoonist Who Was Recently Invited To Paint A Mural In Mexico

Image credits: silexchreos

#48 People Want Things To Get Back To Normal Hey, Screw Em’

Image credits: CrawlinOutTheFallout

#49 Charging 6x The Price For Hoarded Gas

Image credits: katymae123

#50 My Friend Asks Us To Donate Money Towards Her Temporary Car She’ll Use For Year Until Her Dad Buys Her A Cadillac. She Doesn’t Even Have A Permit. Shortly After This She Left Our Group Chat And Made A Post On How Annoying People Are. Blue Is Her And Green Is The Other Person In Our Group Chat

Image credits: r_tz


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