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#1 Some Grocers Are Using Banana Leaves As An Alternative Way To Package Without Plastic

Image credits: pr0digalnun

#2 If You Eat A Hard Taco Over A Soft Tortilla Shell You Get A Second Taco

Image credits: poppinfresh_original

#3 Grilled Cheese Cooked In A Waffle Iron (The Holes Hold Extra Soup)

Image credits: gooberdawg

#4 Wrap Hack

Image credits: jkroflcopter

#5 Look At This

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#6 I Hope This Is Helpful

Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more “pizza” than two 12 inch pizzas

Image credits: charu_ism

#7 Don’t Want To Mess Up 10 Bowls For Tacos? Use Muffin Tins!

Image credits: thewun111

#8 Wrap A Piece Of Lettuce Around One Side Of Your Sandwich/Burger To Keep The Goods From Falling Out The Other Side

Image credits: thebibarista

#9 2 Frozen Pizza 1 Tray? No Problem

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Image credits: InvasionDK

#10 My Husband Is Using Our Baby Monitor To Keep An Eye On The Temperature Of His Smoker While He Works

Image credits: of_james

#11 This One Helps Me Out On Occasion. Hope It Helps You As Well!

Image credits: trivialstar

#12 I Really Wanted A Hot Dog But Didn’t Have Any Buns So I Used A Baked Potato Instead

Image credits: sphex13

#13 We Need To Know This

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#14 Chiles Change Name Once They Are Dried

Image credits: mcshezzle85

#15 Good Knowledge

Image credits: erin214

#16 For Easy-To-Eat S’mores, Try Making Them In Ice Cream Cones

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#17 When You Finish A Jar Of Mustard, Don’t Throw It Out – Make Delicious Salad Dressing With Only 3 Ingredients. Put Ingredients Into Jar, Shake Vigorously, Done

Image credits: EsseLeo

#18 Hubby Was Using The Oven And I Needed To Proof My Focaccia, So I Ran The Dryer For 3 Minutes Then Put In My Dough. Worked Great!

Image credits: 828cmj

#19 If You Have A Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter, You Also Have Reindeer Cookies Cutter. Awesome Isn’t It. See Image Below To Understand How

If you have gingerbread man cookie cutters, you also have reindeer cookie cutters

Image credits: hotpostedfood

#20 New To The Sub, So Sorry If This Has Been Done Before. But The Bottom Of J.lohr(As Well As Any Similar Shaped Wine Bottle) Makes A Great Press For Homemade Ravioli

Image credits: tyfawks

#21 Place Pepperoni Over Bagel Holes When Making Homemade Pizza Bagels. Cheese Won’t Melt And Stick To The Pan, Gives Toppings More Surface Area

Image credits: WarningGipsyDanger

#22 Mix Cereals To Regulate Sweetness Levels And For Variety

Image credits: Iwanttoplaytoo

#23 Try The Lemon Method Under The Salmon To Avoid Burning Your Fish

Image credits: julialopezz

#24 Got 2 Cast Irons? Heat Them Up And Stack Them To Grill Both Sides Of A Burrito Or Wrap

Image credits: Oontnic

#25 Elevating The Bacon Keeps It Out Of The Grease And Allows Hot Air To Circulate Around The Strips, So They Cook And Crisp Evenly

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#26 Splatter Shield Was Too Small For My Pan

Image credits: jeffhowcodes

#27 You Can Cut An Uncooked Frozen Pizza And Put The Slices In The Air Fryer For A Quick Slice!

Image credits: Sl1ppin_Jimmy

#28 The Easiest Way To Cook With Fresh Garlic. Also A Great Way To Prevent Waste

Image credits:

#29 Hear Me Out: A Ramen Packet Makes An Awesome Popcorn Seasoning! Mix The Powder With Some Melted Butter Or Margarine And Then Toss With The Popcorn. Add Chili Powder For An Extra Kick

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#30 Microwave Crisps! Cut The Potatoes As Thin As Possible, Spray A Plate With Oil, Arrange The Potato Slices And Sprinkle With Sea Salt. Microwave For 3-4 Min Then Flip And Microwave For Another 2-3min

Image credits: valloyossa

#31 Keep Some White Grapes In The Freezer. You Can Use Them As Ice Cubes In Your White Wine, And When You Finish, You Get To Eat A Wine-Infused Grape!

Image credits: Tezhrian

#32 Keep Your Cake Fresh. Add Bread Slices To The Cut Areas

Image credits: Ayo_management

#33 I Present You – Simple Cheese Sticks!

Image credits: Amp4All

#34 New Spice Rack!

Image credits: mcshezzle85

#35 Just Tried That 1 Pan Egg Sandwich Hack But Added Cheese N Ketchup And It Was Probably The Best Egg Sandwich Ive Made

Image credits: hdylan99

#36 Empty Ketchup Bottles Make Excellent Batter Holders And Dispensers

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#37 Add A Little Brown Sugar To The Egg To Caramelize Your French Toast! Also, Yay For Breakfast At Dinner!

Image credits: AnUnrulyLlama

#38 Pour Some Coffee Into An Ice Cube Tray. Freeze Your Ice Cubes And Use Them In Your Ice Coffee Instead Of Regular Ice Cubes

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#39 Clean A Spice Grinder, Aka Coffee Grinder, By Blending Up Some White Rice Inside. It Will Trap Any Leftover Spices And Aromas

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#40 Use Old Tic Tac Dispenser To Store Spices

Image credits: Wundertips

#41 A Loose Leaf Tea Steeper Is The Best Way To Evenly Sprinkle Flour On A Surface, Corn Starch On Proteins, And Icing Sugar On Desserts

Image credits: complexcarbs15

#42 Aldi Pasta Sauce Jars Have Measurements Under The Stickers!

Image credits: _innominate_

#43 Cheese Grater Broke, Used A Vegetable Peeler To Shave My Parmesan

Image credits: teh_mexirican

#44 Reheating Pizza On A Flattop Stove Burner Makes The Bottom Crispy Af Without Getting Burnt

Image credits: mybellasoul

#45 This Is Going To Change Everything

Image credits: Masters_of_cooking

#46 If You Add Fresh Pineapple Juice Or Crushed Pineapple To Your Meat Marinades, Not Only Will It Lend The Meat Its Natural Sweetness, But It Will Also Perfectly Tenderize It.

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#47 Cook Your Bacon In An IKEA Grill Pan! It Keeps It Flat And My Husband Said It’s Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Image credits: AmyMakesItBeautiful

#48 Cook French Toast In A Waffle Maker

Image credits: Turtleramem

#49 Mason Jar Lid Ring To Make My Egg Round For My Breakfast Sandwich! Totally Works

Image credits: shadyood

#50 Toast Your Buns On A Conventional Toaster

Image credits: TacoLake

#51 Just A Small Hack!

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#52 Store Your Fruit Salad In A Strainer Inside A Larger Bowl. It Keeps The Fruit Above The Juices, And You Can Just Take The Strainer Out And Dump The Juice Out Of The Bowl Every So Often. The Fruit Stays Fresh Much Longer!

Image credits: BlueIce64

#53 Use An Apple Corer To Prep Roast Potatoes

Image credits: PermanentAtmosphere

#54 Keep Guacamole Fresh Using Plastic Wrap Pressed All The Way Down – No More Brown Spots!

Image credits: tatertot10000

#55 When To Eat A Banana

Image credits: SuperStar1007

#56 My Mate Blew My Mind When He Cooked Tacos Last Night! I Truly Was Sheltered As A Child

Image credits: Ira_light

#57 I Think I Discovered The Best Way To Mince Garlic! A Meat Tenderizer! I Put A Ziploc Bag On Top Of The Garlic And Hit It 4-5 Times, And Presto! Good Spaghetti Tonight!

Image credits: johnnyboy6184

#58 Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

Image credits: J_Kenji_Lopez-Alt

#59 Use A Spoon To Anchor Your Strainer

Image credits: gooberdawg

#60 Finally Found It After All These Years

Image credits: Gimme_the_dietz

#61 We Freeze Fresh Lime Juice For Margaritas!

Image credits: zross51234

#62 It’s Sad That It Takes Desperate Times For Me To Not Just Waste Cooking Oil. This Method Of Filtering Cooking Oil Brought To You By My Gram. I Used To Laugh At All The Stuff She Reused. Thanks Gram

Image credits: OneLeafAmongMany

#63 When Sprinkling Icing Sugar Over Pastries Or Cakes, Balance Your Wire Tray Over The Sink (Make Sure The Tap Is Out Of The Way!), Dust Liberally And Any Excess Sugar Can Be Easily Rinsed Away. No Sticky Counter / Cloth!

Image credits: MumTeachesSonToCook

#64 How To Get More Volume For Your Ramen Noodles: Add A Few Cups Of Frozen Veggies. 320 Calories For The Whole Bowl!

Image credits: FAGanon

#65 Cook Steak In A Waffle Maker

Image credits: Turtleramem

#66 Easy And Delicious

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#67 If You Want To Make Filled Cupcakes, Muffins, Donuts Or Other Pastries, Use A Needle-Less Medicine Syringe. It’s More Precise, Neater And Easier Than Using Piping Bags, Plus They’re Reusable And Cheap!

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#68 I Swear By Grilled Cheese In A Waffle Iron. Faster, Less Greasy And Some Yummy Pockets For Soup

Image credits: ktzoom

#69 I Cut Bacon In Half And Freeze In Individual Pieces. Then I Pack Them Into Bags. When I Want A Little Bacon I Can Pull Just What I Want And Not Have To Find A Use For The Whole Pound

Image credits: jsat3474

#70 One Pan Chicken Thighs Cooked On Wire Rack Over Sliced Potatoes

Image credits: cookingsheri

#71 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Image credits: TheHeianPrincess

#72 It Will Stop It Going Soggy At Bottom Too!

Image credits: PachaFerrera

#73 Cheese Dip Warmer

Image credits: mrrueca

#74 No Cooking Twine? Use Bacon!

Image credits: SnooLobsters6374

#75 Utensil Tips!

Image credits: Bookkeeper-Imaginary

#76 Grate A Piece Of Toast If You’re Out Of Breadcrumbs

Image credits: gooberdawg

#77 When You Don’t Like Bread Crusts. Pour Melted Butter Then Cinnamon. Pop In Oven Until Crunchy And Have Yummy Cinnamon Chips

Image credits:

#78 Edible Flowers

Image credits: rcsakr

#79 For The Crispiest Home Fries Boil Your Potatoes With A Little Baking Soda, Drain, And Then Put The Drained Potatoes Back On The Burner And Stir Around To Dry Them Out. They Will Get Starchy And Gummy And Will Get The Crunchiest Crust! (Don’t Rinse Potatoes)

Image credits: brandoesco

#80 Order A Plain Costco Sheet Cake (No Decoration/Piping) To Save Time And Effort In Making A Kid’s Birthday Cake – Just Add Toys And Candy And You’re Done!

Image credits: motherofchubb

#81 Use Mason Jar Can Lids To Get The Patty Shape When Making Black Bean Burgs. (Also Works With Eggs)

Image credits: Stammbomb

#82 Update… This Is One Week !

Image credits: mellierollie

#83 DIY Smoothie Freezer Packs For The Speediest Breakfast

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#84 Mayo On The Outside Of The Bread Before It Goes In The Pan Makes A Perfect Golden And Crispy Grilled Sandwich

Image credits: thenisaidbitch

#85 Tic-Tac Containers? Pro-Tip: Store Spices In Magnetic Paperclip Holders And Put Them On Your Fridge. Bonus Points For Alphabetically

Image credits: MisallocatedRacism

#86 Make “Leftover Bombs” By Wrapping Thanksgiving Food In Crescent Roll Dough And Baking (Stuffing, Turkey And Gravy, Pumpkin Pie Filling, Cranberry Sauce & Cream Cheese)

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#87 30 Cured Meats To Know!

Image credits: Maximering

#88 You Can Add 2 Eggs And 1/2 A Cup Of Oil To Turn Any Cake Mix Into Cookie Dough

Image credits:

#89 Use Mac & Cheese Powder To Season Popcorn For A Lighter Snack To Satisfy Cheesy Cravings

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#90 Had Some Leftover Mashed Potatoes And Decided To Fry Them. An Amazing Snack

Image credits: SpicyTun4Roll_

#91 Baby Yoda Cookies!

Image credits: Jessika0800

#92 Use Up Leftover Mashed Potatoes With These Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#93 You Can Make Perfect Roast Potatoes Without Any Oil At All. Just Par Boil Them, Then Put Them In A Bowl With Some Plain Flour, Crushed Garlic, Salt And Pepper. Shake About So They Are All Coated In The Mixture Then Cook Until Crispy! I Do This Out Of Poverty Not Healthiness And They Are Always Great

Image credits: allthekos

#94 Need A Pastry Brush Or Don’t Have One? No Problem! Fold A Piece Of Parchment Paper At Least Four Times. Use A Scissor To Cut Some Fringe Into The Paper. Use The Fringe Side As A Brush

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#95 Get A Pestle And Mortar! Bought My First Today And The Difference In The Amplitude Of Taste And The Way The Flavours Blend Together Is Tangible

Image credits: KernowBysVykken93

#96 Pizza In A Sandwich Press Using Folded Foil Stoppers To Keep The Top Off The Cheese, Means Lovely Crispy Base And Gooey Melted Cheese. Perfect For Leftover Pizza At Work

Image credits: evwhatevs

#97 Use A Tea Infuser For All The Broken Bits Of Bayleaf At The Bottom Of The Bag

Image credits: CreakyD

#98 2012, When I Noticed I Didn’t Have A Rolling Pin For The Dough, But!…

Image credits: Sektrif

#99 Sometimes When I Don’t Have Cocoa Powder To Dust Or A Sieve To Do So, I Rub Two Halves Of An Oreo Without The Cream To “Dust” My Desserts

Image credits: k0ella

#100 Cook Frittatas In A Waffle Maker

Image credits: Turtleramem

#101 What I Do When My Baking Pan Is Too Big

Image credits: drisslikethis

#102 Broke Af, Have No Food, Made Bread Pudding Out Of The Ingredients In My Fridge: Hot Dog Buns, Eggs, Melted Vanilla Ice Cream, & Caramel Sundae Syrup. Came Out Amazing!

Image credits: hhhhhhhillary

#103 Cutting Board Trick!

Image credits: leafyyygoodnesss

#104 Cook Waffles In The Waffle Maker

Image credits: Tycho_B

#105 Mind Over Matter – How To Keep Your Fudge From Disappearing

Image credits: SpicyBeefChowFun

#106 I Got Into Cheesemaking This Quarantine And Really Wanted To Try Out Cannoli. Obviously Didn’t Have The Tubes So I Made A Makeshift One Using Aluminium Foil. Basically Roll Up The Foil In Cylinders And Wrap The Dough Around It. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Great. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: iridescence16

#107 Save Your Broccoli Stems And Run Them Through A Spiralizer To Make Noodles. Drop Them Into Your Spaghetti Cooking Water In The Last 2 Minutes Of Cooking, Drain And Sauce As Normal, And They Meld Into The Pasta And Will Add Nutrients/Reduce Caloric Density Without Changing Taste Much

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#108 Cook Your Eggs In Onion Rings, For A Perfectly Shaped Fried Egg Ready To Go In A Sandwich

Image credits: AOL_

#109 Add Sprinkles To Pancakes When Cooking To Make A Fun Treat! My Kids Always Get Rainbow Pancakes On Their Birthday

Image credits: ExtravagantBear

#110 This Easy Thanksgiving Hack Guys: Brûléeing Pumpkin Pie

Image credits: lambstidz

#111 Leftover Rice Doesn’t Have To Be Made Into Fried Rice Only. You Can Crack A Couple Of Eggs, Add Some Vegetables & Protein (Or Not) , Fry Them As Patties, Turning Them Into Potato Tostie Like Rice Pancakes. Add Flour To Make It Stick Better If Not Worrying About Gluten-Free

Image credits: Apieceofbreaddough

#112 When In Doubt With Your Rice Dish, Add One Of The Holy Trinity

Image credits: Specific-Bar

#113 Cook Chocolate Cake In A Waffle Maker

Image credits: Turtleramem

#114 Here Are My Stocks. Freeze Your Relevant Veggie Scraps To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money

Image credits: rooftopfilth

#115 Leftover Ribs + BBQ + Sharp Cheddar= Cowboy Quesadilla

Image credits: kyrale22

#116 DIY Everything Bagel Seasoning – Mix These 5 Ingredients With Sea Salt In A Bowl, Then Use A Funnel To Refill Each Jar

Image credits: roguegaladriel

#117 Instead Of Using Ramen Noodles Traditionally With The Flavor Packet, Sautee Onions, Sweet Corn And Meat Of Your Choice And Add Teriyaki Sauce. Cook The Ramen Noodles And Drain, Then Add To The Mixture

Image credits: mamamoonzz

#118 Hotpot For Two

Image credits: markopolo82

#119 Weave Your Bacon Like A Basket While It’s Raw. When It’s Done Cooking You Can Plop It Right On Your Sandwich

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#120 Chuck Your Veggie Off Cuts And Scraps Into A Bag, Keep It In The Freezer And Keep Adding To It, Then When It’s Full To Bursting Dump Them All Straight From The Freezer Into A Stock Pot And Make Some ‘Free’ Veggie Stock

Image credits: evwhatevs

#121 Keeping A 90 Year Old Skillet Looking Like New Using Electrolysis At Home. Make Your Cast Iron Nonstick And Healthy Alternative To Chemically Treated Nonstick Pans. Big Hack For Searing Meat Like A Pro Is To Use One Of These

Image credits: LockMarine

#122 Use A 5″X5″ Piece Of Baking Paper If You Don’t Have Muffin Liners. Quick And Easy Release, You Don’t Have To Grease With Butter & They Look So Pretty Too

Image credits: valloyossa

#123 Crinkle Your Foil Before Making Chik Nuggets, Frozen Potatoes Etc For Easy Flipping

Image credits: MrBogey90

#124 Lay Raw Bacon Over Your Brussels Sprouts And Bake! Fat Drips Into The Veggies And They Cook Together

Image credits: shockhead

#125 Quick And Easy Tortilla Pizzas On A Work Night. 6 Minutes In The Toaster Oven

Image credits: odetoburningrubber

#126 Best Way To Roast Cauliflower. Cook It On The Same Sheet Pan After Baking Bacon

Image credits: gizmojito

#127 You Can Regrow Scallions! Just Leave An Inch Of The White Part And Use A Toothpick To Keep It Upright While You Rest It In Water. It’s A Super Fast Grower And It Only Needs Water! Keep An Eye On It And Refill Water When You See The Level Go Down. They’re A Thirsty Bunch! Good Luck And Enjoy Regrowin

Image credits: gabygiggle

#128 Perfect Buns! Spread A Little Mayo On The Inside Then Stack So The Outside Is In The Middle. Toasty Inside, Soft Outside- Try It!

Image credits: StephanieSaysWhat

#129 Need To Grind Some Pepper Fast?

Image credits: TheGreatKonyagi

#130 Loved That Shape!

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#131 Air Fried Chicken With A Variation

Image credits: One-global-foodie

#132 A Food Saver Will Save You So Much Money. Got 5 Pork Tenderloin Along With4 Split Chicken Breasts For Just Under 21 Bucks All On Sale. At Least 9 Meals As Well As The Bones To Make Slow Cooker Broth From The Chicken That Will Give Me Around 1.5 Gallons Of Broth. Score!!

Image credits: orangebloodedvol

#133 When You Have A Birthday During A Pandemic And You Still Want To Blow Out Your Candles

Image credits: Retributionsk

#134 I Know This Image Looks Like Pot But Hear Me Out: Use Crushed Dried Edamame As A Breading For Chicken In Place Of Bread Crumbs For A High Protein/Less Carb Crispy Crust That Tastes Awesome

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#135 I Call It Lazy Lasagna; Frozen Ravioli Layered With Sauce And Mozzarella Baked In The Oven. Anyone Else Do This?

Image credits: LemonyOrchid

#136 Secret To The Best Grilled Cheese Ever: Spread Mayo Instead Of Butter On The Outside Of The Sandwich

Image credits: sugarydimples

#137 You Can Use A Hand Mixer To Easily Shred Chicken Breasts. It Worked Better Than I Expected

Image credits: Lunar_Blue420

#138 The Spice Decimator

Image credits: Jimbojauder

#139 Have A Cutting Board With Hole Right Over The Trash Can. Easy To Clean

Image credits: Wundertips

#140 Dental Floss Can Perfectly Cut Soft Solids

Image credits: laurenwazenn

#141 Upgrade Box Mac N Cheese With Cream Cheese

Image credits: shinysmileygirl

#142 Cut Off The Bottom Half Of The Cupcake, Then Place It On Top Of The Icing To Make A Perfect, Mess-Free Sandwich

Image credits: klaraclarkk

#143 Leftover Pasta Makes For An Insanely Good Quesadilla Filling

Image credits: ZenRowndys

#144 Use Your Instapot For A Super Easy And Quick(30 Min) Shrimp Boil. This Was Today’s Lunch

Image credits: jiimmerman

#145 This Seems Like It Belongs Here

Image credits: Christianinium


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