This Online Community Roasts MLMs And Pyramid Schemes One Screenshot At A Time (79 New Posts)

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a method based on distributors selling goods or services, in the meantime attracting new recruits to the company. These salespeople are incentivized to draw others in by receiving a percentage from their sales. The same way, the newbies are encouraged not only to sell products but to look for likely candidates to join under their wing.

“Sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme,” you might think. And you’re right. The two are definitely alike; however, one is legal, the other—not so much. Also known as network marketing, MLM is a legitimate process, yet the line between the two can often get somewhat faded.

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Whether it’s a pyramid scheme or a MLM company, some distributors can get way out of line to increase their sales. Such instances deserve shaming, and that’s exactly what the ‘Anti MLM’ community members on Reddit do. They share screenshots and memes and roast them one image at a time. We collected some of the best examples, covering the heartless, the crazy, and the foolish of multi-level marketing representatives for you to enjoy.

#1 An Mlm I Could Get Behind

Image credits: puregrace79

#2 Taken From Facebook, But Huns Are Getting Bold

Image credits: the_pink_witch

#3 Using Her Husbands Death To Sell Nails Strips

Image credits: deetailor

#4 The Only Possible Explanation

Image credits: Radiant_Ad6909

#5 I’m Doing This At 6cm Dilated!

Image credits: BloodAngel85

#6 Chatgpt Got Wise To Mlms

Image credits: TheEpicFiend

#7 Just Getting Straight To The Point

Image credits: Smithmonkey98

#8 God, Just Shut The F**k Up Already!

Image credits: WangHalen

#9 Coffee Shop Isn’t Having It

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Image credits:

#10 The Nerve. My Grandma Passed Away The Day Before I Got This Message

Image credits: Culurfolgurl

#11 As Seen On Whitepeopletwitter

Image credits: twuraychel

#12 Now This Is Heartwarming

Image credits: sammy_smiless

#13 Holy Personal And Possible(?) Hippa Violation. I Hope This Lady Loses Her Job

Image credits: Ann_Summers

#14 At What Point Will Huns Begin To Realize This Isn’t Normal?

Image credits:

#15 Girl On My Facebook Posted This… She’s Dead Serious…

Image credits: BustingCaptain

#16 Paparazzi Paid For Her Gas

Image credits: SplashBroSteph

#17 Came Across This Beaut In One Of My Facebook Groups

Image credits: LusciousMalfoy92

#18 They Better Leave The Poor Rats Alone!

Image credits: Icecream_headaches

#19 Just Got This Text From A “Friend”

Image credits: disney071010

#20 I Was Sick To My Stomach Thinking My Friend Got Sucked In

Image credits: CannaZebra

#21 I Like Sharing This With The Mlm Huns; They Always Have The Same Thing To Say, “Those People Didn’t Try Hard Enough”

Image credits: waynestractor

#22 Well This Seems Unethical

Image credits: MaxJets69

#23 Soon As I See These I’m Checked Out

Image credits: Astronaut_Chicken

#24 Wedding Photographer Received This Message From A Potential Client To Join Her Mlm Or The Client Wouldn’t Sign The Contract

Image credits: prettyinpink__

#25 Our Daughter Passed Away Last Month. My Husband Received This Message Today From Someone He Knew In Highschool

Image credits: boojudeboo

#26 No Words

Image credits: itred09

#27 Because Regular Old Water Apparently Isn’t Hydrating

Image credits: everydaybaker

#28 And Then Her Ob Called Her A Boss Babe

Image credits: chronic-neurotic

#29 I Think This Is Extremely Disrespectful! Poor Possum Didn’t Ask For This!

Image credits: HelloIamOnTheNet

#30 Ok But Can U Not

Image credits: lovingverbosity

#31 Woah Look At Those Results!

Image credits: empicecream

#32 Saw On Fb Today ? At Least She’s Got A Good Sense Of Humor

Image credits: Kasanala

#33 Last Minute April Fool I Did For My Husband

Image credits: eight-oh-kate

#34 It’s Spooky Szn, Huns!

Image credits: ohnochels

#35 I’ll Take Things That Didn’t Happen For $200

Image credits: hiveminded5

#36 Got Sent This Shit After A Bridal Expo I Didn’t Even Go To But Got Tickets For

Image credits: annahbananahx3

#37 My Optometrists Office, Of All F***ing Places

Image credits: ChemicalEscapes

#38 So A Student Sent This To The Entire College System…

Image credits: ImAprincess_YesIam

#39 Gave Me A Chuckle

Image credits: FixMyCondo

#40 This Is So Tiring

Image credits: tayrich7

#41 Oven Roasted!

Image credits: pommespartyzone

#42 She Was The Reason I Had To Say No Mlm Recommendations

Image credits: anamorphosee

#43 How Friggin Sad Is This

Image credits: Grouchy_taco

#44 I Just Wanted To Sell A Skillet

Image credits: chiefdragonborn

#45 It’s The Order For Me

Image credits: thekeirsh

#46 Anyone Else See Any Huns Capitalizing On The School Shooting To Market Their Mlm Today?

Image credits: DammitMeredith

#47 Posted By A Hun Who “Owns Her Own Business” Selling I’m Sure You Can Guess Which Essential Oils

Image credits: lunatoons291

#48 Godfucking Damnit

Image credits: purpleprawns

#49 Spotted At Hobby Lobby And Got A Chuckle

Image credits: michelle_eva04

#50 My Stepmom Reached Out To Me After Two Years Of No Contact

Image credits: GingerontheRocks

#51 “Lady Gaga” At Monat Reunion

Image credits: KSULadyEngineer

#52 Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

Image credits: i-wanted-that-iced

#53 Plunder Consultants Will Soon Be Wielding Welding Machinery

Image credits: IAlreadyOrderedPizza

#54 Guilting People For Spending Their Money How They Want

Image credits: heyimanxietygirl

#55 And Then The Nursing Staff All Signed Up!

Image credits: macabrejaguar

#56 Still Feeling Bummed About The Breaking Up With My GF So I’m Binge-Watching The Simpsons. The First Episode I Put On Has Homer Getting Scammed By An Mlm

Image credits: Purcival_

#57 Jokes On You, I Won’t Pay For Either Because They’re Both Overpriced Nonsense

Image credits: slightlyslytherin

#58 No Herbalife

Image credits: RugbyBunny

#59 Not Really An Acceptable Answer

Image credits: PM_ME_CUTE_PUPPERS

#60 Is It Just Me Or Is This Absolutely Not Enough Food For A Day??

Image credits: kremacnipec

#61 Elon Musk Sliding Into Your Dms Like “Heyy Hunn”

Image credits: khharagosh

#62 Took My Cat To A New Vet Today… Immediate No

Image credits: addie43

#63 I Am Pretty Sure Tsa Does Not Allow “Medical-Grade Water” In Your Carry-On But Ok Cult Leader Hun

Image credits:

#64 My Military Friend Posted This

Image credits: LoreanPribbley

#65 Uf

Image credits: sassycat46932

#66 Defaced Some Cutco Posters I Saw At My College

Image credits: Katherington

#67 Yes, She Is Being Serious

Image credits: TrIpPydudee

#68 My Mom (Red) Thinks Her Cousin (Blue) Got Hacked ?

Image credits: blankedy_blank

#69 How To Spot A Narcissist …

Image credits: zlta

#70 Got Em’

Image credits: IOnlyCameToArgue

#71 I Emailed Younique While Pretending To Be A Reporter So They Could See The Meme I Made Of Their CEO

Image credits: benpalmerhumor

#72 Seen At Local Target. You All Know Why

Image credits: Kanky_Carrot

#73 This Was In My Son’s Bag Of Halloween Candy

Image credits: chimpansies

#74 Friend-Turned-Velovita-Hun Pesters Me About My Diabetic Doc Clearing Me To Use Her Bs Product

Image credits: Jimbo_Laya

#75 After Long Time Lurking This Sub, I Found A Post Worthy One On My Fb Feed

Image credits: AubergineQueenB

#76 My Former Upline “Enjoying Her Tea”…. The Bottle Is Still Sealed

Image credits: JanetMarie213

#77 Doterra Is Now Also Good For Your Plumbing

Image credits: I-am-that-hero

#78 I Reported An Herbalife “Nutrition Club” To My Local Food Safety Authority And They Are Investigating! It’s Unlicensed!!

Image credits: puritycontrol

#79 The Owner Of The Chick-Fil-A That’s Asking For Slave Labor Is An Advocare Hun

Image credits: EnvironmentalImage9


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