This Online Group Celebrates Gorgeous Jewelry, Here Are 76 Pieces That Anyone Would Be Lucky To Wear

If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it! Or a bracelet or earrings or a nice necklace or even an anklet… Okay, really any type of jewelry will do!

Are you pandas jewelry fanatics? Personally, I’m wearing nine rings and two necklaces at any given moment, so I’m thrilled to be checking out this list of some of the most stunning jewelry the internet has ever seen. We took a trip down r/Jewelry lane, and boy, did we find some beautiful art. There’s a wide variety of pieces featured, including some that were even shared by the jewelry makers themselves to show off their skills, so I’m sure you’ll find something on this list that’s right up your alley, pandas.

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Be sure to upvote all of the pieces that you’d like to add to your own personal collection, and let us know in the comments what your most treasured piece of jewelry is. Then, if you’re looking for even more jewelry inspiration from Bored Panda, you can find creative pieces inspired by books right here and gorgeous pieces inspired by science right here!

#1 This Was My Great Grandmas Ring Which Made Its Way To Me. Its Blue Topaz And Diamond. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Gemstone Cut Like This?

Image credits: Hbj0002

#2 14k Gold Male And Female Penguin Pendants I Designed. The One With Egg Is A Male

Image credits: SecilEldek

#3 Beautiful Ring Made By My Late Grandfather. He Was Not Professional – This Was Only A Hobby. Meant To Represent A Black And White Hand, More Meaningful Knowing He Was South African (Alive During Apartheid)

Image credits: ciarajade1

I’m a strong believer that jewelry is for everyone. Of course, if you don’t love wearing it due to comfort reasons, don’t let me pressure you. But I personally think jewelry looks lovely on every single person. Earrings, rings, necklaces, you name it. We can all rock them, regardless of our gender. I started wearing many rings when I was in high school because I was a bit insecure about my hands (I know, it sounds so silly), but when my fingers are filled with rings, I love the way my hands look. I get so many compliments on my rings, and they each tell a story, as they’re from all over the world.

On that note, jewelry is a great gift and/or souvenir. My partner has bought me rings before, I’ve bought him one, my mother has bought me several rings, and I’ve bought some for my friends. A piece of jewelry can hold so much sentimental value when it’s from a loved one, and it will always hold a special place in the owner’s heart. Not to mention the fact that many of us even choose to signify to the world whether we are married or not by choosing to wear a ring on one particular finger. 

#4 My Custom Made Solar System Necklace! I’m A Space Nerd And Came Here For A Little Extra Appreciation For This Work Of Art

Image credits: oysterace17

#5 Faceted And Carved This Piece Of Roman Glass For A Future Piece Of Jewelry, Circa 50 Bc

Image credits: borborygmiDNA

#6 I Hired A Wee Dragon To Guard My Gem

Image credits: liyote

Jewelry does not always need to have strong sentimental value though. Sometimes, it can just be pretty! I don’t love wearing makeup, and I don’t have a particularly fancy wardrobe. But if I want to feel my best, I will deck myself out with my best jewelry. I’m a simple woman, and I’m attracted to shiny things. A gorgeous ring or sparkly earrings will grab my attention immediately, and I love that jewelry is always a great topic of conversation. If I notice someone else has a particularly nice ring or necklace on, I’ll compliment them on it and ask where it came from. It might have a lovely story behind it; the person wearing it may have even created it themself. No matter where it came from, most people are happy to share about their pieces.

If you’re still unsure what to get a loved one for Christmas or they have a birthday quickly approaching, don’t count out jewelry. Of course, there are a few things you’ll want to know ahead of time, like whether they’re a gold or silver person, whether or not they have their ears pierced, their ring size, etc. But for the most part, jewelry is a safe gift. It comes from the heart, it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s a lovely reminder of your friendship. 

#7 I Made This New Bridal Crown, What’s Better? Silver Or Gold Plating?

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: sigibigi1

#8 Floating Star Rings In Silver

Image credits: laughcrylivedie

#9 Just Wanted To Share Some New Creations Of Mine. All In 14k Gold And Natural Gemstones

Image credits: magick_alchemy

If this list is inspiring you to start working with your hands and craft some of your own jewelry, I’ve gathered some tips from artist Kristin Arzt at The Crucible art school in California to help you on your journey. First, Kristin notes that it’s important to determine what type of jewelry you’d like to make: beaded, wire, silver or gold, glass fused, metal clay, etc. Look for inspiration online or in jewelry shops and find what really speaks to you personally. If you’re going to be dedicating countless hours creating something, it’s important that you pick something you love, so you can enjoy the process. 

#10 Amethyst Deer Skull

Image credits: CropCircleCat

#11 Raspberry And Blueberry Barrette Made By Me From Polymerclay

Image credits: Madlenart

#12 Just Wanted To Share Some New Rings I Made

Image credits: laughcrylivedie

One of the first steps in creating your own jewelry is designing the piece. “If you are unsure where to begin, start designing your piece with a simple sketch on paper,” Kristin notes. “Consider different shapes, colors, and materials that inspire you. You can work from scratch or draw inspiration from a vintage piece of jewelry. This sketch will help you determine what types of materials and tools you will need to turn your drawing into reality. As you design your piece, label each part of the design with the materials you need to acquire.”

#13 Anniversary Present For My Beautiful Wife!

Image credits: jd-mpmx

#14 A Sapphire And Diamond Ring Recovered From The Titanic In 1987

Image credits: _The_Wierd_Kid_

#15 Made This Ring For A Redditor In This Subreddit

Image credits: Allmstsfr

Once you know what design you’ll be creating, it’s important to gather all of the necessary tools and materials needed to make your vision a reality. “The most accessible type of jewelry that you can make at home is wire-wrapped jewelry,” Kristin notes. “It requires just a few simple tools and does not require a kiln. Working with precious metals to create soldered jewelry will require a torch and soldering equipment. If you have access to more advanced equipment and are interested in fused glass jewelry or metal clay jewelry, you will need a kiln. If casting precious metals is required for your project, you will need access to a centrifugal casting machine.”

#16 Was Gifted An Absolutely Stunning Crescent Moon Bracelet! Sterling Silver With Diamond Eye!

Image credits: helpivefaIIenandcant

#17 I Just Made This Poppy Ring And I Wanted To Share It Here

Image credits: rayxamelia

#18 Made This Ceramic Manta Ray Brooch To Celebrate This Ocean Creature. Each Piece Is Uniquely Glazed. How Do You Guys Like Them?

Image credits: thepomelolady

Another important necessity for making your own jewelry is having a nice workspace. “Set up a clean table space in an area with lots of light,” Kristin notes. “Jewelry making tends to happen on a much smaller scale, so it is a good idea to have plenty of light and even a magnifying glass if necessary. Your workbench should be solid so that when you hammer, stamp, and work your jewelry, it doesn’t wobble.” 

“A comfortable seat is critical as a jeweler because you may end up sitting in it for hours at a time. Consider a chair that supports your back and neck,” Kristin added. “Set up your seat so that you are eye level with your bench peg, so you don’t find yourself hunching over your work. If you plan on sanding, soldering, or polishing, make sure you have plenty of ventilation, as well as safety goggles, a mask, and proper fire safety equipment.”

#19 What Do You Guys Think Of My New Ring?

Image credits: filthybee_

#20 Solid Sterling Silver With Resin And Glow Pigment So The Pieces Charge Naturally By Absorbing Light To Emit Light. Made By Me

Image credits: anicirl

#21 So In Love With This Amethyst Necklace I Made

Image credits: ArielsCrystalJewelry

Jewelry has been around for centuries, so if you’re wondering if you should splurge on that piece you’ve been eyeing for months, go for it. It’s certainly not going out of style any time soon. The earliest types of jewelry were necklaces made of bones, dating back to about 25,000 years ago in Monaco. There was even early stone jewelry in Iran and the Mediterranean between 3000 and 400 BC. And even back then, jewelry was worn for more than just aesthetics. 

#22 I Made An 14k Golden Duck-Ring With Diamond Eyes.. Because Duck

Image credits: submissivecaveman

#23 A Vintage Looking 8-Pointed Star Pendant Necklace I Made

Image credits: DorathyLeroy

#24 My Sketch -> Jeweler’s Skilled Hands -> My Finished Pendant!

Image credits: BroccoliNo8152

“Many stone amulets featured simple carvings with symbols like flowers and stars and served as tributes to gods,” Kristin explains. “Ancient Egyptians decorated their tombs and mummies with talismans, featuring ornate gems and stone-carved symbols. As far back as 1200 B.C, Greeks wore jewelry to reflect prosperity and wealth, made of gold and gemstones, and often as an offering to gods. The Romans believed in magic and myth and had a deep respect for the symbolism of gemstones. They resourcefully also melted down gold coins to cast into jewelry.”

#25 Made This One For A Client- Drawing By Her Daughter

Image credits: heypomelo

#26 Baby Pearl Ring

Image credits: lustergems

#27 Got My Engagement Ring Today

Image credits: Strict_Reflection553

What is your favorite type of jewelry? Has this list inspired you to start expanding your collection even more? Personally, I’m feeling like I could use a few more rings, a new necklace, some earrings and why not, let’s add a bracelet too while we’re at it! Keep upvoting all of the jewelry you find particularly stunning, and then let us know in the comments what your most prized piece is. Then if you want to check out even more of these beautiful treasures, you can visit r/Jewelry right here!

#28 My Wife’s Little Insect Pin Collection. I Love The Middle Beetle With The Champagne Color Pearl For A Butt!

Image credits: BlufftonStateofmind

#29 Necklace Made Of Gold, Platinum, And Diamonds Made By Tiffany & Co., C. 1904

Image credits: chubachus

#30 Moonstone Necklace I Made In Rose Gold And Diamonds

Image credits: magick_alchemy

#31 Wanted To Share Some Of The Adorable Little Teeny Tiny Hand Painted 3D Resin Bee Pendants I Create. I Use The Proceeds From These To Donate To Bee Conservation

Image credits: DontchaWish87

#32 I Knit It With Silver Wires. I Just Used My Hands. My Hans Touched Every Part Of The Wire

Image credits: kibelem

#33 A Bridal Crown I Made For A Special Bride. Would You Wear It? Or Is It Too Much?

Image credits: sigibigi1

#34 Frida Kahlo Pendant Made In Cloisonne Enamel Technique, Sterling Silver Setting

Image credits: Samkao_enamel

#35 Baguette Diamond Ring With Gradient Diamonds And Gold Detailing By Artemer

Image credits: unic0rnism

#36 I Can’t Wait To Poison Everyone At Christmas Dinner!

Image credits: walkSMASHwalk

#37 Wanted To Share The Ring I Designed And Commissioned For My 21st Birthday! I Love Disney Films And Was Inspired By Rapunzel’s Crown In The Movie Tangled!

Image credits: Noble_Assassin

#38 This Lovely Vintage Pendant Was Just Passed Down To Me From My Grandmother. Rose Quartz And Amethyst. Has A Secret Compartment!!

Image credits: brittlebittle

#39 I Made This Copy Of A Tie Pin From My Great Great Grandfather

Image credits: SnorriGrisomson

#40 Turned My Ex-Wifes Returned Ring Into Something Unique. I Call It The Dawnstar

Image credits: Bender3455

#41 I Was Gifted A Ring And It Wasn’t My Style So I Made It My Style. I Love It. Jeweler Is Giacomelli Based On La

Image credits: FrancisART

#42 I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts On My Latest Pendant!! Thanks For Looking!

Image credits: DanRaphael222

#43 Breaking Out This Bad Boy For The Holidays. What Are Ya’ll Wearing? Anything Special?

Image credits: ScrubWearingShitlord

#44 Breaking The Mold Of “Men’s Rings” — Our Custom Handmade Engagement Rings Featuring Australian Parti Sapphires And Argyle Diamonds Set In 18 Carat Two-Tone Gold

Image credits: makerkahn

#45 Every Drawing Tells A Story. Made This One For A Mom

Image credits: heypomelo

#46 Mini Chain Wrapped Opalite Goddess-Mini Spicy Pendant

Image credits: Kaylabar9

#47 My 21st Birthday Present From My Parents

I worked with the talented jeweler to create this unique depiction of ‘Narya’, the ring of fire from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Garnet and 9ct gold. I tried to incorporate flames and elven motifs. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Image credits: ciraadgi

#48 Designed A New Setting For My Grandmother’s Amethyst. So Happy With The Result!

Image credits: youareafool

#49 Custom Alexandrite Bulbasaur Ring By Soulbound NYC

Image credits: unic0rnism

#50 Sunstone And Sapphire Ring Set By Capucinne Jewelry

Image credits: unic0rnism

#51 Earrings That Don’t Need Pierced Ears

Image credits: Dylan_Lex

#52 14k Gold Pink And White Mother Of Pearl & Diamond Ring

Image credits: NarwhalsForBitches

#53 To Myself From Myself For “Graduating” From Outpatient Mental Health Hospitalization. Lab Alexandrite And Moissanite!

Image credits: suraaura

#54 Moonstone And Diamond Ring I Recently Made

Image credits: grey-orange-grey

#55 Opal Ring Gifted To Me By My Mother In Law. It Was Her Mother’s Ring. It’s Absolutely Beautiful!

Image credits: ritzbitz06

#56 It Took Me Two Weeks To Knit These. I Used 999 Silver Wire. I Oxidized

Image credits: kibelem

#57 I Carved This Bracelet Out Of Buffalo Bones!

Image credits: IamtheZK

#58 A Dragon Pendant Based On A Client Sketch

Image credits: brokenfap

#59 Finished Dogwood Ring In Sterling, 14k Green Gold, And Green Diamonds. Sculpted By Me

Image credits: midlifecrackers

#60 Amazed With These Tulip Earrings I Ordered Yesterday And Received Today

Image credits: OwlPeetz

#61 14k Red And Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Image credits: Surtlogi93

#62 I’m A Small Business Owner. My Partner And I Work On Necklaces And Keychains With Drawings. We Made This One For A Mom With Her Daughter’s Drawing

Image credits: heypomelo

#63 Gold Ring 14k ( 3.03 Grams ) With 4 Natural Sapphires ( 2 X 4 Mm )

Image credits: JaimeStoneCutting

#64 Grandfather Made This Ring For His Mother

Image credits: languid_linguist

#65 Embroidered Brooch “Ocean” Handmade My Heart

Image credits: ROZMARINstore

#66 This Ring Was A Collaboration With My Oldest Son. I Made The White Gold Casting And He Built The Yellow Gold Vine And Leaf Parts. We Did This Back In 2008 As A Custom Wedding Ring

Image credits: hammershiller

#67 Victorian Style Daisy Ring In 14k

Image credits: maneatingcrayon

#68 Aquamarine Engagement Ring, Diamonds, 18k Gold

Image credits: DelNocheJewelry

#69 My Engagement Ring From My Beloved. Real Ruby, Diamonds, And 14k Gold

Image credits: wayfinder111

#70 I Am A Bone Carving Artist, And I Made This Macaw Pendant!

Image credits: IamtheZK

#71 Here Are Some Regular Everyday Rings I’ve Designed. (But Who’s To Say You Can’t Have Whatever You Want As Your Engagement Ring!)

Image credits: laughcrylivedie

#72 18k Rose Gold And Diamond Engagement Ring I Made For My Fiancée

Image credits: Mercury-Hg80

#73 Taurus Beaded Brooch Is Made By My Hands For You

Image credits: ROZMARINstore

#74 Howl’s Moving Castle Inspired Earrings!

Image credits: pattieeee

#75 My Loved Ones Spoiled Me This Christmas!

Image credits: liyote

#76 18k Rose Gold And Diamond Engagement Ring I Made For My Fiancée

Image credits: Mercury-Hg80


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