This Online Group Exists To Celebrate The Derpiest Dogs Ever Caught On Camera (50 New Pics)

Dogs are notorious for their devotion, playfulness, and endearing personalities. Besides that, they are also known for their clumsiness and downright derpy behavior. Those adorable silly moments, from slipping on hardwood floors to getting stuck in small spaces, surely bring laughter to dogs’ owners’ lives and it would be unfortunate to keep them to oneself!

To showcase some of the funniest and most amusing examples of dogs being derps, we’ve gathered the best pictures from this subreddit called “Animals Being Derps”. Here, animal lovers share photos and videos of their beloved pets in all their silly glory.

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Scroll down to see some of our favorite adorable derpy dog moments captured on camera. For more entertaining photos of our furry friends, check out our previous articles here and here.

#1 When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing But You Want To Help

Image credits: Lotus_Stalker

#2 Darwin Does A Very Good Job Finding Drugs And Posing For Pictures!

Image credits: Alfajorero

#3 He Hides Every Time We Try To Put His Leash On To Leave The Dog Park

Image credits: hypercyanate

Bored Panda got in touch with one of the moderators of the subreddit “Animals Being Derps”, leftabitcharlie, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about the group and people’s fascination with derpy animals.

The subreddit was created in 2013 and for the time being has more than 7 million members who share their love for silly pet moments. Leftabitcharlie revealed that the idea to create this subreddit simply emerged after seeing similar groups posting much of the same content. “I just came up with the name and did the initial legwork of finding a bunch of derpy-looking animal photos and posting them with admittedly silly and largely low-quality titles. After it began growing, I asked around for extra mods and design help and the rest is really mostly on their shoulders. They have kept the subreddit well moderated and as its subject matter is light and fun, it seems to be constantly growing. At this point, I basically just watch from the sidelines.”

#4 Pit Puppy’s First Reaction To Snow

Image credits: TheDeflectorDish

#5 I Turned On The Lights To My Vanity, Then Went To The Bathroom Quickty To Brush My Teeth. This Is The Situation I Returned To….

Image credits: babydingus

#6 You Would Be At The Park A Lot Sooner If I Could Have That Back…

Image credits: liwca

If none of these pictures made you go “aww”, we believe that at least one put a smile on your face. One of the reasons why we find derpy dogs so amusing is their ability to make us feel better, even on our worst days. Their silly antics can be just the thing to brighten up a gloomy mood. Whether it’s their clumsiness or their knack for getting into trouble, derpy dogs have a way of reminding us to appreciate the little things in life.

#7 The Tongue Hanging Out Is What Gets Me

Image credits: southwoodhunter

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#8 When You Swear You Weren’t Raiding The Closet But The Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Image credits: copperstateonthefly

#9 Nola On Our Morning Walk. I Thought I’d Take One Of Those Cute Pics Of A Happy Dog Run But I Got This Instead

Image credits: emlo4

Leftabitcharlie shared that they have never owned a dog. However, they have always had cats and they love dogs too. After being asked what they love about these derpy creatures, the moderator replied that the key to a good derp is a good combination of innocence and silliness. “I think we are drawn to pure emotion and action without any thought (or understanding) of external perception, and we see this kind of behavior in animals and babies (and maybe yearn to be able to be so free).”

#10 My Puppy Fell Back Asleep While Getting Out Of His Bed

Image credits: yarntist

#11 I’m Trying To Work But This Guy Is Distracting Me So Hard

Image credits: BilledSauce

#12 Hi Friends!!

Image credits: AzHistoryWitch

Pictures or videos of derpy animals have become increasingly popular on social media platforms. Their silly antics bring a lightness to our lives and remind us that even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, there is still room for laughter and joy. It’s no wonder why people are crazy about animals and why they continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

#13 Met This Goofball At My Apartment Complex

Image credits: devgregw

#14 Was Looking For My Pup During A Thunderstorm

Image credits: AIHURR

#15 He Sits On The Other Dogs He Likes

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#16 After A Long Day Of Playing

Image credits: tokendamian

#17 Labraderp

Image credits: OldIronSides

#18 My Dog Finally Noticed My New Fish

Image credits: Hipaws

#19 Her Ball Is Broken But She Still Loves It. Sometimes, She’ll Briefly Wear It On Her Nose

Image credits: Pangolindrome

#20 Dog Forgetting To Act Like A Dog

Image credits: getting_through

#21 Of Course He Had To Be In The Picture

Image credits: Peruvian_Morochita

#22 Our New Ten Week Old Puppy, Holly, From A Distance I Thought She Had Taken Part In A Violent Massacre, On Closer Inspection It Seems She Just Found The Blackberries

Image credits: badassmamabear

#23 When I Call His Name…

Image credits: lccarter123

#24 House Didn’t Have An Internal Door To Our Side Yard, So Landlord Built Our Dogs This

Image credits: Ultronomy

#25 Earl The Grumpy Puppy

Image credits: kookilyflash

#26 Trying To Take A Nice Picture In Front Of The Louvre

Image credits: ReallyFnCleverName

#27 She Barges In And Stands Like This Until I Chase Her

Image credits: FrankiePupperz

#28 I Think He Likes His New Toy

Image credits: chopstickemup

#29 Woken Up Mid Nap

Image credits: Peircen20

#30 Stands As He Wishes

Image credits: JohnZ117

#31 Meet Hobbes. He’s Currently Experiencing His First Existential Crisis

Image credits: dr_mudd

#32 When Life Hands You Lemons, Just Eat The Blinds

Image credits: PBR–Streetgang

#33 When Greg Isn’t Wearing A Box On His Head, He Insists On Being Held After Every Work Day

Image credits: Blobert_E_Lee

#34 Majestic Beach Dogs

Image credits: thatsonecookedgoose

#35 I Said Sit. He Backed Up And Sat Like This

Image credits: Tallgirl129

#36 Everytime I Walk Her, She Turns Around Every Few Steps To Flash This Smile

Image credits: rutgersftw

#37 Truly Majestic

Image credits: BakedKimber-Lays

#38 Successfully Stole A Chicken Tender Face

Image credits: unclemoffy

#39 I’m Pet Sitting. He’s Obviously Telling Me There’s Something I Haven’t Discovered Yet…

Image credits: moonchildsarah

#40 “Just Act Casual”

Image credits: Sad_Slow_Sloth

#41 He’s Here To Give A Helping Paw

Image credits: Lotus_Stalker

#42 Just A Pup And His Branch

Image credits: anonanoobiz

#43 He Fell Asleep With His Face In My Boot

Image credits: blueeyedleo22

#44 This Is What Our Dog, Broccoli, Does Everytime Hes Told To Go To His Room For Misbehaving

Image credits: SadisticBuddhist

#45 I Love My Dog, But There Are Days….

Image credits: Odd_Improvement578

#46 My Wife’s Guide Dog Likes To Get His Nose Stuck In His Figure 8 Toy. We Help Him Get It Off An 5 Seconds Later It’s Stuck Again. Trained Since He Was 4 Months Old And Still, When The Harness Comes Off The Derp Goes On

Image credits: slippybear

#47 What Kind Of Frog Is This?

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#48 For Some Reason He Loves Sitting Like This

Image credits: The_Longest_Wave

#49 Delicious Hand

Image credits: Vasite

#50 Am Like Hooman Child (He Didn’t Want To Leave The Goose Pond)

Image credits: SubKreature


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