This Online Group Has People Sharing The Worst Food Scams They’ve Encountered (47 Pics)

You don’t have to agree with me, but in my humble opinion, nothing hurts as much as a food scam.

Picture a single lonely raisin in a puffy cinnamon and raisin bagel, or a dash of mayo gently glued to the surface of a taco when you ask for extra sour cream on the side, or think of how many lies you had to suck in with all that deceptive packaging sold on the shelves like it was no big deal… If that’s not cruel, I don’t know what is.

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Food scams are so widespread, people don’t really talk about ‘em. Have we all become immune to them? Luckily, there’s one corner of reddit known as r/FoodScam that shares all fraudulent incidents of people getting not what they ordered, not what they paid for, and strictly not what they wanted. Let’s see a selection of the nastiest food scams below.

#1 This Half Styrofoam Cake

Image credits: Anger_Puss

#2 Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates: A Big Fat Lie

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#3 Air Sandwich

Image credits: rangersmetsjets

Previously, we talked to Portugal-based graphic designer Laura Vanagaite, who explained how and why our mind gets so easily tricked by deceptive packaging. “Once we see unique photos of food and drinks, our mind creates the impression that the volume of the contents is greater than it actually is.” This anticipation is destroyed as soon as you open the package. “And once we find out that the reality is different, we feel disappointment.”

When asked why there is still so much deceptive packaging sold in the shopping aisles, Laura said that this is a clever marketing technique. “Brands know that beautiful imagery sells and that catchy photos with great products create the illusion which will help to sell it fast.”

#4 Basically Just Paid For The Fancy Tin

Image credits: yourpaltay

#5 Sticker Hides The Fact That The Jar Is Half Full, Makes You Think The Content Is Double In Size

Image credits: doomstereu

#6 This “Box” Of Beef Jerky

Image credits: PeckishPuffing41

Various studies have shown that consumers tend not to notice package downsizing at the time of purchase because most of us do not read the content information on packaging, but instead use visual estimations of package volume and content. Moreover, many of us are impulsive buyers and if the product and its design looks good, our brain tells us it’s gonna taste good, so we make a decision without too much questioning.

#7 I Was Told My 2020reo Ice Cream Belonged Here

Image credits: Krystaphonix

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#8 Wife Asked For Extra Sour Cream On The Side

Image credits: dncrews

#9 Ah Come On

Image credits: boboddy111

#10 It Says Delicate Roses On The Packaging, I Don’t Think So

Image credits: foodieANDcats

#11 Cinnamon And Singular Raisin Bagel

Image credits: amyriads

#12 Just Why?

Image credits: devilslilsis

#13 When They Said “Chocolate Chip Muffin”, I Didn’t Take Them Literally… But Should Have

Image credits: trubbub

#14 The Burrito Looked Huge When Covered

Image credits: hanric1234

#15 I Ordered A Side Of Bacon ($6 On The Menu)

Image credits: sigaven

#16 Tempting On The Packaging

Image credits: Eugene135

#17 To Be Fair, I Monched A Few Chips In The Corner Before The Pic

Image credits: c***pinhammers

#18 My Girlfriend Got Me Conversation Hearts For Valentine’s Day. They Have No Words!

Image credits: I-have-a-pet-dragon

#19 Scam Level 100

Image credits: Sempaii_rj

#20 This Popcorn Packaging

Image credits: MissGymlow

#21 As If We Didn’t Already Have Enough Packaging On Chips

Image credits: jojo_31

#22 Less Than Jumbo Shrimp

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#23 Paleta Postizo

Image credits: MerkyOne

#24 Tim Horton’s “Breakfast Wrap”

Image credits: Scared_of_moths

#25 A Nice Blueberry Muffin… Oh Wait

Image credits: MKorostoff

#26 Umm

Image credits: XD_Devils

#27 This Is How Much Root Beer They Gave Me

Image credits: PaperCut611

#28 12 Oz Can Of Tomato Paste Opened Fresh With A Hollow Middle

Image credits: GrimmFairyTale

#29 Hello? Canolli Police? I’d Like To Report A Crime

Image credits: BigBucks5001

#30 I Am Tired Of All The Lies

Image credits: exotikalien

#31 Ten Dollar Avocado Nigiri At Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: the_tourist

#32 These Chocolates, Which Have Always Been Five In A Pack, Are Now Four With A Paper Piece Inside The Box To Make It Look Like There’s Five

Image credits: KrysAnn1985

#33 I Paid £5 For This Tomato Salad In London

Image credits: v1ox

#34 My “Blueberry Granola” Came With One F***ing Blueberry. Now Ur Thinking, Well It Says “Blueberry” Which Is Singular, The Ingredients Say “Blueberries” Which Implies That There Is More Than One Blueberry In The Bag. I’ve Been Robbed

Image credits: miakhalifaslilsissy

#35 Steam-Fresh Broccoli

Image credits: AlexMayhem86

#36 I Didn’t Know That You Have To Buy The Chocolate Separately

Image credits: nomercy_ch

#37 Watch Out For That Tidal Wave Of Chocolate

Image credits: Zerostar39

#38 Thanks For The 2 Sprinkles, Dunkin

Image credits: NewmanBiggio

#39 This Fish Which Only Shows The Outside While The Inside Is Filled With Onion

Image credits: Konrad05

#40 I Want The Rest Of My Jolly Ranchers. (Package Was Inside The Mug)

Image credits: nate_oi

#41 Nice Burger With Extra Tomato

Image credits: Autistic_Gopnik_MP47

#42 I Paid $6.40 ($8.13 After Tax And Tip) For This Much Queso

Image credits: Aea

#43 10 Dollar Slice Of Cheesecake!!! The Container Could Have Fit An Entire Second Slice Easily

Image credits: Maytrickx

#44 They’re Not Even Connected

Image credits: silversieve

#45 My Uncle Ordered A Cake

Image credits: MayyJuneJulyy

#46 Dear God, What Was I Thinking

Image credits: FraternityMan

#47 The Amount Of Barbecue Sauce On My Rodeo Cheeseburger From Burger King

Image credits: lurchlookingmf


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