This Online Group Is Dedicated To Calling Out Greedy And Delusional Landlords, And Here Are 100 Of Their Newest Posts

It seems that soon we’ll be looking for co-housing solutions, under-bridge living, or a tree to build a small house in, as the housing market continues to descend further into the pits of hell. When you do the quick calculations and find that you need to be saving more than you’re earning in order to afford anything that’s bigger than a trash bin in the next 2 years, it really makes you think—what in the…

But, obviously, the people that are most inconvenienced by this are the landlords, the people who’ve bought up all the affordable places at the time to make them all the more unaffordable for people working a minimum wage job. Just get another 3 jobs and you’re fine! Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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Thankfully, the Facebook group creatively called “A group where we pretend to be landlords” has been making fun of the quite tragic reality most of us have or will face—renting from jerks. This isn’t the first time Bored Panda has featured some of their posts and you can find our previous article here.

We got in touch with Nadia, a tiny living enthusiast, who runs the page “Tiny Living Scandinavia,” sharing everything one may need to know about living in a tiny home. She was kind enough to answer some of our questions and we’ll definitely be needing her insight, if the current housing market trends become the new normal. 

So, dear reader, as you proceed to scroll through this list, upvote the posts that make you chuckle, cry, or scream. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let’s get into it!

More info: Facebook group | Tiny Living Scandinavia Instagram | Tiny Living Scandinavia Website

#1 Never Fix Sh&t Until You Have To. Top Tip

Image credits: Gallegos____

As someone who’s been renting for the majority of my adult life, I can safely say that it’s an intriguingly nasty thing. It’s like playing bingo, but someone keeps turning off the lights every so often, the person calling out the numbers is drunk and slurring all over the place, whilst some random child runs up and steals your marker. However, winning is worth the trouble.

You’re secure for a little while, you can make a place your own (within reason), a home. Even if it’s a temporary one, it’s better than nothing. But you’re never there forever, unless you win the lottery and buy out your landlord. You’re a nomad in a very modern sense, continuously roaming for your own little place under the sun.

One such place could be a van, a stunning cabin, a house boat, or even a treehouse! Traditional housing may soon be a thing of the past, as alternative housing solutions are becoming more popular. Nadia, who runs the online magazine “Tiny Living Scandinavia,” has shared her insight into this new way of living and how one can get started. 

#2 Fellow Lords! I’ve Decided To Take On Another Property In My Backyard. I’ve Also Decided To Quit My Day Job And Become A Full-Time Lord

Image credits: Nicole Zfno

#3 Renter Demanded I Fix The Door. So I Did. Now He’s Even More Upset! I Told Him I Didn’t Know Santa Was Handing Out Audacity This Year. But I Know For A Fact He’s Handing Out Rent Increases!

Image credits: Kelley Boothby

Nadia believes that there are two main reasons why people opt to join the tiny house movement. She told Bored Panda that buying a tiny home is far cheaper than buying a traditional home, especially now that “getting on the housing market seems impossible. That is, unless they seek out creative alternatives like buying a tiny home on wheels.” 

“The savings from electricity and superfluous purchases alone are often enough to convince people that tiny living doesn’t seem like a bad option!” she continued, noting that her own electric bill had gone down by ⅔ since they moved into a tiny house. 

Furthermore, a tiny home gives one the opportunity to live a more adventurous life, as with a smaller indoor space, one is called to spend a bit more time in the great outdoors. “We’re lucky to be able to opt for a rolling home we can travel the world in if we so choose!” said Nadia, adding that the limited living space doesn’t feel so tiny once you consider that you’re “shrinking your financial responsibilities to make more room for the fun stuff!” 

#4 Not My Fault Ur Too Lazy To Buy A House

Image credits: Lucy Turchin

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#5 Just Upgraded The Shower In My Rentoids Apartment. How Much Can I Increase The Rent? Cause This Costed So Much Money. Smh Stupid Rentoids

Image credits: Maddi Swift


Image credits: SpiritofPines

For all those curious about tiny living and actually considering this option for housing, Nadia has some advice and words of encouragement: “It’s so much more doable than you realize.” With banks offering tiny house mortgages and a plethora of online resources, building a tiny home is easier than ever before. 

“The best starting point in your tiny house journey is first visiting a tiny house in person,” Nadia said. “Book a tiny house vacation rental for a few days and just hang out in the house. By the end of your long weekend, you should know whether you’re still in love with tiny living or your fling has been flung.” She also advises doing this with a partner just to see whether close quarter living is gonna work out. 

“Let’s say you’ve done that, and you’re still in love with tiny homes, maybe more than ever before—now it’s time to decide whether to build or buy,” she continued. “For the brave souls who plan on embarking on a home-build, you might want to look at a tiny-house-building crash course. You can find these in most countries.”

“If you’re instead planning on buying a complete home, it’s time for you to start searching for tiny house builders near you and booking appointments to go and meet them in person.” Finally, she states that regardless of whether you’re building or buying, you must do your research: “Read everything you can, watch everything you can, and go into it with as much knowledge as possible.” 

#7 New Bathroom Up Grade

Image credits: Ei Eio

#8 No Pets, No Smoking, No Guests Also I Forgot A Zero Rent Is 2500

Image credits: Kali Lindstrom

#9 Remember: If Your Rentoids Got A Pay Raise, You Got A Pay Raise

Image credits: Noah Wussow

But let’s look into the reason we’re even speaking of tiny home ownership in the first place. As the prices continue to rise, both for rent and minimum mortgage requirements, the dream of ever owning a home becomes as distant as the Moon; can see it, can’t touch it. As Derek Thompson puts it: “I’m not a believer in curses. But if anything is cursed in this world, it’s the 21st-century American housing market.” I’d probably extend that to the rest of the western world; we’re all struggling here.

In 15 years, we’ve had a historic housing crash, a historic housing crunch, a historic pandemic-fueled buying spree, and a historic mortgage-rate spiral. According to Forbes Advisor, housing experts are keeping a watchful eye on the economy, which is still being pulled in all directions by stubbornly high inflation, steep interest rates, and ongoing geopolitical uncertainties, to name a few. But as mortgage rates have begun to decline in recent weeks, many economists are mixed about whether home prices will continue their slow decline through 2023–or crash.

It seems the biggest disconnect is between the buyers and sellers. Rita Tayenaka, owner of Orange County, California-based Coast to Canyon brokerage, states that “buyers want to lowball, and sellers want last year’s price.” Although the latter has seen a shift, making it more plausible for buyers to afford the home, one should not forget it’s still a seller’s market; goods are scarce and sellers can keep prices high.

#10 I’m Thinking $1200/Mo

“Finally found a place that I can actually afford.”

Image credits: Gabriel Gonda

#11 I Have Two Cats. $700/Non Refundable For These Idiots Who Sleep Literally All Day. That Plus $50 Extra Per Month. Followed By, “That’s The Normal.” Gfy

Image credits: Sarah Beth

#12 More Demonisation Indeed. (Context: A Kid In The UK Recently Died Due To Mould Poisoning After Years Of Complaints About It From The Parents Went Unheeded)

Image credits: Lum Kuhr

According to Derek Thompson, the number of available homes is still about 40% lower than it was before the pandemic. If you want to find a new place to rent, good luck twice over. The average rent has soared to an all-time high, as demand surges in the absence of available units. Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, says: “This may be the worst time in my living history for the home buyer—it just doesn’t make sense.”

To say it simply—the system is broken. As Tristan Cross states, there are, broadly, two types of people in this world: Those who think landlords are price-gouging parasites, and the landlords perpetually surprised that everyone despises them. He believes that there are no good landlords, only varying degrees of bad ones.

The entire system is weighted in favor of those with the means to become landlords. The more they artificially restrict the supply of an essential component of living, the more money they make. Research shows the average buy-to-let landlord earns more than twice the average national salary. Even if their rental yield amounts to less than expected, they still have an asset—which will likely continue to appreciate in value—making it as close to a no-risk investment as you can get.

#13 No Kids, No Adults

Image credits: Amanda Simmons

#14 And So He Should! Filthy Renters!

Image credits: Daniel Felkai

#15 Renovations Complete, Should Be At Least $100 Extra Per Month Right? What Does Everyone Else Increase By After General Maintenance?

Image credits: James Hamilton

More than 2 million families were locked out of home ownership as a result of landlords buying up properties to rent out, a report by a Conservative MP, Neil O’Brien, found in 2018. Furthermore, the Resolution Foundation predicts that half of all people born between 1981 and 2000 will be renting well into middle-age, and a third as retirees. So how do we get out of this purgatory?

A protest movement is one idea. Another is to find alternative housing solutions. RV and motorhomes, house boats, tiny houses, shipping container homes, and tree Houses are just a few potential solutions that require a bit more creativity, but that also allow for more freedom. You can also buy a tent and set it up in your workplace—I’m sure everyone would support that action!

As you continue scrolling through this list, dear reader, I hope you have a little laugh at the very grim reality many of us face. Leave your opinions, experiences with entitled landlords, and potential solutions as to how we can all escape this mess in the comments below. Make sure to follow Nadia on Instagram and check out the “Tiny Living Scandinavia” website as well. Have a great one and happy New Year!

#16 I Found This In My Feed And I’m Appalled. First Off, I Gave My Tenants 24 Hours To Pay Before Evicting Them. Second, I Would Never Use Tj Maxx

The home is beautifully decorated with Ross clearance bin items. There’s a difference. And the cleaning fee is $475. This is a real job, I have to answer my phone at least once a week for bookings.

Image credits: Group member

#17 The ”g” Is Silent Tho

Image credits: Shawn Dauphin

#18 How Dare These Renturds Question My Prerogative To Profit! The Cheek Of The Peasantry These Days, Us Lords Didn’t Used To Have To Put Up With This Nonsense. Nothing Like An Eviction Notice To Put Them In Their Place

Image credits: Jon Wilson

#19 Spotted A Stray Cat On The Grounds Of The Property I’m Renting Out. Should I Charge My Tenants A Pet Fee?

Image credits: Owain Rice

#20 Mana Mana Mind Your Business With Your Muppet A*s

Image credits: Shawn Dauphin

#21 My Property Is Very Nice. Its A Historic Home Hand Built By The Proud Japanese People In The 60s

It Has 3 Very Spacious Rooms That Come With The Finest Leather. We Repainted It After An Incident In 08 So It’s A Fairly Recent Remodel. I Just Cannot Seem To Find Any Tennant Who Will Respect The Historical And Cultural Heritage Of This House!

Image credits: Callista Clarix

#22 Where Do I Have To Buy Property To Get This Kind Of Service?

Friendly reminder to tip your local Sheriff, Sheriff Mike received a nice $500 tip from a landlord client of ours… Not only did Mike evict the single mother that was behind on 5 months’ rent, he did a little landscaping and left the property in great shape for the new tenants.

Image credits: Dan Foley

#23 Look At Them; Living Like Kings. Don’t They Know They Have [our] Mouths To Feed?

Image credits: Jacob Reeder

#24 Smart Move. Much Smarter Than Choosing To Rent

Image credits: Kjartan Johansen

#25 Someone Call The Police!

Image credits: Louis L. Ridgway

#26 I Supported Elon Musk’s Aim To Protect Free Speech On Twitter, But I Will Not Stand For This Hate Speech Against Us (The Most Oppressed Minority)

Image credits: Nathan Archer

#27 Poor Guy Has Obviously Been Pushed To The Limit By Evil Tenants Taking Him For Granted

Image credits: Roaches Okocockroaches

#28 Most Landlords Don’t Seem To Get Sad About Mould And Inadequately Functional Heating But They Do Care About This Apparently ?

Image credits: Eesha RG

#29 Hope They’re Charging Pet And Kid Insurance/Rent As Well

Image credits: Melissa Jade

#30 These Unlanded Filth Don’t Care About Us, Despite All The Blood, Sweat And Tears We Put Into Doing The Bare Minimum To Make Our Rental Properties Technically Livable!

Image credits: Justin Bacon

#31 ½ Bed, ¼bath/Kitchen, No Windows, Utilities Not Included, Council Tax Not Uncluded, £2000pcm, Applicant Must Make 3x Rent, £69 Application Fee

Image credits: Dan Barnett

#32 So I Was Visiting My Tenant’s House While They Were At Work Again, It’s A Favourite Hobby Of Mine Really, And In Addition To Yesterday’s Heinous Note, I’ve Now Spotted This Threatening Sign Pasted To The Gable Wall

I Considered Eviction, But Since Its So Close To Christmas I’ve Decided To Have A Heart And Just Shut Off The Heating And Water Supply, As Well As Increasing The Rent By 25%. Merry Crimbo Rentoids

Image credits: Rosie McDonald

#33 My Grandson Posted This Horrible Meme. We House Them, Give Them Shelter And Let Them Live In Our Houses And This Is How They Show Us Respect? I Feel Some Evictions Coming To Lighten The Mood

Image credits: Vlad Phillips


Image credits: William Tucker

#35 Found A Way To Increase Profits $$$

Image credits: Kim Jones

#36 Just Installed The New Washing Machine In My Tenants Basement

Image credits: Jonnie Dowson

#37 It’s Time To Raise Our Tenants Monthly Fee Twice Than Before, Y’all

Image credits: Group member

#38 Holiday Pro-Tip: Tell Your Rentoids That Your ‘Handy Man’ Needs To Check Their Wiring While They’re At Work And Then Steal The Christmas Presents They Bought For Their Kids And Give Them To Your Own

You’d Be Surprised How Many Of These Peasants Are Giving Their Kids Nice Sh*t Like Ipads And Beats Headphones!

Image credits: Jennifer Ann Leister

#39 Why Do Americans Think Its Ok To Say No Alcohol. And This Is A Shed

“A small 1 bedroom 1 bath on a very quiet secluded dead end dirt road. New construction, about 1 year old. Rent will include electricity, sewer, water, garbage, and direct tv. Private driveway for parking. Heating with electric and propane. Cooking with a full- size propane stove. Includes clothes washer and dryer. Full-size refrigerator with ice maker. New modern appliances. No pets, please.

This is ideal for a single person. Non-smoker, no drugs, or alcohol allowed. A 6-month lease will be required. $1,400 per month with First and last and a $650 refundable cleaning/ damage deposit prior to moving in. Call for an appointment for viewing. References will be required.”

Image credits: Jordan Attieh

#40 How Can I Evict My Tenants Asap. They Just Posted This To Mybook. I Want My Security Money Too. Tia

Image credits: Todd Rueb

#41 Worried The Other Rentoids Could Get Ideas

Image credits: Imogen Kinsman

#42 What If It Was Actually A Halloween Party?

Image credits: Ashleigh Edwards

#43 The Ai Terk Er Jerbs

Image credits: Bjorn Swenson

#44 Remember Folks, Us Landgods Can Just Hire A Hit Man If We Don’t Get Our Rent

Image credits: Helena Joanne

#45 I’ve Never Been More Proud. However I Suggest Raising Their Rent 134%

Image credits: Matthew Dunn

#46 ,,, ??!! Tenants Rights….. Yup He Has The Right… To Find Another…. Home (These Are Real Lords’ Comments In A Lord Group! Lmao)

Image credits: Michaela Bitsch

#47 “Should I Give Her A Break On Rent” Lmfao What Are You Thinking

Image credits: Grant Higginson

#48 Cant Possibly Be Reliable Income In This Economy. 1 Bad Month And Theyll Be Beggin For A Favor! Nobody Gets A Free Ride. Cash, Grass, Or A$$

Image credits: Brad Lee

#49 Fellow Landchads—i Want To Donate To This Noble Cause But My Computer Savy Nephew Would Rather Watch Ding Dongs On His Phone And Call Me A Parasite At Thanksgiving Dinner!

Image credits: Jaam Claibourne Gillum

#50 Don’t Suffer In Silence #landlordmentalhealthawarenessweek

Image credits: Jon Wilson


Image credits: Ignacio Munoz

#52 How Dare They Try To Cap Our Profits!

Image credits: Stephanie Macchia

#53 I Invite You To Occupy A Cardboard Box Sammy. I Will Require No Less Than 70% Of Your Income. Silly Rentoid

Image credits: Shawn Dauphin


Image credits: Sierra Petty


Image credits: Will Supertramp

#56 Pay My Rent And Fix My House Rentoid

Image credits: Lucy Turchin

#57 Ooc: Vancouver At It Again

Image credits: Cassandra McGregor

#58 Ooc: Y’all. Lol

Image credits: Kim Jones

#59 $18000 A Month, To Be Clear

Image credits: David Jones

#60 I Just Bought All Of These That Exist And They’ll Pay Off In Just One Year!

Image credits: Augustus Smith

#61 I Could Have Been Charging Pet Rent?

Image credits: Lucas Trevino

#62 I Was Visiting My Tenant’s Property While They Were At Work Yesterday, As I Often Do, And I Found This Heinous Drawing On Their Coffee Table. How Dare They. I’m No Liar

Image credits: Rosie McDonald

#63 My Rentoid Posted This On Social Media. How Do I Press Criminal Charges Against Them?

Image credits: Grant Higginson

#64 Ooc: Just A Collection Of Terrible Landloser News I Came Across In One Hour Of Scrolling

Image credits: Mila Ringo

#65 Silly Rentoids Thinking I Should Provide Them With Working Heaters In The Winter. If It’s 40 Degrees Outside, Just Keep Your Windows Open And Suck Up The Heat From The Sun

Image credits: Cam Cawley

#66 Charge Extra For Universal Cables. Will Electrify Anything

Image credits: Benjamin Striner

#67 Caught This One At It Again

Image credits: Zach Machin

#68 Mucho

Image credits: Ei Eio

#69 Just Buy 10 Properties And Rent Them Out. Simples

Image credits: Jordan Attieh

#70 Fixed The Shower For My Rentoids Out Of The Goodness Of My Heart And They’re /Still/ Complaining About It! Fml!

Image credits: Lum Kuhr

#71 Ooc: Love To See It

Image credits: Mona Lott

#72 I’m Not A Creepy Dude At All

Image credits: Danniyell Felderson

#73 I Hate When Tenants Don’t Appreciate How Generous Us Landchads Are!

Image credits: Dan Cornellier

#74 Rent Due Every Day

Image credits: Erin Clark

#75 No Low Balls I Know What I Got

Image credits: Brad Lee

#76 Is Our Vocation A Game To Them? And If I Catch My Rentoids Playing This, Can I Prosecute Them?

Image credits: Lee Gensler

#77 If You Have A Landlord That Sets The Temp To 60 Then Locks Up The Thermostat- Let Them Know You’ve Looked Up The Minimum Temperature Settings In Your State

Image credits: Kim Purse Key

#78 Bath Room Remodle Is Complete!

Image credits: Ei Eio

#79 Greedy Tenants Everywhere

Image credits: Joe Walk


Image credits: Pablous Huxley

#81 Model Landchad It Is Not Enough That We Chad The Land, A Good Night’s Sleep Requires The Knowledge That Disobedient Rentoids, Become Homeless Rentoids

Image credits: Grant Higginson

#82 Tbh They Should Be Awarding Us Medals & Marching In Parades In Our Honor Ffs

Image credits: Trevor Spratt

#83 Beautiful Service, They Dragged One Of My Former Tenants Out The Morning After She Was Late On Rent Before She Knew What Was Even Going On, And They Even Found Another One Of My Ex Tenants And Took All His Panhandle Money

Image credits: Eric Tylka

#84 Found In The Wild. This Is F**king Ridiculous

Image credits: Gwendolyn Ann

#85 My Tenants Said That If I Was Going To Raise Rent By 100%, The Least I Could Do Was Update The Unit. And Now They’re Complaining That This Isn’t What They Meant?? Everyone Knows Exposed Brick Doubles The Value Of A Unit!!

Image credits: Lee Gensler

#86 They’re Not Pests They’re Livestock

Image credits: Robert Colby-Witanek

#87 I Am Between Tenants, Decided To Re-Carpet My 2bath Property. I’m Thinking Of Including A £111.20 Fixed Monthly Upholstery Insurance, Thoughts?

Image credits: Amber Fox

#88 Freaking Rentoids Sent Me This Pic Today! How Much Should I Up The Rent For This Bullshit? And How Do I Get Away With Not Fixing It? Ugh For Real They Making Me Scream!!!!!!

Image credits: Maddi Swift

#89 I Think An Application And Non Refundable Fee For Any Prospective Day Time Guest Is Appropriate

Image credits: Andrew Bonilla

#90 Who Puts Profit At The Bottom?

Image credits: Bobby Franklin

#91 Let The Rentoids Fight Over Who Gets To Do A Video Call During The Day

Image credits: Grant Higginson

#92 I’ve Infiltrated… And Its Bad. Come Join, They Don’t Double Check

Image credits: Rhi Boswell


Image credits: Sierra M Derby

#94 I Was Applying For More Credit Cards For My Lowly Rentoids To Pay Off For Me With Their Blood, Sweat, And Tears When These Options Popped Up In The “Legal Name Prefix” Section Of The Application! Finally Some Recognition Us Lords And Ladies Deserve!

Image credits: Rebecca Howard


Image credits: William Tucker

#96 Spare A Thought For This Landchad Who Can’t Get Extra Income From Their 3 Spare Houses

Image credits: Helena Brake

#97 I Say She Gets A 5 Bed And Converts The Storage Space Under The Stairs For A Tenant! She’d Be Making Money, Have An Addition Room For Her Priceless Clothes, And It Would Be Like A Cute “Tiny Home” Experience For The Renter!

Image credits: Katie Wilson

#98 I Highlighted The Only Real Job That Matters Here. Look At All These Other Jokes Of Employment Compared To Being A Land Owner

Image credits: Dan Cornellier

#99 Top Tip: Put Cardboard Tiles In Your Rentoids Bathroom, Then You Can Pinch The Bond Off The Little F**kers Every Time You Evict Them Bwahahahaha

Image credits: Kjartan Johansen

#100 My Rentoids Had Better Step Up To The Melbourne Property Market. $180/Week For One Bedroom. Bills Not Included!! Will Have 2 Other Housemates. Super Close To The City (Only 20km!!) Car Park Included (Will Only Fit A Little Tikes Coupe)

Image credits: Alia De


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